Chapter 930 - A Huge Gamble

MGA: Chapter 930 - A Huge Gamble

“Mm. You’re a smart person. I’m sure you know you cannot easily obtain the power within this Pearl of Immortal Inheritance.

“Even if you refine it, its cultivation will not be permanent. It will only provide you assistance for a short period of time.

“After a certain time limit passes, not only will the Pearl of Immortal Inheritance’s cultivation leave your body, you will be met with a painful backlash. Its agony, although insufficient to take your life, is near unendurable. You must be mentally prepared for that,” Lady Piaomiao added.

“I understand. If I can save Zi Ling and the others, take back the Misty peak, and avenge you, a measly bit of pain is nothing.” Chu Feng’s face was one of resolution.

Although Tantai Xue had already said she would deal with Jiang Qisha, she was still only a rank nine Martial Lord. Chu Feng didn’t know what arsenal of techniques were at her disposal, nor was he certain she would defeat him.

As the saying went, rather than relying on others, why not rely on oneself? If it were something within his capabilities, he would still rather rely on himself even if he had to pay a certain price. So, if there were a chance, Chu Feng wanted to personally save Zi Ling and the others. After all, they were his lovers and brothers.

“Mm. I knew I wasn’t mistaken.” Lady Piaomiao nodded her head in content, then added, “But Chu Feng, this Pearl of Immortal Inheritance cannot be refined easily. It can be refined by only those who cultivate the Immortal Transference Mysterious Technique.

“As for the technique itself, it can only be read but not spread. It is engraved on the Mysterious Technique Tablet in the Misty Peak. If you want to refine my Pearl of Immortal Inheritance, you must first cultivate the Immortal Transference Mysterious Technique, and if you want to do that, you must first sneak into the Misty Peak,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“Sneak into the Misty Peak? How is that possible? Right now, the Misty Peak has already been taken over by the Immortal Execution Archipelago!

“Putting aside the dangerous threat of Jiang Qisha, Murong Mingtian alone is very difficult to deal with. Sneaking in is already difficult, and if you want to cultivate the Immortal Transference Mysterious Technique in front of the stone tablet, that’s impossible!” Qiushui Fuyan’s face was one of shock. She felt it was something out of the question. It was really too dangerous.

“It is indeed very difficult, but if you take a risk, there is still a chance,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“Senior Piaomiao, do you have some sort of plan?” Chu Feng asked.

“I do have a plan, but it is very dangerous,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“Senior, please tell me.” Chu Feng was decided. As long as there was a chance to save Zi Ling and the others, he was willing to do even more dangerous things.

“First of all, you must first alter your appearance. That’s not too difficult, but your Transformational Mask cannot be used because it will absolutely not work in front of Murong Mingtian and Jiang Qisha. If you meet them, you’re dead.

“There is an Alteration Pellet in my Cosmos Sack, left behind by my master. If you consume it and change your appearance, they will not recognize you.

“Fuyan, you give it to him.” As Lady Piaomiao spoke, she gave her Cosmos Sack to Qiushui Fuyan.

She received it, and very quickly found a pellet that contained extremely powerful medicinal strength. She gave it to Chu Feng after taking it out, but then said, “Mother, even though this Alteration Pellet can change Chu Feng’s appearance and allow him to sneak into the Misty Peak, he still can’t approach the stone tablet that records the Mysterious Technique!”

“Fuyan, take out my Immemorial Jar,” Lady Piaomiao said.

Qiushui Fuyan came to a realization; she now seemed to understand Lady Piaomiao’s plan. From the Cosmos Sack, she brought out a slightly ruined mud jar.

Chu Feng was near Qiushui Fuyan, so he examined the jar when she took it out. He discovered that it was very special—it was some sort of treasure item. The formation on it was not a simple one at all, and it exuded a mysterious feeling Chu Feng could not describe.

“This is?” However, when Chu Feng cast his gaze into the mud jar, his expression changed greatly. He was shocked.

Within the mud jar, there was the Consciousness of an unconscious woman. Chu Feng recognized her—it was Murong Xun’s fiancée, Ya Fei.

“Senior, what is this all about?” Chu Feng asked with a stunned face.

Back then, in the Depraved Ravine, Chu Feng had personally seen Ya Fei’s death! Yet, this Consciousness was undoubtedly hers! She hadn’t died!

“When you were in the Depraved Ravine, I was there as well. I felt Ya Fei would be of use, so when Murong Xun killed her, I used a technique to snatch her Consciousness.

“Right now, your success in cultivating the Immortal Transference Mysterious Technique will be solely dependent on her,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“Senior, I don’t understand what you mean.” Chu Feng was already very shocked, and now, he was even a bit stupefied.

“The Immortal Execution Archipelago’s First Immortal dotes on Ya Fei, his granddaughter. From my knowledge of him, his love for Ya Fei far surpasses his loyalty to the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

“After knowing of Ya Fei’s death, the sorrow he felt was akin to death. If he were to learn that Ya Fei was actually killed by Murong Xun, he would definitely eat his every being.

“So, as long as you take Ya Fei’s Consciousness to the First Immortal, then tell him I have a method to revive her, he will most likely help you,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“Mother, what if that First Immortal promises us to help us, but then harms Chu Feng after bringing him into the Misty Peak? What should we do then?” Qiushui Fuyan was very worried.

“Ya Fei is in our hands. The First Immortal will not risk his granddaughter’s life. Besides, like I said, there is a huge risk that accompanies this mission. If there’s an absolute chance of success, then there wouldn’t be any risk to speak of,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“But…” Qiushui Fuyan was still worried.

“Sister Fuyan, it’s fine. Just leave this to me. If I’m not mistaken, right now the First Immortal isn’t in the Misty Peak but their former headquarters instead. It shouldn’t be difficult to meet him.” As Chu Feng spoke, he stretched towards the mud jar and wanted to swiftly begin.

“Chu Feng, don’t rush. We must still plan in detail.” Lady Piaomiao spoke again. Moreover, she waved her hand, indicating Chu Feng to not take the mud jar.

So, Chu Feng sat back down. He knew she definitely had a plan.

“I know Murong Mingtian’s nature very well. Even though it may seem he treats Murong Niekong and the others very well, in reality, they are merely his chess pieces. He does not give absolute trust to anyone.

“Even if the First Immortal sneaks you into the Misty Peak, you may not have a chance to go to the Mysterious Technique Tablet and see the cultivation method of the Immortal Transference Mysterious Technique.

“So, if you want to succeed, you must make a huge gamble,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“Senior Piaomiao, what sort of gamble is the one you speak of?” Chu Feng asked.

“It is a ‘make or break’ gamble,” Lady Piaomiao said seriously.