Chapter 921 - Help You

MGA: Chapter 921 - Help You

“This… You…” Seeing the Fairy World Spirits simply flooding towards him, even the greatly arrogant Kuang Bainian now had a great change in expression. He was a bit overwhelmed.

A hundred World Spirits. Actually, at a realm like theirs, that number wasn’t much. Even though they were only Gold-cloak World Spiritists, to summon a hundred World Spirits wasn’t something difficult. After all, they were Martial Kings.

However, these hundred World Spirits were all rank three Martial Kings! Furthermore, the summoner was still only a rank nine Martial Lord! That, on the other hand, was admittedly rather difficult. If they hadn’t personally witnessed such a sight, it’d be something no one would believe.

“Witch, don’t think you can defeat me with something just like this. Comparing you and me, you are still far inferior!”

But even so, Kuang Bainian did not retreat. Instead, he furiously let out a shout. The talismans on his robe shone with brilliance, and at that instant, his aura was rapidly soaring.

“Is that so? Then take a careful gaze at who’s the inferior one.” Tantai Xue sneered, then said, “Capture him alive.”

“As you wish.” The hundred Fairy World Spirits responded in unison immediately following Tantai Xue’s command. Simultaneously, golden rays of light shot out from their bodies. Those hundred rays flew into the sky, and became an extraordinary formation that brimmed with golden radiance.

After the appearance of the formation, a boundless pressure came down from above. It was powerful, and both Zhan Jiuxiao and Kuang Bainian stood no chance against it. It was as if they were both tightly bound by a formless rope—thoroughly bound from inside to outside.

“Dammit!!” Kuang Bainian roared in extreme bitterness; however, he had already lost all strength to resist. Even the talismans that were brimming with light dimmed away, returning to their former dull appearance. His aura was now even weaker than before.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Suddenly, countless strands of light burst out from the formation. They looked like golden whips as they flew down from above and thrashed Kuang Bainian and Zhan Jiuxiao.

*bam bam bam bam*

Once, twice, ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times. In just an instant, they were whipped several thousand times. Not only were their clothes ripped and destroyed, even their skin was stripped. They were truly mangled, but even so, the whips did not stop. They continued striking them both fiercely.

“Master—” Kuang Bainian’s ten Monster World Spirits were enraged. They turned around and flew over with the aim of saving him.

*boom rumble rumble* But before they even went close, ten golden bolts of lightning shot out from the boundless formation. They struck the ten World Spirits and crushed them.

Kuang Bainian was livid upon seeing his ten World Spirits instantly killed. He knew very well how much effort he spent to successfully make contracts with those ten World Spirits. “Witch, I am not finished with this! I will—”

*bam* However, before he finished speaking, a golden whip came flying over, striking his jaw.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* After another outburst of fierce whipping, the golden strands of light slid down the formation, and became several chains. Layers upon layers, they tightly bound Kuang Bainian, making him look like a large golden rice dumpling.

“Retrieve.” After tying him up, the golden formation in the sky slowly descended. After enveloping Kuang Bainian, it rapidly shrank, and became a bundle the size of a fist.

One of the World Spirits then handed the bundle with Kuang Bainian sealed inside to Tantai Xue. Only then did they return to their World Spirit Gates and back into Tantai Xue’s body.

However, although those World Spirits easily subdued Kuang Bainian, Chu Feng could tell their complexions were not too well. Even though the formation they created in combination was powerful, it had likely exhausted quite a bit of their strength.

Holding the bundle with Kuang Bainian sealed, Tantai Xue threw it a few times into the air like a small sandbag, then said to Zhan Jiuxiao, “Do you want to live? If you do, hand your Royal Armament over.”

After speaking, not even giving Zhan Jiuxiao a chance to reply, she held out her hand, and amidst a suction force, drew over Zhan Jiuxiao’s golden blade into her hand, and then into her Cosmos Sack.

After putting away Zhan Jiuxiao’s Royal Armament, Tantai Xue said, “Go back and tell Jiang Qisha this: his little junior Kuang Bainian is now in my hands. If he wishes no harm dealt to his junior, tell him to treat his hostages well. If anything happens to those people, even if they lose a single hair, then his little junior will have quite the horrible end to his life.”

“This…” Zhan Jiuxiao hesitated. He seemed as if he was happy because he could survive from such a disaster, yet also bitter because he lost his Royal Armament.

“What the hell are you looking at? Scram!” Tantai Xue coldly shouted when Zhan Jiuxiao remained unmoving.

Only after feeling Tantai Xue’s killing intent did Zhan Jiuxiao come to his senses—he was in no position to discuss anything.

So, he quickly turned around, dragging his mutilated body, and limping away towards the Misty Peak. As though afraid Tantai Xue would regret releasing him, he even used his most powerful bodily martial skill. His panicked appearance truly looked quite brutal, and quite pitiful as well.

“Let’s go. I’ll protect you as you leave this place,” Tantai Xue said to Chu Feng after Zhan Jiuxiao was afar.

Before even letting Chu Feng reply, she went forward—Chu Feng and the others were planning to go the very same direction.

Qiushui Fuyan and Chu Feng looked at each other, but didn’t say anything and just followed Tantai Xue.

Finally, Tantai Xue stopped above a sea.

Qiushui Fuyan couldn’t help be taken aback. The surprise in her eyes became even stronger, because underneath this sea surface was a Teleportation Array. However, it was very hidden—there was a Concealment Formation guarding it. Normal people simply could not discover it, yet Tantai Xue clearly did.

“Why are you helping us?” Chu Feng went up and asked. He had to ask, because he wanted to be certain whether Tantai Xue was an ally or enemy.

“I’m not helping you. Jiang Qisha and the others came to this place only because of me. If it weren’t for me, they would have never appeared here, nor would they have joined with the Immortal Execution Archipelago to deal with you.

“One could say it’s because of carelessness that I brought a calamity with me. But no matter if it was intentional or not, in the end, this is related to me. I will help you deal with them.”

Tantai Xue’s tone was very calm, even cold, so cold it made people feel they were a thousand miles away. Although she said she would help Chu Feng, it gave him a very distant feeling.

“You alone will deal with them all?” Chu Feng was shocked. Although Tantai Xue was very strong, so strong she could easily subdue Kuang Bainian and drive away Zhan Jiuxiao, Jiang Qisha was not as simple to deal with as Kuang Bainian. After all, they were separated by three ranks. Besides, in terms of dealing with business, Jiang Qisha was far superior to Kuang Bainian, no matter the method itself or scheming. He was someone extremely difficult to deal with.