Chapter 929 - Pearl of Immortal Inheritance

MGA: Chapter 929 - Pearl of Immortal Inheritance

Lady Piaomiao went silent in deep thought. After a while, she sighed, as if releasing some pent up emotions. She seemed to have decided on something. After she made a bitter yet expectant smile, she said, “Fuyan, go call in your father. I have some words I want to personally say to him.”

“Really? That’s great! Mother, hold on, I’ll call Father right now.” When Lady Piaomiao truly wanted to see Taikou, Qiushui Fuyan rejoiced, and she hurriedly ran out.

After Qiushui Fuyan left, Lady Piaomiao quickly cleaned up her clothes and hair. Although her face was full of scars, and she was incomparably ugly, she still wanted to tidy up herself the best she could before seeing Taikou.

“Father, Mother wants you to go in,” Qiushui Fuyan said with a faint smile. It seemed that she’d looked long forward to this day.

“What? Your mother wants me to enter? She’s willing to see me now?” Taikou was taken aback. He was both surprised, and uneasy.

“Absolutely true. Quickly go in; she is waiting.” Qiushui Fuyan gave an even prettier smile.

“Ah, ahh~” Taikou no longer hesitated. As he nodded his head, he hopped over to the temple with his single leg. Usually, he would have flown over, but he didn’t—proof of his extreme nervousness.

Chu Feng couldn’t help smiling at that scene as well. In his mind, Taikou was an odd old person who feared nothing. However, judging by his actions today, it seemed that he had someone he feared. But that wasn’t anything embarrassing because the one he feared was the one he loved.

Questioning oneself, did Chu Feng not fear Zi Ling, Su Rou, and the others as well? He did, but it was not the fear that first came in mind. He was afraid they would feel grievances. He was afraid of their anger. Although it was fear, but it was essentially different. Fear in this manner was an expression of love.

The reason Chu Feng smiled was because he felt happy for Taikou. From his and Qiushui Fuyan’s expression, Lady Piaomiao had called Taikou over because of something pleasant. Very likely, this pair of husband and wife who had separated for many years would be together once again.

As expected, after a while, Taikou floated out of the broken temple cheerfully. His face was full of youthfulness, and he could not even hide his smile. There was not even a need to mention how happy he was.

“Chu Feng, quickly enter! My wife has something she wants to say to both of you! Hahaha…”

Taikou’s smile was truly quite dazzling, and saying the word “wife” revealed why he was so happy. At least, he dared to say that definitely because Lady Piaomiao allowed it, as they were likely not going to live separated anymore. They had reconciled.

Chu Feng first looked at Qiushui Fuyan, smiled, then walked in the broken temple together.

After stepping out to call for Chu Feng and Qiushui Fuyan, Taikou returned to the temple, and he was intimately putting clothes over the cross-legged Lady Piaomiao. How did this loving atmosphere even seem like one of lovers who had separated for many years? They simply seemed more like an old couple who helped each other in times of need.

There was not any unfamiliarity in feelings due to the separation of many years.

Lady Piaomiao raised her head when they entered. After looking at Taikou behind her, who then returned with a gentle smile, a hint of resolution flashed past Lady Piaomiao’s eyes.

*whoosh whoosh*

Suddenly, Lady Piaomiao crossed her hands, and cast a special spell. She closed her eyes, and at the same time, bursts of gales surrounded her body. Her aura started to change, and it was continuing to drop. It was dropping so quickly it was dumbfounding.

Rank four Martial King.

Rank three Martial King.

Rank two Martial King.

Rank one Martial King.

Rank nine Martial Lord.

In just a blink, Lady Piaomiao, a Martial King, had become a Martial Lord. Moreover, her cultivation was still rapidly dropping, and it was even speeding up.

Chu Feng and Qiushui Fuyan were terrified when that happened, but after seeing Taikou’s calm and peaceful appearance, they didn’t put forth any questions. Very clearly, he knew what she was doing, and he had likely agreed to it already.

Finally, Lady Piaomiao’s cultivation vanished completely. She, a rank five Martial King, became a normal person who didn’t even have a hint of cultivation aura.

*whoosh* But just at that moment, Lady Piaomiao opened her mouth, and from it she spat out a pearl-sized object that glowed with faint light.

Chu Feng’s eyes lit up when his gaze fell upon that pearl. It was not simple at all. There was extremely powerful strength contained within—it was all of Lady Piaomiao’s cultivation.

Chu Feng understood. Her cultivation was not dropping for no reason at all. It had just transformed into this mystical pearl, and more importantly, it seemed to be intentional.

“Chu Feng, the Mysterious Technique I cultivated is called the Immortal Transference Mysterious Technique. With that Mysterious Technique, other than obtaining greater power by ignition of one’s own cultivation, there is something else it can do: it can condense one’s cultivation into a pearl. It can temporarily assist any successors in a crucial moment for battle.

“As for this pearl, it’s called the Pearl of Immortal Inheritance. All of my cultivation has been coalesced into it. I have, however, used quite a bit of strength in doing so, so the cultivation within this pearl is not rank five Martial King, but rank four Martial King.

“But, if you can refine it, and add it onto your fighting strength, perhaps you can deal with that Jiang Qisha,” Lady Piaomiao said with a smile.

“Lady Piaomiao, I cannot do that!” Chu Feng was frightened as he hurried pushed such an important thing away.

“Listen to what I have to say first. Burning one’s own cultivation is already a taboo. Even if I don’t condense my life’s cultivation into this Pearl of Immortal Inheritance, I will never make any more progress in cultivation for the remainder of my life. Moreover, my cultivation will quickly fade away, and ultimately, I will still become a useless person as I am now.

“Rather than letting it vanish on its own, why not instead condense it into a pearl and let it give you a hand? Not only do you have to save Zi Ling and the others, you must avenge me and take back the Misty Peak. I promised my master that I would not let the Misty Peak fall in the hands of others.

“Right now, the only person who can help me is you. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?” Lady Piaomiao asked with a smile. In comparison to her former coldness, she was now quite a bit warmer.

“I understand.” Chu Feng nodded. He indeed understood.

Due to touching upon a taboo, Lady Piaomiao’s cultivation was fated to dwindle away, and she was thus fated to become a person with no cultivation. It was merely a matter of time.

The reason she condensed her cultivation into a pearl was because she wanted Chu Feng to use it to take back everything she lost.

This was something she couldn’t help but do, and it was the solution amidst no solutions. If she did this, there would perhaps be some chances. If she didn’t do this, then there would be no chance at all.