Chapter 927 - The Father of the Holy Daughter

MGA: Chapter 927 - The Father of the Holy Daughter

Jiang Qisha’s words were not spoken in private via mental messages. So, nearly everyone within the palace heard them crisp and clear.

“This Jiang Qisha is too terrifying. At such a young age, his thought progress is already so elaborate. I’ve never had a feeling of safety in his hands. Instead, I feel even more dangerous,” Su Mei said a bit worriedly as she sent mental messages.

“He is indeed not a good person at all, but at least temporarily, we are safe in his hands. If Murong Mingtian truly brought us away, Murong Xun wouldn’t have let us go,” Su Rou replied.

“I heard that you’ve got a Divine Body?” Just at that moment, Jiang Qisha cast his gaze towards Zi Ling. Moreover, with a light smile, he walked towards her.

“Hoh. Divine Body? It’s the first time that I’ve seen such a weak Divine Body. She’s even less than trash.” Zhao Yuetian also walked over and he looked at Zi Ling with a face full of disdain.

However, after he carefully examining Zi Ling’s countenance, he curled his lips vilely. He said with an odd smile, “Although her cultivation’s a bit weak, she doesn’t look too bad. This face is truly the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.”

As he spoke, Zhao Yuetian looked at Jiang Qisha, then said, “Senior, how about you take this girl? Although she’s very weak, with that face alone, you can invoke quite a few people’s admiration if you bring her back.”

“Junior Zhao, Senior Jiang is not someone who greeds over beauty. If you ask me, you want to take this Zi Ling back, right?” Wu Kunlun walked over, then said to Jiang Qisha, “Senior, I’ve asked around, and she is indeed a Divine Body. When she was born, the sight she triggered had caused quite the scene. Many people had personally witnessed it, so the fact that she’s a Divine Body should be true.

“However, I just don’t know why her aptitude in cultivation is this weak. She’s the weakest out of all these people.”

“The exact reason why can be known through an examination.” As Jiang Qisha spoke, she willed a door to open in the Spirit Formation cage that locked Zi Ling and the others. He then strode in.

“What are you doing? Stay away from my Sister Zi Ling!” Su Rou and Su Mei leapt forth, wanting to stop Jiang Qisha.

However, there was such a huge distance in cultivation between these two groups. How could the two of them possibly stop him? In the instant they started moving they were enveloped by Jiang Qisha’s aura, and were completely frozen. At the same time, Jiang Qisha had grabbed Zi Ling’s wrist as he began seriously observing her.

“Hahaha, the heavens are helping me, the heavens are helping me! Murong Mingtian, you old fox, you’re quite vicious! But sadly, your preparations have been a gift for myself.”

Jiang Qisha let go after a brief moment. On his face, an elated smile emerged. He started loudly laughing, and could not calm himself for quite a while.

Zhao Yuetian and Wu Kunlun felt confused at such an outburst. However, they definitely knew it was something good. So, they asked at the same time, “Senior Jiang, what did you discover?”

“Haha, I cannot leak a divine secret, but in short, this girl is mine.” Jiang Qisha looked once again at Zi Ling. It didn’t seem as if he was looking at a beauty, but instead, at a treasure.

Zi Ling and the others tightly knitted their brows. They knew why he said that. He must have discovered the secret of the Heaven Gripping Pellet, and wanted to take Zi Ling’s power for himself.

Time flew past, and after a blink, several days had elapsed.

Within a certain forest in the Eastern Sea Region, there was a worn out little temple. Inside were Chu Feng, Qiushui Fuyan, and Lady Piaomiao.

Chu Feng and Qiushui Fuyan were in quite a decent state, but worry was worn all over their faces. They looked with extreme anxiousness at Lady Piaomiao who lay on the ground.

Ever since Lady Piaomiao lost consciousness, she had yet to awaken. Moreover, her aura kept on sliding downward. She, initially a rank six Martial King, had now become a rank five Martial King. Her cultivation was shrinking.

Not to mention Chu Feng, even Qiushui Fuyan could do nothing about that. They were out of ideas.

“Sister Fuyan, if this continues, Senior Piaomiao’s cultivation will keep dropping, and it’s likely she won’t be able to survive either. We cannot await her death at a place like this, and we should think of something,” Chu Feng said with concern.

“She’s used a technique she shouldn’t have used, so we can’t do anything about it. There is only one person who can save her. Looking at the time that has passed… He should be arriving soon,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“Someone’s coming? Who?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“You know this person,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“I know him?” Chu Feng was even more puzzled.

Qiushui Fuyan’s expression abruptly changed slightly, then she rubbed the necklace on her neck and she said, “Speak of the devil; he’s here.”

Chu Feng quickly cast his gaze outside the little temple, and as expected, a person soon appeared and quickly flew in.

“Senior Taikou?”

However, after seeing that person, Chu Feng’s expression changed greatly. His eyes were full of surprise, because Chu Feng truly did know that old man. He not only knew him, this person had helped him many times before. He was the powerful and famous person in the Four Seas Academy, Taikou, whose origin was mysterious and whose cultivation was unfathomably deep.

“Fuyan, how’s your mother’s condition?” Taikou’s face was one of anxiety after he entered. He didn’t greet Chu Feng as he directly asked Qiushui Fuyan a question.

“What? Mother?” Chu Feng’s heart was shocked. That word truly frightened him.

“Go in yourself and take a look.” Qiushui Fuyan did not reply, and instead cast her gaze at Lady Piaomiao.

Taikou didn’t bother with any more questions. He leapt forward and immediately appeared in front of Lady Piaomiao. He sat on the ground cross-legged, and observed Lady Piaomiao’s present state.

After a while, Taikou took out several medicinal pellets with special properties and put them in Lady Piaomiao’s mouth. After helping her refine them, he looked back at Qiushui Fuyan and Chu Feng, and said, “Don’t worry. Although she used a forbidden technique, causing serious damage to her body, at least her life is not at peril.”

After speaking, he didn’t pay any more attention to them. He directly used a Mysterious Technique, laid a formation, and started healing Lady Piaomiao with special methods.

“Chu Feng, let’s go. Don’t disturb him.” As Qiushui Fuyan spoke, she walked out the little temple. After glimpsing at Taikou and Lady Piaomiao, Chu Feng followed her out because he knew Qiushui Fuyan had something she wanted to say to him.

“I’m sure you’ve made a guess or two, right?” Qiushui Fuyan asked with a smile after coming to a peaceful corner.

“I…” Chu Feng was a bit hesitant, and ultimately, did not respond.

“You are correct, Lady Piaomiao is my mother, and Taikou is my father,” Qiushui Fuyan said with a bit of sorrow.

Chu Feng sucked in a deep breath of air. Although he had guessed it already, Chu Feng still felt very shocked when he confirmed it from Qiushui Fuyan herself. In an instant, the emotions in his heart surged and he could not remain calm.