Chapter 928 - Lady Piaomiao Awakes

MGA: Chapter 928 - Lady Piaomiao Awakes

“Sister Fuyan, there’s a few things I’m not sure if I should ask or not,” Chu Feng said after learning of such shocking news.

“There’s nothing that cannot be asked between us. Ask whatever you want to,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“You, Senior Piaomiao, and Senior Taikou are family. Why couldn’t you live together, and instead, have lived in separation? Is there some reason?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“It was actually an accident that my mother and father gave birth to me. My mother’s master had once told her she was forbidden from harbouring feelings for any man. She was afraid the feelings between a man and a woman would bind my mother’s heart, preventing her from fully putting her mind to guard the Misty Peak and influencing her decisions in choosing a successor.

“My mother promised her master she wouldn’t, yet unintentionally had a relationship with my father, and even became conceived with me. She felt ashamed, so she didn’t meet with my father.

“However, I know that she loves him. She has always blamed herself, and she has always felt she treated my father unfairly because of a vow. She felt that she’d let down my father.

“As for my father, he too loves my mother very much. Even though my mother unreasonably drove him away and was unwilling to meet him, my father hadn’t found any other partners. Also, he seemed to understand my mother’s predicament, so he had never looked for me or my mother on his own accord.

“Right now, I wonder if my mother will blame me for calling my father over. He has never seen her true appearance, and I think she wouldn’t want him to see what she looks like now either,” Qiushui Fuyan said a bit worriedly.

“But isn’t Senior Taikou the only one who can save Senior Piaomiao? If you didn’t call him over, perhaps she wouldn’t even have a chance at survival. I’m sure Senior Piaomiao won’t blame you, Sister Fuyan,” Chu Feng consoled.

“Mm. Even if my mother blames me, I had to call my father over. I can’t just watch as my mother dies,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

Afterwards, Chu Feng and Qiushui Fuyan waited outside the temple. They did not go in to disturb Lady Piaomiao’s treatment.

Since her injuries were very severe, the healing process was very lengthy. It required two full days and one night.

During that period of time, both Chu Feng and Qiushui Fuyan were very worried. They were afraid Lady Piaomiao wouldn’t be able to bear through this tribulation.

“Fuyan, Fuyan…” Finally, Taikou walked out of the little temple and lightly called Qiushui Fuyan’s name.

“How is it? How are my mother’s injuries?”

Qiushui Fuyan quickly rose, and Chu Feng also followed. At that instant, Chu Feng carefully observed Taikou. Finally, he could detect his strength. This old man was indeed a Martial King, and his cultivation was powerful, even above Qiushui Fuyan’s—he was a rank four Martial King.

Although he was a bit weaker than peak characters such as Lady Piaomiao, Murong Mingtian, and Murong Niekong, his cultivation was already extremely strong in the Eastern Sea Region.

However, at that moment, Taikou had a very weak aura. His face was pale as paper. One could tell that he had exhausted quite a bit of his strength in order to save Lady Piaomiao.

“Her injuries are essentially stable. She would wake up soon. However, let me ask you this: who was the one that forced her into this state?” Taikou had a very calm tone, but Chu Feng could see the concealed fury within her eyes. There was a strand of extreme rage.

“It’s the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, and also people from the Holy Land of Martialism. They are too strong. They were even able to force Mother to this state, so don’t do anything rash! Otherwise, if anything happens to you, my mother will feel even more ashamed,” Qiushui Fuyan urged.

“Your mother doesn’t owe me anything, so why should she feel any shame? But no matter how she looks at me, in my heart, I, Qiushui Taikou, will always have her as my wife, and I will always have you as my daughter.

“Right now, my wife and daughter have been bullied to a state like this. How can I just do nothing?” Taikou was clearly unwilling to leave this matter alone.



A weak calling voice came from the temple. It was Lady Piaomiao; she had awakened.

“Fuyan, quickly go in and check on your mother.” Taikou rejoiced, but he himself did not dare to enter.

“Both of you, wait for me here. Father, don’t leave.” After leaving behind such instructions, Qiushui Fuyan entered the broken temple.

At that moment, Lady Piaomiao had indeed awoken, and she was sitting cross-legged. Although her complexion was still quite poor, she was in a much better state in comparison to her unconscious moments. At least, she had survived from such a risk.

However, her cultivation was still at rank five Martial King; it hadn’t returned to its initial rank six Martial King. One could see that despite keeping her life, she had still paid quite a price.

“Your father’s come, right?” Lady Piaomiao calmly said after seeing Qiushui Fuyan.

“He hasn’t,” Qiushui Fuyan denied subconsciously.

“Don’t pretend. I’ve actually been up for quite a while. I know he’s here. Other than him, there’s no one else who could have save me,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“Mother, don’t blame me! You know only my father could have saved you. So, I could have only called him over. Otherwise, if anything happens to you, he’ll definitely blame me for the rest of my life!” Qiushui Fuyan was a bit nervous. One could see that she was quite afraid of Lady Piaomiao.

“Silly child, why would I blame you? But, it’s just that… he’s now seen my ugly appearance. He must be really regretting having a relationship with me, right?” When Lady Piaomiao spoke, although she looked very calm, a hint of worry flowed within her eyes.

“He hasn’t! He’s only angry—angry that someone forced you to a state like this! He’s even preparing to avenge you.

“However, Father is still only a rank four Martial King. Not to mention the Holy Land of Martialism’s Jiang Qisha and that despicable and cunning Murong Mingtian, he won’t even be able to deal with Murong Niekong.

“But, he’s not listening to my words, and I can’t convince him no matter what! Mother, how about… you try? Father will definitely listen to your words,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“Does your father truly not feel disgust at my appearance? Nor has he blamed me for leaving him for so long?” But it seemed that Lady Piaomiao was more concerned with Taikou’s opinion of her.

“Mother, don’t worry. Father loves you a lot, and what he’s concerned with isn’t your appearance, but you as a person. In his heart, there is only you. Otherwise, why would he remain alone for so many years? What sort of woman would he be unable to find with cultivation like his?” Qiushui Fuyan said with a smile.