Chapter 947 - Who Dares to Harm My Disciple

MGA: Chapter 947 - Who Dares to Harm My Disciple

“It won’t be that easy to kill me.”

Although the power from the Demon Sealing Sword was unable to block You Mingdeng’s attack, it had greatly reduced its speed. This gave Chu Feng sufficient time to react.

So, he willed an azure aura to rise beneath his feet, and amidst a dragon’s roar, the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique had appeared.

Under the watchful gaze of the crowd, Chu Feng grasped the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand, and willed the azure dragon beneath his feet to dodge You Mingdeng’s rank seven martial skill.

At the same time, Chu Feng’s aura was completely released.

“Rank seven Martial Lord? Brother Chu Feng, you’re a rank seven Martial Lord?” Fu Fengming couldn’t help deeply gasping.

“Monster! Hell, he’s too monstrous! Back at the Gale Plains, he was still a rank five Martial Lord. How is he a rank seven Martial Lord already? Brother Chu Feng, your speed of improvement is quite terrifying!”

As for Xuan Xiaochao, he too was quite shocked by Chu Feng’s current cultivation. But amidst his feelings of shock, excitement filled his face as he also felt happy for Chu Feng.

Actually, at that instant, everyone was stunned. Chu Feng was quite famous, so his cultivation was something everyone always focused on. However, it seemed that every time Chu Feng appeared, his cultivation would increase. His speed was simply worthy of admiration.

“Chu Feng, you will not escape today!”

However, in contrast to everyone else, You Mingdeng’s bloodlust rose higher and higher. To him, the quicker Chu Feng grew in cultivation, the greater the threat he presented. He had to finish off Chu Feng right now, otherwise it would have an enormous impact on his future.


After collecting his thoughts, he once again made his move. Waving his sleeves, the gales rose and the clouds flowed. A boundless Martial power had become an army of thousands as it rushed unstoppably and invincibly in the air—it was a rank nine martial skill.

“Oh? It seems that this old bastard has been enraged. He looks serious now.”

Chu Feng gave a light chuckle as he looked at the army rapidly approaching. Although he could not block that attack, he felt not even an iota of fear. He knew clearly there was an even more powerful person guarding him.

“Xue Xiyue, let’s go together! We cannot allow You Mingdeng to kill this Chu Feng!” Fu Liansheng had already risen. He prepared to help Chu Feng.

“Mm. This child is truly a monster. No matter where he comes from, we must protect his growth.” Xue Xiyue also flew up after seeing Chu Feng’s current cultivation. She was not only preparing to save Chu Feng, she was preparing to protect Chu Feng on his way to become the sect head.

“I must kill this child! No one should even think of saving him!” You Mingdeng swore to kill Chu Feng. He gnashed his teeth upon feeling Fu Liansheng’s and Xue Xiyue’s presence, but he didn’t stop, and instead, channeled his full strength into the rank nine martial skill. At the same time, he flew towards Chu Feng.

*boom rumble rumble rumble*

A rank nine martial skill was already powerful. But when a rank four Martial King was propelling it forward with everything he had, it truly seemed as if nothing could stop its path. When the army of millions advanced in the sky, even space itself was shattered. None could block that might—not even the power of the Demon Sealing Sword.

“This isn’t good! What is this You Mingdeng doing? He refuses to listen to reason!” Fu Liansheng frowned slightly. He knew if You Mingdeng wanted to truly kill Chu Feng, he would not make it even if he moved right now.

“You Mingdeng, have you gone mad from age? How can you kill a genius like him?” Xue Xiyue furiously rebuked.

“Lord You Mingdeng, that is our sect head! Killing one’s own sect head is a greatly dishonourable act. Please reconsider!”

At the same time, many other members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect shouted. Nearly everyone was standing out for Chu Feng.

“Everyone, shut up!

“I said, this child must be killed! Today, no one should even think of saving him!”

The more the crowd supported Chu Feng, the more hatred You Mingdeng felt towards him. Gritting his teeth, he further increased the power in his attack. He wanted to completely destroy Chu Feng, not even wishing to leave a corpse behind.

“No one should even think of saving him? Those are quite the words you have there! Today, let me see who dares to even touch my disciple!”

However, when the crowd all felt helpless and that Chu Feng was absolutely dead, an extremely horrifying aura suddenly exploded amidst the crowd. At the same time, a person, with speed even quicker than light, shot up from the surface and arrived in front of Chu Feng.

Moreover, he didn’t even move after reaching that position. He released a pressure that even caused space itself to tremble and collapse. You Mingdeng’s rank nine martial skill instantly disappeared.

“Heavens! Such power! Who is it?”

“It’s Chu Feng’s master! It’s Chu Feng’s legendary master! He had said before that Chu Feng is his disciple!”

“Chu Feng’s master is this strong? Who is he?!”

The sudden appearance of a person caused everyone to be shocked. They heard Qiu Canfeng’s voice, but didn’t see any signs of him. They could only just guess that Chu Feng’s fabled master had appeared.

“That voice just now…?” Fu Liansheng, Xue Xiyue, and You Mingdeng all widened their eyes in surprise because the voice just now was so familiar.

*whoosh* At that instant, Fu Liansheng and Xue Xiyue had arrived in the air. They waved their sleeves, and the chaotic shock waves vanished. When everything returned to normal, Qiu Canfeng had finally appeared before the crowd.

“Big Brother Qiu Canfeng, it’s truly you?” Although they had made a guess, after seeing Qiu Canfeng with their own eyes, Fu Liansheng and the others were still stunned.

“That is? Great Protector Qiu Canfeng!”

“It is truly him! He didn’t die, he didn’t die! This is great!”

As for the others, they were elated. Some even shed tears from emotion, because that was truly a heavenly great news to them.

“Fu Liansheng, Xue Xiyue, long time no see.”

Qiu Canfeng smiled faintly when he looked at them. No matter what they had done before, they still aimed to save Chu Feng. That made some good feelings blossom; at least, in consideration of the situation in whole, they were still thinking for the Crippling Night Demon Sect’s benefit.

“Big Brother Qiu Canfeng, you’ve become a rank five Martial King. Congratulations!” Xue Xiyue said with a smile. If it were before, she would definitely feel extremely displeased at his superior cultivation. However, the Crippling Night Demon Sect was facing a great disaster. To all of them, Qiu Canfeng’s increase in strength was most definitely something good.

“Big Brother Qiu Canfeng, you said just now that this Chu Feng is your disciple?” Fu Liansheng asked.

After Fu Liansheng spoke, all noise disappeared. No one spoke. They all raised their heads and fixed their gazes tightly on Qiu Canfeng, awaiting his answer.