Chapter 962 - Shameless and Despicable

MGA: Chapter 962 - Shameless and Despicable

“Go. If you’re too slow, watch out for my blade.” Jiang Qisha swept his gaze over Su Rou, Su Mei, and the others from the Misty Peak. In the end, he stopped on Zi Ling, and said, “My beauty, don’t be afraid. I will take you back.”

“You shameless man! Chu Feng will not forgive you!” Zi Ling gritted her teeth, so much they creaked. There was also strong killing intent in her beautiful eyes.

“Haha, that trash? I’ll be waiting for him. If he comes, I’ll cut his flesh bit by bit in front of you. I’ll have your Chu Feng beg for forgiveness… right before I kill him.

“Hahaha…” Jiang Qisha loudly laughed. His laughter was one of extreme madness, and extreme sinisterness.

Zi Ling clenched her fists in anger. An indescribable rage surfaced onto her face.

“Sister Zi Ling, let’s go.” Just at that moment, Su Rou, Su Mei, Zhang Tianyi, Jiang Wushang, Chun Wu, Yan Ruyu, and the others all ran over.

Only then did she discover that the others were running towards Tantai Xue with everything they had. In order to avoid burdening others, Zi Ling didn’t waste her breath on Jiang Qisha anymore and hurriedly ran towards Tantai Xue as well.

However, they were the same as Kuang Bainian. Since their cultivations were bound, though they could fly, they were rather slow.

But, despite their slowness, no matter Kuang Bainian, or Zi Ling and the others, their speed was about the same.

There weren’t any unexpected incidents that occurred with the hostage exchange. When Kuang Bainian safely arrived at Jiang Qisha’s side, Zi Ling and the others also safely arrived at Tantai Xue’s side.

“Come behind me. They won’t be able to harm you,” Tantai Xue calmly said.

Zi Ling and the others didn’t hesitate. Although they didn’t know her, they had heard a bit about Tantai Xue as Jiang Qisha mentioned her quite a few times. They knew she was here to help them.


However, just when one of the guardians of the Misty Peak passed Tantai Xue, he suddenly attacked her. Two glowing talismans filled with boundless power landed onto her body, catching her completely off guard.


Even Tantai Xue did not expect something like that. The distance between him and her was really too short. When she felt something was wrong, the two talismans had already landed on her snow-white skirt.


*boom rumble rumble rumble*

In the instant of impact, they rapidly transformed. One became chains of lightning that tied Tantai Xue up, while the other talisman kept on exploding on her body.

“Old Man Liu, what are you doing? Have you gone mad?”

Chun Wu and the others changed their expressions greatly when they saw that. Chun Wu even pointed at the old man and loudly cursed. As she spoke, she was even about to attack him.

“Heh, Old Man Liu? Are you sure?” But just at that moment, the old man’s face suddenly changed? No one anticipated that. His complexion was not the only thing that changed—his height did as well.

“You… It’s you?!” Initially, Chun Wu and the others were filled with fury. However, after that transformation, fear immediately emerged onto their faces.

Only then did they discover the old man had been secretly swapped. This wasn’t Old Man Liu, a guardian of the Misty Peak, but Jiang Qisha’s junior, Wu Kunlun.

“Heh. You think trash like you can see through my disguise?

“I’ve had enough with all of you in these days. Other than Zi Ling, all of you will die today!” Wu Kunlun returned to his actual appearance, and he instantly revealed all of his fierceness. As he spoke, he released his rank three Martial King pressure, and was about to start slaughtering them all.

“The one who will die is you.” But just in that absolutely crucial moment, a hand was suddenly held out, which then grabbed Wu Kunlun’s head.

It was Tantai Xue. At that moment, blood was all over her body. Her veil was taken down, showing her ugly appearance. Moreover, her aura was extremely weak. In contrast to this weakness, though, she was releasing a very strong killing intent.

“No!” Jiang Qisha’s complexion changed greatly. He never would have anticipated Tantai Xue to live even after using two treasure-level talismans. Jiang Qisha quickly leapt forward, and flew towards Tantai Xue, hoping to change this horrible change in situation.

“No one will save him.” But before Jiang Qisha arrived, chilliness was released from Tantai Xue’s palm. It instantly enveloped Wu Kunlun, and immediately turned him into a statue of ice.

Afterwards, Tantai Xue’s palm shook, and the large piece of ice was shattered. Wu Kunlun’s aura disappeared completely—Tantai Xue had mercilessly killed him.

“You dare to kill my Junior Wu? I will have your life!”

Jiang Qisha was enraged when he witnessed Wu Kunlun’s death right in front of his eyes. His furious roar shook the world, and after a flip of his palm, a fiery red halberd appeared within his hand.

An incomparable ruler’s pressure enveloped the world in the instant it appeared. The might was even several times fiercer than Murong Mingtian, a rank seven Martial King.

“Despicable thing, the one who will die is you!” Tantai Xue, who fell into the trap, was similarly enraged. Her eyes glinted, and became snow-white.


Simultaneously, the sky darkened, and a violent snowstorm came into existence. As it brought forth chaos, it engulfed everything in an instant.

*swish* After releasing her divine power, Tantai Xue leapt forward and fought the incoming Jiang Qisha.

*boom boom boom*

At that instant, the sky above a circumferences of several thousand miles was pitch-black. One could only see the pale-white snowstorm and the blood-red blades of energy.

When those two clashed with each other, horrifying energy shock waves were sent out. Even space itself was shattered, and the sea underneath surged.

It seemed as if the sky had crumbled and the earth had collapsed. The world seemed as though it were to be destroyed by the two of them.

“This is too terrifying. These are the peak geniuses of the Holy Land of Martialism. This is true destructive strength.”

Everyone felt chills go down their spines when they saw such a terrifying battle. All of their hair stood on end; they were completely dumbstruck. Since they were at such a close distance, they were able to feel how powerful the two were.

If they truly used everything they had to fight, it was likely no one within a circumference of several thousand miles would survive. They would be crushed to death by the remnants they released.

But the two of them, when fighting in such a life-and-death situation, were able to prevent any injuries upon anyone despite the world-shaking might they exuded. That meant they had complete control over their strength, and had already grasped their respective power to the maximum.