Chapter 946 - What the Public Desires

MGA: Chapter 946 - What the Public Desires

“What? Kill Chu Feng? Why? Why must we kill Chu Feng? Isn’t he a member of the Crippling Night Demon Sect?”

“Chu Feng only joined us for the Demon Sealing Sword? Is that really true? It wouldn’t be a lie, would it?”

“No matter if it’s real or not, it is a fact that Chu Feng brought great animosity between him and the Immortal Execution Archipelago because he saved members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect! How could we possibly attack and kill him?”

However, beyond You Mingdeng’s expectations, after sending down that killing order, there was not even a single person who moved. There were even many who spoke up for Chu Feng.

“Lord You Mingdeng, didn’t you say the person who pulled out the Demon Sealing Sword could become the head of the Crippling Night Demon Sect, and that we must also listen to their commands?” Old Liu once again stood out.

“Insolence! You’ve been repeatedly defending that Chu Feng. Are you conspiring with him?!” You Mingdeng furiously shouted.

“Lord You Mingdeng, I feel that he’s correct. You were the one who personally said Sect Head’s last words, and we had personally seen Chu Feng pull out the Demon Sealing Sword. I believe we should obey Sect Head’s last words.” Unexpectedly, the Earth King had spoken as well.

“Lord Protectors, without a sect head, you are the highest in command of the Crippling Night Demon Sect. But even so, you should still listen to Sect Head’s last words. Otherwise, it wouldn’t matter how much strength you obtain. You will not be able to convince everyone else!”

“That’s right. Besides, Chu Feng isn’t someone we know nothing of. Back then, in the Gale Plains, Chu Feng had risked his life and fought the Immortal Execution Archipelago, doing all that just to save us. Not only have we brothers seen it, Xuan Xiaochao, You Tonghan, and Fu Fengming have seen it as well.

“Lord You Mingdeng, have you not seen it too? Will a person who does his best for us and dares to even throw away his own life desire harm to befall the Crippling Night Demon Sect?” said the Water King and Fire King as well. Their tone was very intense, and it was simply as if they were slapping You Mingdeng’s face.

Back in the Gale Plains, due to You Mingdeng’s strength, they endured his treatment of Chu Feng. However, today, they could not. If they endured any further, You Mingdeng would likely kill Chu Feng.

“Everyone, I’m sure you have heard of what Chu Feng’s done to the Crippling Night Demon Sect. I’m sure you’ve also heard of Chu Feng’s potential. Right now, he has pulled out the Demon Sealing Sword, and become our future sect head! Tell me, is he worthy of this position?” someone suddenly yelled within the crowd. It was very loud, loud enough to let everyone could hear his words clearly.

“YEEESSS—” replied the millions of Crippling Night Demon Sect members in unison. Their voices were truly like thunder, and such a powerful sound was a manifestation of all their desires of Chu Feng becoming sect head.

“You dimwitted fools! We don’t know where this child comes from. How can he be allowed to become sect head?”

You Mingdeng’s complexion darkened heavily from anger when he heard the spurts of shouts. Even his heart could explode from the rage. He could not endure this. Thus, he decided to not endure it. Without speaking anymore, he leapt up and rose into the sky. With his boundless rank four Martial King pressure and the horrifying aura that stirred up chaos, he rushed towards Chu Feng, once again attacking him.


However, the mist surrounding Chu Feng attacked You Mingdeng with an ear-piercing howl.

“Who can stop me?!”

But You Mingdeng was still, after all, a rank four Martial King. When he threw forth his punch, even space itself cracked. The black mist also dissipated instantly.

*wuaoo—* However, when it dispersed, the mist regathered—that cycle was repeating unceasingly. There was no decrease in amount, and instead, more and more converged together. Like an army of millions, they kept on pouncing towards You Mingdeng and attacking him. It was very difficult to deal with that.

“Look! Even the Demon Sealing Sword is protecting Chu Feng! It wants Chu Feng to become its master!” Old Liu shouted as he pointed at the sky.

“This is unbelievable! It’s said that the Demon Sealing Sword holds extreme arrogance! Even the sect head had only been able to use it, but not fully control it. Yet, this Demon Sealing Sword is protecting Chu Feng in such a manner. Could it be really as Old Liu said? Does this Demon Sealing Sword wants to approve Chu Feng as its master?” Even the bystanders exclaimed. They felt Old Liu’s words were very reasonable.

“Could this be the will of the heavens?” Not to mention others, even Xue Xiyue, knitted her brows slightly. Shock emerged into her eyes.

“Master, help Chu Feng! I understand Brother Chu Feng. He definitely isn’t a person who holds malicious intentions. In fact, like what the Water King and Fire King said, if it weren’t for Chu Feng, perhaps we would have died already at the Gale Plains. You wouldn’t have seen your disciple anymore,” Xuan Xiaochao begged.


Xue Xiyue was a bit moved. As one of the Four Protectors, regardless of her viewpoint, she was not an unreasonable person. Chu Feng was a genius—she could see that. However, she was the same as You Tonghan: she held some suspicions regarding Chu Feng’s background.

“You Mingdeng… just leave it. Even the Demon Sealing Sword wants Chu Feng to become sect head. Why go through all this trouble?

“Just follow Sect Head’s last words, and let this Chu Feng become sect head,” Fu Liansheng said suddenly. Moreover, his tone was sincere—one could tell his words came from the bottom of his heart.

“Fu Liansheng, your head is muddled! We don’t know where this child comes from! Who knows what he’s planning? What if he’s someone who hates the Crippling Night Demon Sect, and leads us to destruction in the future? Who will carry this responsibility?”

You Mingdeng was unmoved by anything. He ignored everything that was said. A hint of fierceness flashed into his eyes and, towards Chu Feng in the sky, he loudly shouted, “Chu Feng, you’re unable to use the power of this Demon Sealing Sword! Don’t think you’re safe with it protecting you. If I want to kill you, no one can stop me!”

*boom* Suddenly, You Mingdeng released a roar, and threw out a palm attack.

It instantly shot forth powerfully. Gales arose with the emergence of the attack, and as the atmosphere transformed, the palm became akin to a giant wave of air.

Layer stacking on layer, it surged forward and oppressed all. This was not an ordinary attack—it was a rank seven martial skill. Even though it was not at the peak, in the hands of a rank four Martial King, he drew forth an extremely horrifying power.

*bang bang bang bang* The black mist guarding Chu Feng was instantly forced back. It was unable to stop You Mingdeng’s rank seven martial skill.

Like he said, it didn’t matter how powerful the sword was. Chu Feng was too weak; he could not use the true might of the Demon Sealing Sword. He was simply unable to put up a fight against this rank four Martial King.