Chapter 926 - No More Than Dog

MGA: Chapter 926 - No More Than Dog

Jiang Qisha coldly smiled when Murong Mingtian surrendered. As he held the fiery-red halberd, although he was only a rank four Martial King, his aura was even stronger than Murong Mingtian’s.

As he stood there, he was like an undefeatable god of war. He had the ability to kill everyone on scene, and he spread fear amongst their hearts.

Suddenly, Jiang Qisha waved the halberd in his hand. As the entire palace violently trembled, he pointed at Murong Mingtian and shouted, “Murong Mingtian! Respecting the fact that you were a senior, I have always kept a bit of face for you and didn’t make things difficult in front of your successors.

“However, when I give you face, you reject it! If I don’t make it clear, you forgot who’s strong and who’s weak. You forget who’s the master and who’s the slave! You truly think you, a mere rank seven Martial King, can sit equally against my Cursed Soil Sect?”

As Jiang Qisha spoke, he released boundless pressure from his halberd. It was so powerful that even Murong Mingtian’s body couldn’t help trembling. He only managed to stabilize himself after taking two steps back.

Other than Murong Mingtian, however, the rest of the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago felt their knees go weak. They were forced to kneel on the ground by such strong power, and some were even forced to lie onto the floor. They simply had no strength to rise.

“My friend, Jiang Qisha, please be magnanimous! I was wrong before. I hadn’t made my own position clear.

“As long as you give us a chance to start anew, my Immortal Execution Archipelago will be willing to follow your Cursed Soil Sect and do anything for it. We will do everything we can for your benefit, and we will not dare to give any disrespect,” Murong Mingtian begged extremely pettily as he quickly bent his waist and bowed.

However, Jiang Qisha just gave an indifferent smile before such a scene. Then, he said, “If you want to live, then kneel, kowtow, and ask for forgiveness. If you make me happy, then I’ll give you a chance.”

Someone from the Immortal Execution Archipelago furiously shouted, “You want my ancestor to kowtow to you? Don’t even think ab—”

*boom* However, before he even managed to finish speaking, a muffled explosion rang out. That person was turned into a pool of blood.


They were surprised and terrified, but there were also some who were enraged. To them, Murong Mingtian was their ancestor. They could throw away dignity, but Murong Mingtian could not. Jiang Qisha’s demand to kneel was something they could not tolerate.

“All of you, shut your mouths!” But just at that moment, Murong Mingtian fiercely shouted.

After speaking, he bent his knees and knelt onto the ground. Then, with a face full of sincerity, he said, “My friend Jiang Qisha, I, Murong Mingtian, have been insolent. If you want to kill me or torture me, I have no words of complaint, but please give my successors a chance to live.”

Then, he bent over, and powerfully slammed his head onto the ground. He was truly kowtowing and admitting his wrongs.

*whoosh* But before his head touched the ground, a hand suddenly appeared, holding his head, stopping his downward movement.

When he raised his head, he saw it was Jiang Qisha. At that moment, he had already put away the horrifying halberd, and was looking at Murong Mingtian with a smile. He said, “Murong Mingtian, why did you do it in the first place if you were going to show regret right now? However, since you are genuine, I naturally won’t make things difficult for you.”

After speaking, Jiang Qisha helped Murong Mingtian up, then walked over to a chair in the palace and sat down. Only then did he wave his hand and say, “All of you, rise.”

Although Jiang Qisha had spoken, and he had also put away his boundless pressure, none of the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago rose.

“Everyone, rise,” Murong Mingtian said as he turned his head at the crowd.

Only after Murong Mingtian spoke did they rise. At that moment, they were drenched with sweat.

Odd expressions were worn on their faces, but most importantly, their bodies were trembling. Even the master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, Murong Niekong, was the same. He acted as if he had experienced an extremely brutal war.

“Don’t worry. To outsiders, we are still in a cooperative relationship. You are still the overlord of this Eastern Sea Region.

“However, you must know this well in your hearts. We are not sitting on equal ground. We are your masters.

“If there is a second time, if there’s anyone dares to disrespect their superiors and goes against our words, then I won’t be as polite as today. Understand?” Jiang Qisha spoke in a tone that was akin to a master scolding his servants.

“My friend Jiang Qisha, thank you for your generosity,” Murong Mingtian said as he nodded.

“Leave. Do things well for me, and in the future, I can bring you away from this little place and go to the Holy Land of Martialism to widen your horizons. I can show you the true world of cultivation.” Jiang Qisha casually waved his hand.

Murong Mingtian and the others first bowed, then turned around and left. However, in contrast to the arrogance they entered with, at that moment, they had truly reached the extremities of pettiness.

Everyone from the Immortal Execution Archipelago felt extreme oppression in their hearts, but they could do nothing. No one dared to say anything.

Only when they walked down the peak did Murong Mingtian say, “You must all be very confused why I didn’t start attacking Jiang Qisha and instead just conceded, right?”

“Ancestor, I’m sure you have something in mind,” Murong Niekong said. Murong Xun and the others also nodded in agreement.

In all these years, the reason the Immortal Execution Archipelago developed so smoothly was all because of this ancestor. They put great trust in his decision.

“The armament Jiang Qisha took out just now was not simple at all. It wasn’t just a Royal Armament. It had the same nature as the Demon Sealing Sword—it was able to deter my Royal Armament.

“In the battle between Royal Armament, if there is already one side that’s feared before the battle even begins, then it’ll be an uphill battle. Besides, I cannot be certain that the special Royal Armament is Jiang Qisha’s final trump card.

“In a situation with no assurance, I won’t introduce complete hostility between us, because if I can’t defeat him, not only will I lose my life, all of you will die as well,” Murong Mingtian said.

“Ancestor, what should we do now?” Murong Niekong asked.

“Ahh…” Murong Mingtian heaved a deep sigh, then said one word, “Endure.”

At the same moment, within the palace, Jiang Qisha and the others were standing with faces full of smugness.

“Senior, that Murong Mingtian made a breakthrough to rank seven Martial King, then he showed his true face immediately and dared to attack us! This person cannot stay alive. Why didn’t you just kill them immediately?” Zhao Yuetian and Wu Kunlun asked in confusion.

“If I fight him, naturally I will win. But a rank seven Martial King is no pushover. Even if I can reign victorious, I will still be forced to pay some sort of price.

“Right now, we are facing the same enemy. There’s simply no need to kill each other.

“Besides, in my eyes, he is a dog. Whether this dog is loyal or not, it’s fine as long as he can bite others for me.

“But you must also remember that a dog will eternally be a dog. There’s no need to look at them as if they were human. If, one day, this dog truly dares to bite its master, then we can just kill it and eat its meat.

“Everything is within my grasp. Who stands a chance against us in this weak little Eastern Sea Region? We have only one true opponent—that witch. However, an opponent she may be, but she will not escape my grasp.” Jiang Qisha wore a smug and confident smile on his face.