Chapter 954 - A True Divine Body

MGA: Chapter 954 - A True Divine Body

Although Chu Feng had entered the Misty Peak, he could not go see Zi Ling, nor could he go to the stone tablet.

Actually, he could not go anywhere. He could only rest in the First Immortal’s residence. Everything was left up to him, and every piece of information was to be inquired by him.

In a situation like this, if the First Immortal held malicious intentions and wanted Chu Feng dead, it would be easy for him to do so. However, Chu Feng did not feel any sort of uneasiness or nervousness.

It wasn’t that Chu Feng believed in the First Immortal, it was that he believed in the affection between the First Immortal and Ya Fei. For her, he wouldn’t sell Chu Feng out.

Yet, this wait lasted ten full days. Although no one had gone to this residence looking for trouble, the First Immortal had yet to return.

This made even the calm Chu Feng a bit anxious. By the look of things, tomorrow was the wedding day between Zi Ling and Jiang Qisha. However, the First Immortal hadn’t returned. Could something have happened?


Just when Chu Feng was so nervous he couldn’t stay still anymore, the palace door was opened. At the same time, a familiar person walked in—the First Immortal.

“Senior First Immortal, you’ve finally returned. Why were you gone for so long?”

Chu Feng’s tense heart was relaxed at last. But only after nearing the First Immortal did he discover the stench of alcohol exuding from his body. He had likely drank quite a bit of wine.

“I haven’t seen the ancestor and the master in a long time. They welcomed me, so I couldn’t refuse. I simply couldn’t leave the banquet.

“But don’t worry. I got the thing you wanted. This is the Spirit Formation key that leads to the stone tablet.” As the First Immortal spoke, he took out a key, then said, “However, the ancestor seems to view it with quite a bit of importance. If I hadn’t made countless contributions for them, there’s no chance they’d grant me this key. Even now, they don’t permit me to bring anyone else there. Only I alone can go up and cultivate.

“But that’s not an issue. Tomorrow, on the day of marriage, your Crippling Night Demon Sect will come and make trouble anyway. At that time, everything will be in chaos so there will be no problem when I bring you there amidst the havoc.

“Moreover, today, I went to the stone tablet and gave it a look. I even found the Immortal Transference Mysterious Technique, and attempted to cultivate it.

“However, I found it too difficult to cultivate. It would require me half a year to a full year even for a rough understanding of the technique. It’s quite an urgent situation right now. How will you be successful?”

“Hoh, First Immortal, you’re afraid I’ll fail?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“Yes, of course I am. After everything that’s done, success is the only option.” The First Immortal nodded.

“Senior, don’t worry. Although it’s a gamble, it’s not like I lack any confidence. It won’t matter how difficult the Immortal Transference Mysterious Technique is to cultivate. Half a day is absolutely enough.”

Chu Feng was very sure of himself. Let alone the Immortal Transference Mysterious Technique which there had been past instances of success, he even grasped an Earthen Taboo martial skill which there had been no recorded instances of success.

“It seems that the rumours are not false. You truly are a monster. The Immortal Execution Archipelago shouldn’t have made you an enemy.” The First Immortal gave a long emotional sigh when he saw Chu Feng’s definite trust in himself.

“Senior, do you have news regarding Zi Ling and the others? How are they right now?” Chu Feng asked. That was the thing he was most worried right now.

“Don’t worry. Not to mention Zi Ling and the others, even the people from the Misty Peak are in a very good condition. Jiang Qisha is fearful for his brother’s safety, so he doesn’t dare touching them. And right now, the Immortal Execution Archipelago has already become Jiang Qisha’s puppet; naturally, they don’t dare to go against his words and harm any one of them,” the First Immortal said.

Chu Feng’s heart was even more at ease. He couldn’t help walking up to the palace window and looking at the stelliferous night sky. However, in his heart, complicated emotions started stemming forth.

Despite the tranquility during the night before the great battle, Chu Feng’s heart could not be soothed.

Even though Chu Feng had a certain amount of confidence, the future was always filled with variables. There were some things that he could not affect.

In such a crucial moment, he too was afraid. He was afraid of losing. He was afraid of defeat. Not only would it represent his death, it would represent the death of all the members in the Crippling Night Demon Sect, and all his lovers and brothers.

However, Chu Feng didn’t even know who his parents were! He still didn’t know who sealed Eggy in his body, in addition to the other powerful World Spirit!

So, he was afraid. If he were dead, no mysteries would be unraveled. So, he had to win this battle.

At the very same instant, Jiang Qisha was in Murong Mingtian’s residence.

“What is this?” Murong Mingtian couldn’t help knitting his brows when he saw several pellets in Jiang Qisha’s hand.

Those pellets were very special. There were countless minuscule runes imprinted on them. Those runes looked as if they were alive as they were slowly squirming around.

“This is a treasure from my Cursed Soil Sect, called the Talismanic Pellet. It demands several years of concocting, and even though it has a similar effect as Forbidden Medicines, its backlash is very tiny. Its strength is much stronger as well,” Jiang Qisha explained.

“Why are you giving me such a treasure?” Murong Mingtian asked in confusion. Jiang Qisha words had told him that these Talismanic Pellets seemed to be an invaluable treasure.

The pure advantages it had in comparison to Forbidden Medicines were sufficient as evidence.

“Tomorrow, that witch will come. She isn’t easy to deal with, and I need you to help me,” Jiang Qisha said.

“You’re talking about that Tantai Xue? Isn’t she just a rank nine Martial Lord? You’re afraid of just a rank nine Martial Lord? That doesn’t seem like you, right?” Murong Mingtian said puzzledly.

“She was a rank nine Martial Lord, but the present is different from the past. Do you remember the phenomenon that appeared? It appeared because she made a breakthrough. If I’m not mistaken, she has already become a Martial King,” Jiang Qisha explained.

“She caused the phenomenon? That means she has a Divine Body?” Murong Mingtian felt a bit amazed.

“That’s right. She does indeed have a Divine Body.” Jiang Qisha nodded.

“Even if she does, she’s only a rank one Martial King. Is there a need to be this nervous?” Murong Mingtian lightly smiled and said.

“Hoh…” However, Jiang Qisha smiled—it was a very strange smile. Then, he asked Murong Mingtian, “Have you seen a true Divine Body?”