Chapter 922 - Cursed Soil Seven

MGA: Chapter 922 - Cursed Soil Seven

“Right now, yes, I cannot fight Jiang Qisha, but that may not be so after a few days,” Tantai Xue said very confidently.

Chu Feng’s heart was shaken. Although Tantai Xue’s strength was quite some distance from Jiang Qisha’s, he could tell from her tone that she was not joking. She likely had a fifty-fifty chance of assurance.

She was too powerful—so powerful she was unfathomable.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your friends. Including me, there are five people who have come to the Eastern Sea Region. The other four are called Jiang Qisha, Wu Kunlun, Zhao Yuetian, and Kuang Bainian. All four of them are the disciples of the Cursed Soil Sect.

“In the Cursed Soil Sect, there are seven very special disciples. They are geniuses personally chosen by the patriarch of the Cursed Soil Sect as he travelled through the lands. They are titled the Cursed Soil Seven.

“They are the direct disciples of the patriarch. They hold very high positions, when any disciple in the Cursed Soil Sect—no matter strength or age—sees them, they must pay their respects. Even elders do the same and don’t dare to offend them.

“Everyone knows that the future patriarch of the Cursed Soil Sect will be from one of them. Even those who cannot become the patriarch can become Enforcement Elders who wield great authority. Since the day they entered the Cursed Soil Sect, their future was already fated to become unlimited. They were fated to control the future of the Cursed Soil Sect.

“Jiang Qisha, Wu Kunlun, Zhao Yuetian, and Kuang Bainian are four of the Cursed Soil Seven. So, you should know how important Jiang Qisha’s life is to the Cursed Soil Sect, right?” Tantai Xue asked with a smile.

Chu Feng felt rather shocked. He knew Jiang Qisha and the others came from the Cursed Soil Sect, but he didn’t expect them to hold such high positions. No wonder they were so arrogant and looked down on everything, and no wonder their strength was so superior to others.

They were the elites within elites, the geniuses within geniuses. They were true dragons within men.

“Actually, putting aside position in their sect, Kuang Bainian’s life is still very important to Jiang Qisha and the others. They’ve grown up together since a young age, and to each other they’re like their own very hands and feet. They are very close to one another.

“In their eyes, the lives of the entire Eastern Sea Region is probably less than Kuang Bainian’s. So, threatening Jiang Qisha with Kuang Bainian’s life means he won’t do anything rash.

“As for the Immortal Execution Archipelago, they won’t dare to do anything to your friends with Jiang Qisha there. At least, for each day Kuang Bainian is in my hands, it is a peaceful day for them.” Tantai Xue once again spoke. She could tell that Chu Feng was very worried about Zi Ling and the others.

“Thank you.” Chu Feng clasped his hands and bowed at Tantai Xue. The greatest knot in his heart, the thing he worried about the most, was indeed their safety. After hearing Tantai Xue’s words, his worry had indeed been diminished quite a bit.

He didn’t think Tantai Xue was tricking him. Moreover, he could tell Jiang Qisha was simply using Murong Mingtian and the others. Therefore, it was unlikely he would do anything to Zi Ling and the others based solely on the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s resentment.

Especially after taking his junior hostage, Jiang Qisha would not even scratch them. Like Tantai Xue said, they were safe, at least temporarily.

After thanking, Chu Feng asked, “If I may ask, what sort of force is the Cursed Soil Sect in the Holy Land of Martialism?”

Chu Feng felt that he and the Cursed Soil Sect were fated to become enemies. It was for no other reason but because Jiang Qisha and the others came from that sect. So, he had to familiarize himself with the Cursed Soil Sect.

“A sect that has a Martial Emperor overseeing it. What sort of force do you think it is?” Tantai Xue returned with a question.

“What? Martial Emperor?!” Chu Feng tensed up when he heard those words.

As for Qiushui Fuyan, she couldn’t help deeply gasping as well. She even cried out in surprise, then asked with disbelief, “Martial Emperor? You’re saying in the Holy Land of Martialism, there are truly Martial Emperors?”

No matter the Eastern Sea Region, or the eastern continents, Martial Emperors were legendary existences.

In both regions, the accomplishments of Martial Emperors were innumerable, but no matter which one, they existed only in legends. In this sea region and in this world, the shadow of Martial Emperors had been long gone. It was a legend and a limit that current cultivators could not reach.

So, to the people in the Eastern Sea Region, a Martial Emperor was simply god.

Godlike characters existing in the Holy Land of Martialism naturally made one shocked.

“Of course there are Martial Emperors, but even in the Holy Land of Martialism, there are not many. The sects that do have Martial Emperors are famous and powerful forces in the entire Holy Land of Martialism.

“Now, you should know what sort of force the Cursed Soil Sect is, right?” Tantai Xue calmly smiled, then added, “Chu Feng, I know what you’re thinking. You must be planning to take revenge on the Cursed Soil Sect, right?”

Chu Feng frowned slightly. He indeed had such a plan, but he didn’t expect Tantai Xue to have guessed it. He felt more and more that this woman was too horrifying. Simply nothing could be hidden from her.

“I’ve heard of what you’ve done. I know you are a person who will always take revenge.

“But don’t blame me for not reminding you: the Cursed Soil Sect isn’t the Immortal Execution Archipelago, and the Holy Land of Martialism isn’t the Eastern Sea Region. You may be able to do whatever you wish to in the Eastern Sea Region, but if you aim to do the same in the Holy Land of Martialism, you must first consider your strength.

“Perhaps you are the most dazzling star in the Eastern Sea Region, but there are countless people like you in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“However, most of those who dare to act arrogant and rash with their slight bits of talent and fearlessness do not end up well,” Tantai Xue said with a sneer. Within her tone, there was a bit of mocking.

“Thank you for your kind intentions. I will consider them.” Chu Feng clasped his fists. Although Tantai Xue’s words were not too pleasant to hear, Chu Feng knew it was a kind reminder. So, he was not angry, and with a bit of gratitude, he asked, “I’m wondering… when will you prepare to make your move towards Jiang Qisha and the others?”

“What? You want to help me?

“There’s no need. With your cultivation, you will be of no use. However, if you want to watch the show, you are free to come.

“Carry this with you. When it’s time, I will come find you.” As Tantai Xue spoke, she gave an exquisite jade ornament to Chu Feng.

He knew it was something that indicated his location. On it there was likely Tantai Xue’s mark. She would be able to find him as long as he kept it on.

“Then I’ll await your news,” Chu Feng said to Tantai Xue after putting the jade ornament away.

Actually, he still had many questions he wanted to ask Tantai Xue; however, he was unfamiliar with her, and furthermore, the present circumstances were urgent, and this wasn’t the place to chat. Seeing Tantai Xue didn’t prepare to walk with them, Chu Feng endured his curiosity and asked no more questions, choosing to quickly leave instead.