Chapter 963 - The Terminator

MGA: Chapter 963 - The Terminator

The wintry gales howled, shaking the world.

Blades of light flew about, cutting the fabric of space itself.

Tantai Xue and Jiang Qisha both held the appearances of a genius. In comparison to the Eastern Sea Region’s own geniuses, they were like gods. They were so unimaginably powerful.

They repeatedly traded attacks back and forth as the battle became increasingly intense. The crowd could only see the howling snowstorm and the ferocious blades of fiery energy. The  bodies of the two combatants were a blur.

But even though they could not be seen, the mightiness from their martial skills, Royal Armament, and various techniques made everyone’s heart surge with various emotions. They were both excited and frightened.

Excited, because they were witnessing the clash of peak geniuses. Frightened, because that was a feeling that arose when beholding such terrifying power.

Admittedly, Tantai Xue and Jiang Qisha convinced everyone who was watching of their powerful strength. Even Murong Mingtian himself couldn’t help but admit he was indeed inferior to these two monstrous youths.

But in the battle between two tigers, there would always be one defeated. In the clash between two dragons, there would always be a victor. Tantai Xue and Jiang Qisha were no exception.

“Ahh!” Suddenly, a painful cry rang out. A person also shot out from the fierce battlefield, and simultaneously, the devastating energy shock waves vanished instantly.

It was Tantai Xue. At that moment, not only was blood all over her body, she was coughing it out in large amounts. Moreover, her aura was several times weaker than before. Even her body was violently trembling. She could still stand in the air, but she was at the border of life and death, seeming as if she would fall at any moment.

Jiang Qisha also appeared. He not only held the red halberd in his hand, there was a fiery aura surrounding his body.

It rose endlessly into the air, and was even fiercer than flames. But the most terrifying thing wasn’t the fiery aura visible to the naked eye—it was the invisible bloodlust he exuded.

“Tantai Xue, hand your life over!” Jiang Qisha’s eyes were blood-red. He was akin to a demon. As he wielded the halberd in his hand, he flew towards Tantai Xue.


Tantai Xue attempted to move. She wanted to dodge, but it was useless as she could not evade as she wished. Instead, she spat out a mouthful of blood. She was powerless to fight.

But even though Tantai Xue was in no condition to continue, Jiang Qisha didn’t hold the slightest trace of care for her. The fiery-red halberd in his hand slashed down with an immense force. He prepared to cut Tantai Xue completely in half.


However, when everyone expected Tantai Xue to be dead, the space in front of her squirmed slightly, then after a tearing sound, it split open and a pitch-black sword shot out.

After it appeared, it was held horizontally above Tantai Xue, which it then struck Jiang Qisha’s fiery-red halberd.


Sparks instantly flew in all directions in the instant of the collision. Simultaneously, Jiang Qisha’s wrist trembled. His body quivered, and he sprang back. He was actually forced away by that power.

“What is that?”

Everyone was shocked. They had seen Jiang Qisha’s strength, but right now, the pitch-black sword that appeared out of nowhere so fiercely forced Jiang Qisha away. How could they not be shocked?

“That sword… Could it be?” Murong Mingtian’s sharp brows furrowed. An uneasy feeling arose from his heart, because that pitch-black sword looked very familiar.

“Who is it?” Jiang Qisha fiercely shouted with a bit of a frown.

“What, have you forgotten about me already?” Space itself split once again, and a person slowly stepped out, appearing before the crowd.

That person had long hair that fell onto his shoulders, and a large sword in his hand. Although he wasn’t that handsome, there was a hint of a valiantness on his face. Moreover, there was some brilliance swirling around his body, making him appear akin to some sort of divine being.

Most importantly, such a young man like him was emanating the aura of a rank four Martial King.

“Chu Feng? It’s Chu Feng?!”

Everyone was dumbfounded. It was not only because Chu Feng dared to appear in this place, nor was it because he was releasing the aura of a rank four Martial King. It was because the person who forced Jiang Qisha back was Chu Feng.

“What’s going on? Wasn’t Chu Feng a Martial Lord? Why has he suddenly become a Martial King, and even a rank four Martial King?”

“What happened? Why has Chu Feng’s strength reached such a level, and why does the weapon in his hand look so familiar? It seems like the Crippling Night Demon Sect’s treasure, the Royal Armament the former sect head used, the Demon Sealing Sword!”

“Demon Sealing Sword? That’s right, it is the Demon Sealing Sword! Chu Feng got his hands on it? He’s actually obtained this king of Royal Armaments? What is happening?” There were many surprised exclamations, but there were even more panic and fear.

“Chu Feng!” Zi Ling and the others were elated as they quickly ran up to Chu Feng.

When he saw them all safe and sound, Chu Feng’s heart was at ease. But he didn’t have time to chat with them as he hurriedly placed his palm on Tantai Xue’s forehead.


When his palm touched Tantai Xue, an ear-piercing cry rang out. At the same time, one could see a red aura appearing from Chu Feng’s body, and it endlessly surged into Tantai Xue’s body.

As it was channeled into Tantai Xue, her wounds started healing, and even her aura started to turn for the better.

The reason this technique had such a mystical healing effect was because it was not an ordinary technique, but a Secret Skill—the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique.

“It’s a Secret Skill! I seems that I’ve underestimated you. This cultivation you have doesn’t belong to you. You must have gotten it from some sort of special technique, right?” Jiang Qisha coldly said.

However, Chu Feng simply ignored Jiang Qisha. He had kept on healing Tantai Xue, and only after she was saved from danger did he take a relieved sigh.

“Thank you…” With the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique, Tantai Xue had indeed survived. But after giving her gratitude, she closed her eyes, and fainted away.

“Zi Ling, you guys, take care of her.” Chu Feng passed the weak Tantai Xue over to them.

“Chu Feng, you…” Seeing Chu Feng, whose expression was calm but heart was bursting with rage, Zi Ling and the others were a bit concerned. They knew Chu Feng well; they knew he wouldn’t leave this matter alone.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be rash.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, and as he spoke, he stood up. He then cast his gaze swirling with killing intent and fury towards everyone else and said indifferently, “I just want to finish this battle.”