Chapter 955 - The Wedding Begins

MGA: Chapter 955 - The Wedding Begins


Murong Mingtian was a bit speechless. Although Zi Ling had a Divine Body, due to the Heaven Gripping Pellet, she simply hadn’t fully used its power. She was even much inferior to those with good aptitudes. Therefore, he had never seen what a true Divine Body looked like.

“There’s a reason we call Tantai Xue a witch. It’s one thing if she doesn’t make a breakthrough, but since she has, it won’t be as simple as merely one rank. She doesn’t only have a true Divine Body, she is even a witch,” Jiang Qisha said gravely.

Murong Mingtian couldn’t help gulping when he looked at Jiang Qisha’s serious gaze. It was the first time he saw him face someone so solemnly.

“If that Tantai Xue comes tomorrow, you face her first. Help me test her abilities, but don’t use the Talismanic Pellets. Only use them when Tantai Xue is injured, then we will kill her together,” Jiang Qisha said.

“Injured? You’re certain she will be injured?” Murong Mingtian’s expression couldn’t help changing.

“Hoh. I never do things I lack assurance in. I admit, that witch Tantai Xue is very powerful, and especially after her breakthrough even I will feel some difficulty in defeating her, but I am certain she will die when she comes.” Jiang Qisha smiled with smug, then strode away.

“Ancestor, do you think there’s something wrong with these pellets?” asked Murong Niekong who had been silent before Jiang Qisha left.

“There won’t be. If Jiang Qisha wanted to harm me, he would have done so already. There would be no need for so much work.” Murong Mingtian shook his head.

“But Ancestor, if Jiang Qisha spoke truthfully about these Talismanic Pellets, aren’t they quite precious? Things like these are simply invaluable in the Eastern Sea Region, yet he’s willing to give such things to you!” Murong Niekong said.

“Normally, of course he wouldn’t, but now, there are no such things as willing or not willing. He does need a chess piece like me, after all.

“Hoh… He wants me to test that witch’s strength. I’m quite amazed he can think of such a thing. If her strength is so powerful that even he stands no chance, doesn’t that mean I’m absolutely dead?” A sneer arose onto Murong Mingtian’s face, and a hint of fury surfaced into his eyes.

“That Jiang Qisha should truly be damned. He has only been using us from the very start. Ancestor, if this treatment continues, how long do we endure this for?” Murong Niekong was rather angry as well.

“It’s about time. Tomorrow, I’ll let Jiang Qisha know that I, Murong Mingtian, am no pushover.” Suddenly, a strange glint emerged into his eyes, indicating a long-planned scheme.

“Ancestor, could it be… you’ve succeeded?” Murong Niekong rejoiced.

“Mm.” Murong Mingtian nodded.

“But Ancestor, since you’ve succeeded, why didn’t you kill Jiang Qisha just now, and instead are waiting until tomorrow?

“You know how much pain Xun’er is feeling because Jiang Qisha plans to marry Zi Ling! Even putting him aside, what he’s done is a huge disgrace to the Immortal Execution Archipelago!” Murong Niekong said.

“You don’t understand. On the surface, Tantai Xue is Jiang Qisha’s archenemy, but in reality, is she not our archenemy as well?

“If she truly comes tomorrow in order to save Zi Ling and the others, that means after dealing with Jiang Qisha, she will deal with us.

“Rather than removing Jiang Qisha and leaving behind a danger like Tantai Xue, why not instead use Jiang Qisha to remove Tantai Xue, then afterwards remove Jiang Qisha? With that, there will be no more worries.

“As for disgrace? Hoh… When I kill Jiang Qisha tomorrow in front of all the forces in the Eastern Sea Region, who’s the one disgracing who?” Murong Mingtian said smugly.

“Ancestor, you are truly brilliant.” The joy on Murong Niekong’s face became even stronger.

The seemingly simple wedding was in reality an ambush of danger. But what was fated to arrive would arrive sooner or later. When the sun rose from in the east sea, when it was just dawn, the Misty Peak was already crowded because today was the day of the wedding.

The ceremony required an extremely vast area. Naturally, the Misty Peak was unsuitable.

Therefore, that area was set up outside the Misty Peak—an enormous floating Spirit Formation. Its only use was really to support the banquet and hold over a hundred million people.

At that moment, the ceremony had already began. Not only could guests from various areas enter, even the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago could. Other than a small portion of people who were still responsible for guarding, nearly everyone entered the gorgeous arrangement.

The wedding area also looked very special. It was not flat, and seemed more like stairs: the center was the highest, and the borders were the lowest.

Everyone could thus see the entire wedding event.

Those who sat on the tallest level were naturally the people with the highest positions and strengths in the Eastern Sea Region. For example, Murong Mingtian, Murong Niekong, and the chiefs from the Three Great Monstrous Clans. Only they were worthy to sit on the highest stage.

None were allowed to sit on that level other than them. Even people like the First Immortal could only sit on the second level.

“That’s Murong Mingtian? The ancestor of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, the one who controls them behind the scenes, the person who made the originally insignificant Immortal Execution Archipelago into the true overlord of the Eastern Sea Region?”

The person most focused upon was naturally Murong Mingtian. One must know that before the great battle at the Misty Peak, there had been simply no one who knew of his existence.

Murong Mingtian quite enjoyed the crowd’s discussions and their gazes of admiration, even adoration.

So, he was in quite a good mood. With a smile worn on his face, he stood up, and spoke some customary words representing the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

Though they were customary, after every single sentence, thunderous claps would follow. There was no one who dared to disrespect this several-hundred-year-old ancient monster.

“Next, please welcome the stars of today’s event!” After a brief speech, Murong Mingtian cast his gaze towards the Misty Peak.

At that instant, firecrackers were released, and gongs and drums resounded in the sky. A group of people wearing very festive clothing walked slowly over in the air as they held up an exquisite red sedan chair.

The person who led was in red, and he rode a flying horse over. It was Jiang Qisha.

As for the person within the sedan chair, without even guessing, they all knew it was Zi Ling.

At that moment, everyone held their breaths. Their gazes were fixed on Jiang Qisha, and on the sedan chair.

The carefully prepared wedding ceremony had truly began.