Chapter 961 - Exchanging Hostages

MGA: Chapter 961 - Exchanging Hostages

“What? Divine Body? So she has a Divine Body?”

“Doesn’t that mean she just used the legendary divine power?”

“I know! I remember! There was a wintry phenomenon that occurred over a week ago! That must have been caused by her.”

“That’s right. I even personally saw that phenomenon back then. Now that you mention it, it truly is very similar to the technique she’s using right now. Doesn’t that mean she really does have a Divine Body?”

“This is too powerful. Is this a real Divine Body? A rank seven Martial King must evade her attacks even though she’s only a rank three Martial King?”

Indeed, after Murong Mingtian spoke, everyone came to a realization. As they looked at Tantai Xue, their eyes were of surprise and fright, which then turned to extreme fear.

Tantai Xue was different from Zi Ling. Zi Ling had the Heaven Gripping Pellet in her body, and from a young age, her divine power was restricted and she simply didn’t have the power she should have had.

But Tantai Xue, on the other hand, had not been restricted. She had a true Divine Body; she was a true genius who had received protection from the heavens.

“Haha, as expected of the witch! It seems that you are qualified to discuss conditions with me.” Jiang Qisha suddenly laughed. As he spoke, he cast his gaze towards Zhao Yuetian, and said, “Junior, release them.”

Zhao Yuetian quickly rushed into the Misty Peak, and after an instant, when he reappeared, there was a large group of people behind him.

“This is?” After seeing them, many observers were taken aback. They recognized the ones behind Zhao Yuetian.

Of those people, the five disciples of the Misty Peak were included—Chun Wu, Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu, Dong Xue, Yan Ruyu—as well as many guardians of the Misty Peak.

Other than those, there were also Su Rou, Su Mei, Zhang Tianyi, Jiang Wushang—the ones close to Chu Feng.

However, Spirit Formation chains were tied all around their bodies. Moreover, they were all connected, and even though there weren’t any injuries on them, they did look quite pitiful.

But when the observers discovered that they were the ones Tantai Xue wanted, they became aware of a problem: Tantai Xue was together with Chu Feng and Lady Piaomiao. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be taking such a risk. That meant they, who had insulted Chu Feng before, were now at risk once again.

“Release my junior,” Jiang Qisha said.

*hmm* Tantai Xue raised her hand slightly, and the box shone with radiance. A person then appeared amidst the light—Kuang Bainian.

However, after they saw him, no matter Jiang Qisha or Zhao Yuetian, their eyes glinted as strong rage surged into their eyes.

At that moment, he was not in a good condition at all. Not only were Spirit Formation chains tied all around him, there were bloody wounds all over his body. Other than those, there were also frightening scars. Even his aura was weak—everything that could be done to make him tragic was done.

It was evident he hadn’t received any small acts of torture and cruelty when he was imprisoned.

After seeing Jiang Qisha and Zhao Yuetian, Kuang Bainian looked as if he saw his savior. He quickly shouted, “Seniors, help me—”

*bang* But before he even finished speaking, out of nowhere, Tantai Xue waved her hand and landed a loud and clear slap on Kuang Bainian’s face.

The powerful strength not only spun Kuang Bainian a few times in the air, when he stopped, he opened his mouth and spat out some blood.

“Quiet!” Tantai Xue coldly shouted after the slap.


After Tantai Xue shouted at him, Kuang Bainian didn’t retort and truly remained silent. That was very surprising as he’d always had a bad temper. It was as if he were a hungry wolf that saw a fierce tiger—he was simply abnormally obedient.

It could thus be seen that Tantai Xue had left an inerasable shadow in Kuang Bainian’s heart.

“Tantai Xue, I damn your ancestors! You didn’t keep true to your word! You dare to torment my junior like this?!” Zhao Yuetian was furious. He pointed at Tantai Xue and started loudly cursing at her.

“Word? I only said you weren’t allowed to harm the ones close to Chu Feng. I never said I would do the same to Kuang Bainian,” Tantai Xue sneered.


“You bitch! Since it’s like this, then I’ll torture them right now! I’ll let you know the consequences of harming my junior!” Zhao Yuetian was truly furious. As he spoke, he clenched one of his fists and a whip made from Martial power was created in his hand. He then cast his icy gaze at Su Rou, Su Mei, and the others.

“If you dare to touch them, I’ll take your junior’s puny life right now, then I’ll take yours.” Tantai Xue was very calm, but her tone was full of killing intent.

“Tantai Xue, I know what you’re thinking. You just want to exchange hostages, then deal with us without any worries, right?

“Actually, I have the same thoughts. Come, let us do that. Then, let me see what sort of abilities your so-called Divine Body possesses.” Jiang Qisha suddenly spoke, and he waved his hand at Zhao Yuetian.

Though Zhao Yuetian was unwilling to, he still released them all. However, he did not completely undo the binding around them.

“Wait.” However, Tantai Xue spoke once again. She pointed at the red sedan chair and said, “Release Zi Ling.”

“Heh, no problem.” Jiang Qisha lightly smiled, and waved his big sleeve. After a boom, the sedan chair was shattered, and as the fragments flew through the air, a beautiful person appeared.

She was wearing a red dress, and ornaments dazzling in gold adorned her body. Her perfect figure, in addition to such careful enhancements, made her look extremely gorgeous. Her beautiful complexion was even enough to enchant millions, and naturally, that person was Zi Ling.


“Is this Zi Ling?”

“She’s too beautiful. She’s simply even more beautiful than Ya Fei and Qiu Zhu! She’s simply the most beautiful person in the Eastern Sea Region!”

“What a shame, what a shame. She’s such a beautiful woman, and even has a Divine Body, but is fated for… Ahh…”

After seeing Zi Ling, many people couldn’t help but deeply inhale. Admiration surfaced into their eyes, and some men even gulped, lacking a bit of control over themselves.

Zi Ling’s beauty was truly devastating. There were very few who could compare to her, and to say she was the most beautiful woman in the Eastern Sea Region would not be exaggerating. Basically, if it were a man she had definitely moved their hearts.

Tantai Xue didn’t waste any time on words after seeing Zi Ling. She pointed at Kuang Bainian, and said, “Scram. If you land in my hands again, I’ll take away your life.”

At that moment, he no longer hesitated. With large strides, he quickly went towards Jiang Qisha. However, since his cultivation was bound, even if he ran quicker than his current speed, it was still, in reality, not all that fast.