Chapter 960 - The Powerful Tantai Xue

MGA: Chapter 960 - The Powerful Tantai Xue

“Jiang Qisha, you’re truly a good person! You take away another person’s lover and do things that lower yourself beneath animals. How impressive of you!”

After Jiang Qisha spoke, the nearby air began squirming. At the same time, a person wearing a white long dress with a veil on her head appeared within their line of sight. That person was none other than Tantai Xue.

Many expressions changed after they saw her. Although they were unable to see her complexion, they could tell she was a young woman.

Such a youth was already a rank three Martial King. That was truly unimaginable. At least, in the Eastern Sea Region, there was no one who could accomplish such a feat. So, the crowd all knew that Tantai Xue too came from the Holy Land of Martialism. It was impossible for a person like her to have come from the Eastern Sea Region.

“Rank three Martial King! Not bad, but you seem to have rushed it a bit. Otherwise, with the thing you used back then, becoming a rank four Martial King shouldn’t be that much of a problem, right?

“Your mind wouldn’t have been… disturbed because you’re in a hurry to save Zi Ling for that Chu Feng, right? That’s why you’re only a rank three Martial King?” Jiang Qisha said with a smile.

“It is sufficient to deal with you.” Tantai Xue’s voice was cold, and it was still filled with contempt.

“Tantai Xue, what the hell do you think you’re so arrogant for? Have you forgotten why you’ve come to this Eastern Sea Region? If you have, no worries, this young master can remind you. The infamous little witch of the Holy Land of Martialism was forced into a forbidden land when chased by us four brothers! That’s why you accidentally came here!” shouted Zhao Yuetian, Jiang Qisha’s junior.

“It’s one thing that four men were chasing a little woman like me, but four Martial Kings were chasing me, a rank nine Martial Lord! And you couldn’t even catch me! Are you announcing this to tell everyone the four genius disciples of the Cursed Soil Sect are all useless trash?” Tantai Xue sneered.

“You…” Zhao Yuetian was quite choked by Tantai Xue’s words, because what she said was true: the four of them were chasing Tantai Xue, yet they had failed. Telling that to everyone really wasn’t something glorious.

*whoosh* Suddenly, she flipped her palm, and a special box appeared on her hand. When she shook it slightly, Kuang Bainian’s voice rang out.

“Seniors, save me! Seniors, quickly save me!”

“Dammit! Witch, release my junior!” Zhao Yuetian’s voice turned agitated after hearing Kuang Bainian.

“If you want me to release Kuang Bainian, sure. Free everyone, otherwise don't even think about it,” Tantai Xue said.

“You are not qualified to discuss conditions with me.” Jiang Qisha lightly smiled, then cast his gaze towards Murong Mingtian.

“Insolent witch, you dare to act so impudently just as a rank three Martial King? Do you truly think I’m here for nothing?” Murong Mingtian explosively shouted. The aura of a rank seven Martial King was released, and at the same time, he raised his palm and threw an attack at Tantai Xue.

*boom rumble rumble*

His strike, though not a martial skill, contained terrifying strength. The King-level Martial power was surging forth, visible by even the naked eye. At that moment, it was like a wild beast as it threw itself towards Tantai Xue with its destructive power.

However, just when his attack was about to strike, Tantai Xue’s eyes glinted. Instantly, the sky darkened. Layers of black clouds covered the sky, and a cold chill was the first thing to descend. Countless bone-piercing snowflakes soon followed, and became a violent snowstorm.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

The snowflakes appeared beautiful, but all contained very horrifying aura. Moreover, they would fly in accordance with Tantai Xue’s gaze. Not only did the snowstorm completely destroy Murong Mingtian’s attack, it even attacked him.


Murong Mingtian didn’t dare to be negligent towards the incoming snowstorm. He raised his hand, and palmed forward. Amidst bursts of roars, countless huge beasts formed by Martial power appeared. As they ran in the air, they ferociously dashed forward.

However, even though this was a fierce rank nine martial skill, it was unable to stop Tantai Xue’s attack. When it clashed with the snowstorm, it was instantly shattered. It did not even put up a fight.

“It’s that powerful?”

Not to mention bystanders, even Murong Mingtian’s expression changed greatly. He was stunned. Even though he knew Divine Bodies were very powerful and had overwhelming fighting strength, he didn’t expect her to be this powerful. She was clearly only a rank three Martial King, but such a casual attack was already so violent. He, a rank seven Martial King, was powerless against it.

“I do not believe I cannot deal with you!” But other than shock, Murong Mingtian felt furious. After all, he was still a rank seven Martial King. How could he be forced back by a mere rank three Martial King before the eyes of the crowd?

Amidst rage, he flipped his palm, and took out his Royal Armament. Instantly, the entire atmosphere changed due to its appearance. His aura was also soaring.

After a loud blast, the vast King-level Martial power engaged with the snowstorm. When the two collided, an explosion caused a shock wave to arise and it flew towards Murong Mingtian.

“So powerful. Who is this woman? How does she have such terrifying strength?” The observers couldn’t help deeply breathing when they saw the shock wave spread in all directions.

They had seen Murong Mingtian’s strength quite a while before. Many people felt that he was so powerful it went against reason itself, and he was even possibly the only person in the Eastern Sea Region who had a chance at becoming a Martial Emperor.

Yet, now, Tantai Xue simply struck out casually and forced Murong Mingtian, a rank seven Martial King, to use a Royal Armament in defense. He truly stood no chance against that special power.

*hmm* Just at that moment, the shock wave dissipated, and Murong Mingtian once again appeared.

His clothes were still undamaged, and it could be seen that he wasn’t injured. With the power of the Royal Armament, he had successfully stopped Tantai Xue’s attack. However, his complexion was not well.

But after organizing his emotions, Murong Mingtian actually laughed. He said, “As expected of a Divine Body, a genius who’s obtained the protection of the heavens. It truly is the first time in my entire life that I’ve experienced such powerful strength. I really do lament at my inferiority.”

He said that because he, as a rank seven Martial King, lost to a rank three Martial King—that was quite embarrassing. However, if the one he lost to was not a normal rank three Martial King, but one with a Divine Body, that would be much more acceptable.

After all, everyone knew those who had Divine Bodies were people who held divine power in their hands. No matter cultivation aptitude, or personal strength, ordinary people stood no chance against either.