Chapter 948 - Conquering the Demon Sealing Sword

MGA: Chapter 948 - Conquering the Demon Sealing Sword

Qiu Canfeng lightly smiled at the millions of expectant gazes, then said with a calm but loud voice, “That’s right. I, Qiu Canfeng, have a disciple—Chu Feng. However, I didn’t want people to know this relationship. I didn’t want him to receive everyone’s help by borrowing my fame. I wanted him to rely on himself and grow.

“That’s why I’ve always had him conceal the fact that I’m his master. I forbade him from telling anyone.

“After all that’s happened, I feel very relieved because he didn’t disappoint me. Even without my protection, he was still able to rise in the Eastern Sea Region with his own strength. I feel proud to have a disciple like this. I am proud to be his master.”


A commotion instantly arose amongst the crowd. Everyone’s emotions changed from his words.

Qiu Canfeng had clearly told everyone that Chu Feng was his disciple.

This fact changed everything. It meant, from the very start, Chu Feng was a member of the Crippling Night Demon Sect, and he was even the strongest disciple amongst all four Protectors.

He even pulled out the Demon Sealing Sword. It was completely reasonable that Chu Feng sat on the position of sect head.

It was truly difficult to not have Chu Feng become sect head. If he did enter that role, there wouldn’t be anyone who’d dare to object. Instead, this was something everyone wished for.

“Ahh, but sadly, although Chu Feng’s abilities were shown completely, it attracted envy. It’s one thing that outsiders bully him, but even people from the Crippling Night Demon Sect want to deal with him. This truly brings disappointment and sorrow my heart.” Qiu Canfeng suddenly sighed with both fury and sorrow. He even cast his gaze towards You Mingdeng.

You Mingdeng instantly trembled when Qiu Canfeng’s gazed at him. He was extremely uneasy at that moment. He reached the extremities of panic.

First of all, Chu Feng was Qiu Canfeng’s disciple—that had already made him anxious.

It meant all of his prior suspicions were wrong. Chu Feng sincerely wished to help the Crippling Night Demon Sect. And since Chu Feng was already a member of the Crippling Night Demon Sect, all the crimes he lay upon Chu Feng were without merit.

Originally, the general population of the Crippling Night Demon Sect had already been defending Chu Feng. They felt You Mingdeng was very dishonourable. They felt he was offending a superior. They wanted Chu Feng to become sect head, yet he, You Mingdeng, insisted on such an unreasonable action and wanted to kill Chu Feng. Right now, in hindsight, he was truly completely in the wrong.

If Qiu Canfeng’s cultivation were the same as his, then he’d just be reprimanded; no one could do anything to him due to his status, position, and strength.

However, Qiu Canfeng’s cultivation was now superior—he was a rank five Martial King. That was not an existence he stood a chance against. If Qiu Canfeng prepared to punish him, then, though it sounded unpleasant, he could only endure. He wouldn’t dare to fight back.

“You Mingdeng, you tell me. Chu Feng, as my disciple, joined the Crippling Night Demon Sect, and fought for the honour of the Crippling Night Demon Sect. Is he in the wrong?” Qiu Canfeng asked as he stared at You Mingdeng.

“He… He isn’t,” You Mingdeng said with a lowered head. There was no spirit in his words.

“Then, you tell me: Chu Feng’s body is special, leading an incompatibility with the Incomplete Moon Formation. So, the formation could not be imprinted on his body. Is he in the wrong?” Qiu Canfeng asked again.

“He… He isn’t,” You Mingdeng said again quietly.

“Louder!” Qiu Canfeng shouted furiously.

“He isn’t! He isn’t in the wrong,” You Mingdeng replied clearly. His body trembled from fright, and he even took two steps back.

“Then, tell me. He is so outstanding, and he also pulled out the Demon Sealing Sword. With complete reason, he can become the head of the Crippling Night Demon Sect. Why is there someone who’s bringing up trouble, and even wants to kill him? What plan does this person have? What is he thinking?” Qiu Canfeng asked again.

“Big Brother Qiu Canfeng, I was foolish, I was foolish! I was only thinking for the Crippling Night Demon Sect! Forgive me! If I knew Chu Feng was your disciple, how could I suspect him?”

Finally, You Mingdeng broke down. He couldn’t bear this sort of interrogation. He couldn’t bear the gaze of the crowd. He actually admitted his wrongs to Qiu Canfeng.

“Oh, you’re wrong. You are indeed wrong. However, it is useless telling that to me. You must admit your wrongs to our sect head.” Qiu Canfeng cast his gaze behind, towards Chu Feng.

“This…” You Mingdeng’s expression changed. He could admit his wrongs to Qiu Canfeng, but doing that to Chu Feng… he couldn’t do that.

It didn’t matter whether Chu Feng had the Demon Sealing Sword or not. It didn’t matter if Chu Feng was Qiu Canfeng’s disciple or not. It didn’t matter if Chu Feng won everyone’s hearts or not. In his own mind, Chu Feng was still hostile brat who wasn’t worthy to become the head of the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

You Mingdeng deeply sucked in some air, then said, “Chu Feng has indeed pulled out the Demon Sealing Sword, but if you want me to approve of him as the sect head just on that alone, I will absolutely not. I will not serve a person weaker than me, unless…”

“Unless what?” Qiu Canfeng asked.

“Unless he gains the approval of the Demon Sealing Sword in front of everyone. Only then is it proof that this Demon Sealing Sword is truly his and he has the qualifications to lead us,” You Mingdeng said.

“This…” Qiu Canfeng’s eyes glittered, and he couldn’t help but cast his gaze towards Chu Feng.

The Demon Sealing Sword was incomparably arrogant. It was the king of Royal Armaments, and even though the former sect head’s strength was overwhelming, he had still spent quite some effort to acquire it—and he just hardly grasped it. He hadn’t truly obtained the Demon Sealing Sword.

Chu Feng’s aptitude was extraordinary—everyone knew that. However, his cultivation was still lacking. Could he, a rank seven Martial Lord, receive the Demon Sealing Sword’s approval? That was truly a difficult question.

Moreover, it was as You Mingdeng said. Chu Feng had pulled out the Demon Sealing Sword, and many people did wish for Chu Feng to become sect head.

However, it was likely there were people who weren’t convinced in their hearts. Unless Chu Feng could gain the Demon Sealing Sword’s approval and truly take it for himself, there would more or less be some doubt and objection.

“Master, it’s just gaining its approval. That’s nothing. Since I will receive it sooner or later, there’s no problem doing it in front of everyone now.”

Chu Feng lightly smiled. Then, he spun the Demon Sealing Sword and slowly raised it up. With a thought, a strand of aura entered the sword. He wanted to merge it with the Demon Sealing Sword, and thoroughly grasp this king of Royal Armaments.


When his aura fused into the sword, an explosion instantly rang out. Layers of black flames were like a surging wave yet also like an erupting volcano as they violently gushed out from the Demon Sealing Sword.


Frightening howls rang throughout the world. An enormous pressure fell upon their backs, feeling as if the entire world were about to collapse.

The might of the king of Royal Armaments had been shown completely.