Chapter 957 - Humiliation

MGA: Chapter 957 - Humiliation

When no one dared to find any more faults with him, Jiang Qisha smiled smugly and nodded in satisfaction. He followed by loudly asking the crowd, “Then, tell me. Am I a good person?”

However, following this question, the crowd remained the same as before: the ocean of people with over a hundred million people were completely silent. No one dared to speak. In the end, the mass of people chose to remain mute.

“Tell me! Am I, Jiang Qisha, a good person?” When there were no responses, Jiang Qisha pointed towards a group of people in the distance. Judging by their clothing, they were likely from the same group—a small sect.

“This… this…” The person who seemed to be the leader stood out when questioned by Jiang Qisha. However, at that moment, he was trembling. He was terrified; he simply could not speak, nor did he know how to respond.

“Go to hell with your ‘this’! You don’t think I’m a good person?” Jiang Qisha was clearly unsatisfied with this person’s performance. Amidst his anger, he furiously attacked again.


When his palm struck down, an orb of light appeared. It instantly engulfed that sect’s people. However, when the orb disappeared, with astonishment everyone discovered that the sect had completely disappeared. What remained was only a large pool of blood on the floor.

“Huu—” Many people panicked. Many were terrified by Jiang Qisha’s actions. How was this even a marriage ceremony? They simply came to be killed!

Jiang Qisha was really too fierce. Was he truly preparing to annihilate the guests who came to join his marriage ceremony?

“Tell me, am I a good person?” After destroying the small sect with a single palm, Jiang Qisha pointed at another one.

“Yo-yo-you’re a good person! Lord Jiang Qisha is a good person!” Learning from the mistakes of the previous force, the people who were questioned this time didn’t dare to hesitate.

“Haha, not bad! I like your fake sincerity!” Jiang Qisha happily roared with laughter after hearing their reply. But after laughing, he looked at the crowd, and asked again, “However, I want to hear all of you tell me. Am I, Jiang Qisha, a good person?” As he spoke, strong bloodlust appeared in his eyes—it was a threat laid bare.

“Lord Jiang Qisha is a good person!”

“Lord Jiang Qisha is a true good person!”

Before such threats, the crowd no longer dared to stay silent. At first, only a small portion replied, and they were not all that loud either. But in the end, everyone was speaking in unison, and the sound was deafening, louder than even thunder, as if the words said were their true feelings.

“Haha, that’s right! I, Jiang Qisha, have done all sorts of bad things, but I am still a good person because no one dares to say otherwise.

“Let me tell you this: in this world, there is no true good person, nor is there a true bad person. What is kindness? What is evil? Hell, that’s all rubbish. It’s all nonsense.

“In this world, whoever’s fists are harder is the right one. The victor is the king, and the loser is the thief—that’s the only truth in this world.

“Today, I’m forcibly marrying Zi Ling, because I’m strong. If he, Chu Feng, has the ability to stop me, how could I have her as my bride?

“When all’s said and done, Chu Feng is trash. So trash he can’t even protect the one he loves.

“When all’s said and done, my fist is harder than his. So hard that he doesn’t dare to say anything, and can only pettily endure this humiliation.

“As long as I have strength, I’m the king. It doesn’t matter if there’s something I should have or shouldn’t have—as long as I want it, I will have it because no one has the power to stop me,” Jiang Qisha loudly shouted, his tone filled with arrogance.

His words didn’t invoke the anger of the crowd. Instead, it greatly diminished their fury. They even started feeling Jiang Qisha’s words were absolutely correct and very reasonable.

The winner was right, and the loser was wrong. The strong were the rulers. Was that not the only truth in this world?

He, Jiang Qisha, was powerful. So what if he did all sorts of evil things? Who dared to do anything to him? As he said, if Chu Feng were strong enough, how could he have allowed Jiang Qisha to take away his lover and forcibly marry her?

“Although this Jiang Qisha is ruthless, he is reasonable.”

“Yeah! I heard that Chu Feng, Lady Piaomiao, and Qiushui Fuyan had all safely left the Misty Peak. Chu Feng isn’t dead yet. Today, the Immortal Execution Archipelago has sent out invitation cards, so Chu Feng naturally knows about this marriage.

“If it were another person who dared to marry Zi Ling, judging by Chu Feng’s nature, he would definitely skin that person alive. However, if it’s Jiang Qisha, he wouldn’t have such thoughts, right? Not to mention coming to stop him, he doesn’t even have the guts to show up.”

“That’s right. I even thought that Chu Feng was a person who dared to do anything and feared nothing. I thought he was a hero, but now, it seems that he’s only a coward who’s afraid in the face of strength.”

“Yeah yeah yeah! Back then, when Chu Feng took away Zi Ling from the Flower Valley, how mighty was he! Yet, right now, when his lover’s going to be married to another person, there’s no news of him. He’s pretending he doesn’t know about it. It appears that this genius is quite disappointing. It’s not that Chu Feng was too powerful, it’s just that his opponents were too weak.

“Right now, when his opponent’s Jiang Qisha from the Holy Land of Martialism, Chu Feng’s courage is all gone! He’s become a coward who trembles by mere rumours.”

Not only did many people approve of Jiang Qisha’s words, they even spoke to humiliate Chu Feng. They felt Jiang Qisha’s very actions were very reasonable; on the other hand, Chu Feng became trash.

“Haha, everyone, my friend Jiang Qisha’s words are very correct. In this world, what is evil? What is righteousness? Only those with hard fists have the right to judge. Only the words from the powerful matter.” Murong Mingtian also stood up, and loudly said, “Chu Feng has not only killed members of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, he even dares to steal my Royal Armament. How arrogant of him. How impressive. The world even titled him as an unprecedented genius in the Eastern Sea Region.

“But is he truly that invincible? If he’s that powerful, why did he escape when we attacked the Misty Peak, and why isn’t he even showing himself when his own lover is being married off to someone else?

“In the end, he only bullies others with someone behind his back. He only bullies the weak and is afraid of the strong. Now, without Lady Piaomiao’s protection, who does he even think he is?” Murong Mingtian took that chance to humiliate Chu Feng. It could be seen that in his heart, he felt quite the resentment towards Chu Feng.

“Senior Murong is very correct. That Chu Feng is only a coward!”

“That’s right. He can’t even protect his own woman. Is he even a man?” After Murong Mingtian spoke, many people loudly added and started shaming Chu Feng as well.

“Murong Mingtian, are you certain that Chu Feng will truly not dare to come?” But just at that moment, there was a person who stood up and loudly questioned.

After that person spoke, everyone was shocked. That person not only called Murong Mingtian by his direct name, he even wore a long robe and didn’t reveal their appearance. The clothes that person wore and his actions made the people who mocked Chu Feng feel an indescribable uneasiness.