Chapter 949 - Rank Eight Martial Lord

MGA: Chapter 949 - Rank Eight Martial Lord

“So this is the Demon Sealing Sword. Its might is indeed far superior to an ordinary Royal Armament.”

Qiu Canfeng tightly furrowed his brows at the crack in the fabrics of space surrounding Chu Feng. He knew the power of the Demon Sealing Sword. He knew it was very difficult to subdue it.


But in the instant worry began to spring up in Qiu Canfeng’s heart, the destructive might rapidly shrank. They didn’t surge into the Demon Sealing Sword, but into Chu Feng’s body.

In the end, the boundless aura the Demon Sealing Sword released all entered Chu Feng’s body, as if it had always been one with him.

“Heavens, this…” Everyone was dumbfounded. They were speechless. All of their jaws dropped to the floor.

At that instant, the Demon Sealing Sword didn’t just approve of Chu Feng. Even the boundless black flames amidst a frightening howl all entered his body. Chu Feng’s aura then soared—from a rank seven Martial Lord, he became a rank eight Martial Lord.

He had experienced a change like that before, and it was also in this Depraved Valley, and it was also a Royal Armament recognizing its master.

There was only one fabled explanation for this atypical phenomenon—Absolute Submission.

“Absolute Submission! The Demon Sealing Sword not only approves Chu Feng as its master, it even submits to him! This is unbelievable!”

Everyone was dumbfounded. What was the Demon Sealing Sword? That was the Royal Armament not even the former sect head could subdue.

Yet, right now, Chu Feng had not only subdued the Demon Sealing Sword, he even made it submit and increased his own cultivation. What did that mean? It meant at least in terms of aptitude Chu Feng was far superior to the former sect head. It was so powerful that even this Demon Sealing Sword was willing to submit to him.

“This… How is this possible?!” You Mingdeng was also stupefied, because he truly had no words to speak after seeing that scene.

“My brothers, what are you looking at? Quickly greet the new sect head of the Crippling Night Demon Sect, Lord Chu Feng!” Xue Xiyue loudly said.

Only after she spoke did they break out of their gaze. No one dared to hesitate as they all knelt on the ground, kowtowing and saying in unison, “We greet Lord Sect Head!”

After seeing the army of millions kneeling down, Xue Xiyue and Fu Liansheng, after a glance at each other, knelt in the air at the same time—towards Chu Feng, “We greet Lord Sect Head!”

Nearly all members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect had knelt towards Chu Feng, expressing their decision of recognizing Chu Feng as their sect head. Only Qiu Canfeng and You Mingdeng remained standing.

“You Mingdeng, what other objections do you have?” Qiu Canfeng questioned as he looked at You Mingdeng a bit unhappily.

After taking another deep breath, You Mingdeng knelt in the air with a whoosh, and kowtowed, admitting, “This little You Mingdeng has eyes but could not see. I’ve done a dishonourable act, so Lord Sect Head, please bestow punishment! Even if you grant me death, I, You Mingdeng, will not complain at all!”

Qiu Canfeng only nodded in satisfaction. He turned around, and was going to kneel down towards Chu Feng.

“Master, there’s no need! How can I accept this?” But Chu Feng had stopped him.

“Lord Sect Head, in the Crippling Night Demon Sect, even masters are inferior to the sect head. Rules cannot be broken, otherwise how can you establish might in the future?” However, Qiu Canfeng merely smiled lightly then forcibly knelt.

“Master, quickly rise!” Chu Feng quickly pulled Qiu Canfeng up, then he waved his hand and shouted, “Brothers, quickly rise!”

“Thank you Sect Head!” The army of millions only stood up after Chu Feng spoke.

However, You Mingdeng remained kneeling even after everyone rose. He was unwilling to rise.

“You Mingdeng, you can rise as well,” Chu Feng said.

“This little one does not dare! I have disrespected Lord Sect Head, and I should be executed. I ask for punishment to set an example!”

Every single word from You Mingdeng came from his heart. From that, one could see after the Demon Sealing Sword submitted to Chu Feng, he too approved of Chu Feng to become his sect head. He knew how foolish he was before. He nearly killed a person who could lead their sect to glory.

“Your former actions had gone against the former sect head’s wishes. That is indeed a crime deserving of death, but since you were thinking for the Crippling Night Demon Sect, I’ll give you a chance to exchange your offenses with deeds,” Chu Feng loudly said.

He walked up to You Mingdeng. Disregarding the risk he might attack, Chu Feng personally helped You Mingdeng up, and as he did, he even bent his waist, lowered his head, and said quietly, “Senior You Mingdeng, right now, the Crippling Night Demon Sect has an enemy we have to face. We should point the edge of the blade outside, not inside. If we possess the ability, then we should use it for enemies, not each other.”

You Mingdeng’s heart was shaken at those words. Even his body trembled slightly. He didn’t insist on kneeling, and after standing, he said very sincerely, “Thank you Sect Head. This little one will do my best to accomplish deeds and not disappoint your grace.”

Qiu Canfeng, Xue Xiyue, and Fu Liansheng captured that within their eyes. They couldn’t help but nod their heads pleasedly.

“Forging when soft”—when Chu Feng made an old stubborn person like You Mingdeng submit to him, they really had to admit they increasingly felt letting Chu Feng become sect head was the correct choice. This young man was not only decisive, he was also a person who was broad-minded and cared about the situation at large.

Afterwards, Qiu Canfeng spoke of many thoughts that fortified Chu Feng’s position of sect head in everyone’s hearts.

Moreover, he started arranging matters against the Immortal Execution Archipelago. In this period of time, Chu Feng was training in seclusion with the Demon Sealing Sword.

After Chu Feng made it submit, not only had he obtained power much stronger than other Royal Armaments, he discovered a special power—it was one connected the formation imprinted on everyone’s backs.

Chu Feng felt if he used that power well, perhaps he could create a Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation that could be moved. As long as he was within a certain distance, he could split the power in the Demon Sealing Sword to everyone in the Crippling Night Demon Sect and raise their power. At that time, they would have an extra layer of defense when fighting the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

However, the Demon Sealing Sword was very powerful. So powerful that even though Chu Feng had control over it, he was unable to use it to its fullest. So, to want to lend the remaining power in the Demon Sealing Sword to the others in the Crippling Night Demon Sect was not something simple. It truly required some careful studying.