Chapter 924 - Each Possess Their Own Plans

MGA: Chapter 924 - Each Possess Their Own Plans

“Ancestor, do you mean you’re going to kill Jiang Qisha and the others?” Murong Niekong asked with a bit of surprise.

“They must die. Everything in the Misty Peak is mine. Even if I’m not here in the future, this Misty Peak must be succeeded by you. I cannot allow anyone else to take over this place.

“Jiang Qisha and the others come from the Holy Land of Martialism. At that place, there are all sorts of odd people. It is the gathering place of true experts. Even if Jiang Qisha cannot make his way through the Road of Immortalization, it doesn’t mean that others from the Holy Land of Martialism cannot.

“If Jiang Qisha and the others spread the news that there’s something from the Ancient Era in the Eastern Sea Region, then the Misty Peak will no longer belong to us,” Murong Mingtian said.

“But Ancestor, that Jiang Qisha doesn’t seem to be so easy to deal with. Should we take time to discuss and plan this out?” Murong Niekong was bit worried. After all, they had seen Jiang Qisha’s techniques before.

“It doesn’t matter how strong he is—he’s only a rank four Martial King. Yet, right now, I’m a rank seven Martial King. Do you think I’ll be afraid of him? Besides, I won’t attack him directly. First, I’ll test his strength,” Murong Mingtian said.

“Ancestor, how will you do that?” Murong Niekong asked.

“Isn’t he unwilling to hand Zi Ling and the others over to us because his junior was caught? Now, I will use that as the excuse to meet with Jiang Qisha and see how strong he is.” As Murong Mingtian spoke, he walked towards the exit.

At that moment, there were many people standing outside. The Second Immortal and other peak experts were awaiting.

Murong Mingtian didn’t say anything after seeing them. He continued walking straight down the peak, and as for the experts of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, they followed him in order and also went down the peak.

At that moment, Jiang Qisha had already returned to his palace. It was Lady Piaomiao’s, but now, it had become his and his brothers’ residence.

Within that palace, there were two firm but transparent Spirit Formation cages. One was rather large, and there were many people imprisoned within it. All of them were the people from the Misty Peak: Zhang Tianyi, Jiang Wushang, Yan Ruyu, Chun Wu, Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu, Dong Xue, and also some elders.

On the other cage, it was smaller, but also much more comfortable. There were chairs, tables, beds, sheets, and there were only three people locked in here—three young women whose appearances were like flowers and had exceptional beauty: Zi Ling, Su Rou, and Su Mei.

At that moment, they were not only uninjured, there was not even a scratch on them. There were even fresh fruits and delicious snacks on the table. Though they were imprisoned, they were not treated poorly.

“Senior Jiang, do you think the so-called Road of Immortalization is merely a scheme? Perhaps there isn’t any treasure inside, and that Murong Mingtian is tricking us?” asked one of the men furiously, He was Wu Kunlun, also a genius disciple of the Cursed Soil Sect. At that moment, he was a rank three Martial King.

“Yeah! Senior, that Murong Mingtian is simply an old cunning fox. If we don’t give him a lesson, he won’t speak the truth,” said another rank two Martial King. He was Zhao Yuetian—he was the one who appeared at the Gale Plains with Kuang Bainian.

“No, he didn’t trick me. There is indeed treasure inside the Road of Immortalization. It could even be said that the entire Misty Peak is a huge treasure. It’s just not that easy to acquire them,” Jiang Qisha said.

“Are there truly treasures? What sort of treasures?” Wu Kunlun’s and Zhao Yuetian’s expressions turned to joy as they couldn’t help themselves from asking Jiang Qisha.

“I don’t know the specifics, but from my observations, this Misty Peak is truly not simple. It is indeed something from the Ancient Era.

“Nothing from the Ancient Era is simple. Since this Misty Peak is so undamaged and complete, it is even less simple. It’s not impossible for there to be an Imperial Armament or even more precious things inside,” Jiang Qisha said with a smile, after drinking some tea. Although he returned with empty hands, his mood was actually quite good.

“What? Imperial Armament?

“In such a lowly place, there’s an Imperial Armament?!”

“Haha, just now, your face was not too encouraging when you returned and we even thought you were tricked. I didn’t expect there would truly be treasure here, and it’s even an Imperial Armament! This is unbelievable.” Wu Kunlun and Zhao Yuetian were ecstatic when they heard the two words “Imperial Armament”. They knew what sort of thing it was.

“I cannot confirm what it is; it’s just an analogy. But regardless, the treasure is, without a doubt, invaluable. Even in the Holy Land of Martialism, it’s enough to stir up a war. Moreover, I feel that there is not only a single treasure in this place. There is likely also a frightening secret hidden here—a secret from the Ancient Era.

“If my Cursed Soil Sect can thoroughly open this Misty Peak, unravel all its secrets, use them, and pass them down, it’s not impossible for us to become the overlords of the Holy Land of Martialism!” Jiang Qisha said with expectation.

“Doesn’t that mean we’ve done quite a good deed?” Wu Kunlun’s mouth could even crack from his excited grin, and he couldn’t put away his smile.

“Haha, I didn’t think we would inadvertently find a treasure land like this! At first, I even thought we were unlucky, but now, we would truly have to thank that witch,” Zhao Yuetian said with a face of excitement as well.

“Thank her? She stole the Talismanic Soul Stealing Flute, and even captured our junior to threaten us! This witch should be damned. If I capture her, I will defile her, then beat her and skin her alive!” Wu Kunlun said as he gnashed his teeth.

“Yeah! Senior Jiang, right now, our junior is still in the hands of that witch. And since she is so vicious, will she do anything to him?” Zhao Yuetian asked Jiang Qisha with a bit of worry.

“She won’t. If she truly wanted to do something, she would have already. There’s no need for her to use him to threaten us. Moreover, she knows we are coming for her. She can’t even avoid us in time, so why would she look for trouble instead?

“Although I don’t know the specifics, I’m fairly certain that witch is preparing to help that boy called Chu Feng.

“However, that’s perfect for us. Perhaps we can use these people to capture that which,” Jiang Qisha said a bit sinisterly.

“Right. As long as we capture her, we can return. Although we lost Patriarch’s Talismanic Soul Stealing Flute, if we capture her and bring the complete flute back, we may not be punished.

“Moreover, we’ve discovered a treasure from the Ancient Era in the Eastern Sea Region. This is definitely a great deed. Maybe Patriarch will even reward us instead!” Zhao Yuetian’s face was full of excitement.