Chapter 923 - Hostility

MGA: Chapter 923 - Hostility

“Lady Tantai, great favours need not thanked by words. The grace you have showed us today will definitely be repaid in the future.” Qiushui Fuyan also bowed towards Tantai Xue.

Only after doing so did she bring Chu Feng and turn around. They prepared to enter the sea, through the Teleportation Array, and leave this perilous zone.

“Wait.” But just when they prepared to leave, Tantai Xue stopped them. She looked at Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, I have a question I want to ask you. I hope you can answer with the truth.”

“Lady Tantai, please ask,” Chu Feng politely said.

“In the Winter Plains, someone initiated a phenomenon in the sky. Nearly everyone in the Winter Plains saw that frightening scene.

“It just so happened that you were also in the Winter Plains back then. If I’m not mistaken, the person who initiated that sight was you, right?” Tantai Xue asked.

“Mm. Lady Tantai, that was me.” Chu Feng nodded, and did not deny.

First of all, if Chu Feng denied it, there was quite a big possibility Tantai Xue would see through it. If she were made angry and then refused to help him deal with Jiang Qisha, that would be quite bad.

Moreover, Chu Feng had no need to deny. He could feel despite having an extremely cold and distant exterior, Tantai Xue did not possess any enmity towards him. His strength, to Tantai Xue, was of no significance. She was likely merely curious.

“It’s nothing, you can go now.” Indeed, after hearing Chu Feng’s response, Tantai Xue satisfiedly nodded her head. One could thus see she had already known it was Chu Feng who made the sight appear. The reason she asked was just because she wanted Chu Feng’s trust.

“Lady Tantai, we can actually leave together through the Teleportation Array beneath. We can help you go wherever you want to,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“No need, you can go.” Tantai Xue waved her hand, then no longer looked at Chu Feng and Qiushui Fuyan. Her attitude was very cold.

Qiushui Fuyan didn’t say anything more after that. Turning around, she jumped into the sea, and Chu Feng closely followed as he leapt into the sea with surging waves.

In the end, with Qiushui Fuyan leading the way, they arrived in front of a huge underwater rock. After deactivating the formation, the rock became a Teleportation Array.

It was really too old, so there were not many places it could transport them to. Moreover, normal people would not know how to use it, but Qiushui Fuyan clearly knew how.

After some adjustments, it slowly began activating. Chu Feng, Qiushui Fuyan, and the fainted Lady Piaomiao entered it together, and along with some changes occurring to the Teleportation Array, they disappeared.

After they left, the Teleportation Array slowly transformed and in the end, returned to its state of a huge rock. The sea also returned to its former tranquility.

Above the sea, Tantai Xue was looking at the bottom. After knowing that Chu Feng and Qiushui Fuyan had safely left, she leapt forward and disappeared. No one knew where she went.

During the few days after Chu Feng and the others left, the army of the Immortal Execution Archipelago entered the Misty Peak. They not only took over, they started extensive constructions outside the Misty Peak such as building floating palaces. One could see that they were truly preparing to make this their headquarters.

At that moment, on the apex of a peak, there was a strange palace. Within it came sounds akin to the howling of wolves and ghosts. Some figures with fierce appearances and seemed like Consciousnesses were running all about. Those were not simple organisms—they were demons who had lost their physical body.

Those demons unceasingly let out ear-piercing howls. An indescribable eerie aura enveloped the entire palace.

However, within such a horrifying palace, Murong Mingtian was standing in the center. At that moment, he felt not the slightest trace of fear. Instead, his eyes were red, and when he widened his mouth, a boundless suction power surged forth. Several demons, amidst shrieks, were drawn into his mouth. He was actually absorbing the terrifying demons floating about in the palace.

Although those demons were powerful, they stood no chance against Murong Mingtian and could only allow themselves to be sucked into his stomach.

When one demon after the other entered, Murong Mingtian’s aura also started to rise rapidly. He was using a special Mysterious Technique to refine those demon. When he refined the final one, he had successfully made a breakthrough in cultivation—he became a rank seven Martial King.

“Ancestor, congratulations on becoming a rank seven Martial King! You are another step closer to becoming a Martial Emperor,” Murong Xun said in both admiration and excitement as he walked up from his position of observation.

“It’s just rank seven Martial King. It is still too far from Martial Emperor.

“Lady Piaomiao must have been killing the demons sealed in this place in these several hundred years, so that’s why there are far too few in this place. Otherwise, I might have even become a rank eight Martial King,” Murong Mingtian said with a bit of pity.

“That Lady Piaomiao should be damned. She destroyed Ancestor’s good occasion back then, and she once again destroyed your good occasion now,” Murong Xun said as he gritted his teeth.

“No matter. ‘There is no fear in running out of wood if a forest is left alive’. I have refined the demons sealed in this place, and not only has my cultivation been raised, my life has been prolonged. There will be no issue to cultivate for another hundred years.

“Xun’er, you’ve seen it, right? This is the benefit of the Soul Devouring Demonic Technique. But sadly, it has very high bodily requirements. Not everyone can cultivate this.

“You are the only person, other than me, in the Murong family who can cultivate this Soul Devouring Demonic Technique. Don’t fail me!” Murong Mingtian said with a smile.

“Ancestor, don’t worry. I will not disappoint your hopes,” Murong Xun guaranteed solemnly.

“Ancestor, you’ve succeeded?” Just at that moment, Murong Niekong walked in. After feeling Murong Mingtian’s aura, he too felt elated.

“Mm.” Murong Mingtian nodded, then asked, “How’s Jiang Qisha? Is he still in the Road of Immortalization?”

“Ancestor, Jiang Qisha has already come out. He didn’t die, but from his complexion, he likely hasn’t gotten anything,” Murong Niekong replied.

“Hmph. Which of the people who guard the Misty Peak isn’t a person even the heavens take pride in? In history, so many guardians had tried the Road of Immortalization. If there were any treasures that could be taken, they would have been taken already. How could it possibly be Jiang Qisha’s turn? He is already quite lucky, since he didn’t die inside,” Murong Mingtian sneered.

“However, that Jiang Qisha is not easy to deal with. After helping us take this Misty Peak, he hasn’t gotten anything. He must be feeling bitter right now. Would he turn his annoyance into rage, and feel that we’re tricking him? Will he make an enemy out of us because of this?” Murong Niekong said worriedly.

“Jiang Qisha is no fool, but exactly because he’s smart, he must have detected there truly is a treasure within the Road of Immortalization after entering. However, because of his own lack of abilities, he can’t get his hands on it. Who can that be blamed on?

“Besides, he is no longer of any use. Even if he doesn’t make an enemy out of us, I will not let them safely leave.” A hint of fierceness flashed into Murong Mingtian’s eyes.