Chapter 956 - Madman

MGA: Chapter 956 - Madman

“Jiang Qisha! He’s the genius from the Holy Land of Martialism, Jiang Qisha!”

“He’s too powerful. At such an age, he’s already a rank four Martial King. This is a true genius! In comparison, not to mention Murong Xun, even Chu Feng can’t even be discussed equally with him!”

The people within the banquet cheered endlessly. All sorts of conversations rang out one after the other. Everyone was attracted by Jiang Qisha’s powerful strength. They had never seen a Martial King so young before, let alone one that was rank four.

They were all like frogs at the bottom of the well. They saw a new world—they saw a new world in Jiang Qisha. They were amazed.

Many young women couldn’t help but hold their hearts. Many were lovestruck by Jiang Qisha, and even their imaginations went wild. They wished the one in the sedan hair was them instead. They wished they could marry a man like Jiang Qisha. Even when Jiang Qisha glanced past them, their heartbeats would quicken, thinking he was looking at them directly.

Not to mention females, even many males, as they looked at Jiang Qisha, were filled with admiration. Naturally, they weren’t stunned by Jiang Qisha’s appearance, but by his strength.

Strength. In this world, strength was everything. The rest were useless. Strength was the only standard in this world.

Amidst the cheers and admirative gazes from various people in the Eastern Sea Region, Jiang Qisha kept a smile on his face since the very start. However, it was not a kind one—it was a disdainful one. Jiang Qisha held a mocking smile.

In his eyes, everyone here was only a bumpkin. They were trash who had poor cultivation aptitude yet still wanted to cultivate.

Due to that, when Jiang Qisha arrived at the very top level, he didn’t say any customary words to the crowd. He instead, with an arrogant tone and a loud voice, asked, “Do you know of Chu Feng?”

“We do!” the crowd replied in unison.

“Then do you know of Zi Ling?” Jiang Qisha asked again.

“We do!” replied the crowd again loudly.

“Then, do you know Chu Feng and Zi Ling love each other, and are a pair of affectionate lovers?” Jiang Qisha suddenly asked with a smile.

“What? This…”

Everyone was shocked at those words. However, they had heard of the relationship between Chu Feng and Zi Ling.

On the invitation cards sent out by the Immortal Execution Archipelago, it had also stated Chu Feng and Zi Ling were lovers, so more or less everyone knew about them.

However, Zi Ling was the person Jiang Qisha prepared to marry! They couldn’t understand why he suddenly mentioned this.

“Hoh…” Jiang Qisha faintly smiled at the crowd’s bewildered and doubtful expressions. Then, he said, “This is the truth. If you don’t believe me, I can call out Zi Ling and have her tell you about it.

“As for why I said this, it’s because I want to tell you this: it doesn’t matter what relationship Zi Ling has with Chu Feng—no one can stop me. I’m taking away his lover, and I’m forcibly marrying her. What is he going to do about it?” Jiang Qisha loudly laughed—it was quite a mad laughter.

Marriage was a day of elation. For good fortune, unpleasant topics were typically avoided. Where would one find a groom like Jiang Qisha who announced his evil acts?

Even if his words were the truth, he made everyone feel uncomfortable in an environment like this one. His announcement not only smeared on himself the name of an evil person, it even made the ones, who came here from faraway places, accomplices.

But Jiang Qisha didn’t seem to care about the crowd’s feelings, nor did he want to stop there. After a burst of laughter, he said, “Do you know why I’m marrying Zi Ling? Her beauty? I do admit that Zi Ling is very beautiful. It would not be wrong to say she’s the most beautiful woman I, Jiang Qisha, have ever seen.

“But this world is so big; there are plenty of beauties. Of course, I won’t marry a woman based on her beauty alone. I’m marrying her because of her divine power.

“There’s a Heaven Gripping Pellet in Zi Ling’s body, and that had sealed her divine power. But when she reaches the age of twenty, as long as she makes love with another man, her divine power will be taken away by that man. As for me, I’m aiming for precisely that power.

“What if you ask me, what will she become after I take away Zi Ling divine power? I don’t mind telling you that she’ll become a piece of garbage who can’t even cultivate.

“What if you ask me, what will I do to her after stripping away her power? I will tell you that I do hate to harm a beauty like this, but even if she’s more beautiful, so what? What use is a person who can’t cultivate? In the end, they’ll only become a tool for venting lust! Hahahaha…” After speaking, Jiang Qisha once again madly laughed.

Everyone’s face was wrinkled and they were extremely speechless. The former joyous atmosphere was completely shattered by Jiang Qisha’s words.

No matter what one said, Zi Ling was still an acclaimed beauty in the Eastern Sea Region, yet Jiang Qisha made her into a “tool for venting lust”. The people who heard that found it a bit difficult to endure.

“Ancestor, has this Jiang Qisha gone insane? Why is he saying these things on a day like this? He’s not only making himself look bad, he’s making us look bad. After all, we had helped him host the marriage,” Murong Niekong couldn’t help but say to Murong Mingtian mentally.

“He’s always been a madman, but he’s no fool. He can do whatever he wants to do; we’ll just watch along. I do want to see what sort of trick he’s playing.” In contrast to Murong Niekong, Murong Mingtian was quite a bit calmer.

“Why is no one saying anything? Do none of you think I’m an evil scum who lacks any bit of kindness?” Jiang Qisha suddenly asked.

“You and your mother are scum! You’re not worthy to marry Zi Ling, nor are you worthy to live in this world! Get the hell out of the Eastern Sea Region!” An old man suddenly stood up. He pointed at Jiang Qisha and threw out curses.

Jiang Qisha’s expression changed slightly. He struck out with his palm, and after an explosion, the old man was completely destroyed as he had become a pool of blood.

“Who else?” After killing that old man with a single attack, Jiang Qisha’s eyes glinted with chilliness as he once again swept his gaze over the crowd.

Everyone lowered their heads, silent. After seeing his ruthlessness, who would dare to say anything negative?