Chapter 920 - Confrontation of Monsters

MGA: Chapter 920 - Confrontation of Monsters

“And if I don’t?” Tantai Xue indifferently replied, her tone filled with disdain.

“If you don’t, I’ll let you know what it feels like to yearn for death.” Kuang Bainian’s complexion suddenly turned cold. He flipped his palm, and several hundred talisman left his hand.

After they shot out, the runes on the talismans began squirming and changing. The entire group of talismans shone with brilliance, and transformed into several hundreds of skeletal monsters.

Those monsters held two blades in their hands, and a talisman was stuck on each of their foreheads. The aura every single one exuded was even stronger than Kuang Bainian’s own—these were several hundred rank two Martial King skeletons.

“Heavens, this…” Zhan Jiuxiao couldn’t help deeply gasping at that scene.

Kuang Bainian was merely a rank one Martial King, yet he was able to summon so many rank two Martial King monsters in such a casual manner. One had to admit that this technique truly did make one sigh in admiration.

“As I thought, their strength is very exceptional. None of them are even relatively weaker than me. Moreover, the techniques they grasp are something no one in the Eastern Sea Region possess.

“It seems that You Mingdeng’s choice to avoid them was correct.” Chu Feng couldn’t help but recall the scene in the Gale Plains.

You Mingdeng, a grand Protector of the Crippling Night Demon Sect, a rank four Martial King cultivation expert, was scared by a rank one Martial King and a rank two Martial King, who were both from the Cursed Soil Sect.

You Tonghan and the others had felt very confused, but in hindsight, You Mingdeng must had detected an unfavourable situation which was why he avoided fighting.

You Mingdeng’s decision was correct. The several people who came from the Cursed Soil Sect of the Holy Land of Martialism, despite their young age, had techniques so ridiculously powerful. Any one of them could shame the peak experts in the Eastern Sea Region.

The Holy Land of Martialism was indeed a place of brilliance.

“Now, how would you deal with this?” Amidst shock, Chu Feng cast his gaze towards the unperturbed Tantai Xue.

Her cultivation was much weaker than Kuang Bainian’s. After all, he was still a rank one Martial King, yet Tantai Xue was still only a Martial Lord.

However, Chu Feng had seen the power of that girl. He knew she must also possess techniques others knew not of, and Chu Feng had also suspected she had come from the Holy Land of Martialism.

After their conversation, Chu Feng was now certain this mysterious but strong woman definitely wasn’t a person from the Eastern Sea Region.

So, Chu Feng knew clearly that this was not a simple exchange of blows between two geniuses. It was the confrontation between two monsters from the Holy Land of Martialism.

*aoo—* Just at that moment, the several hundred skeletons made by Kuang Bainian suddenly let out deafening and horrifying roars.

Quickly after, all of the skeletons leapt forward abruptly, and like an inverted meteor, as they swung the double blades in their hands, they flew towards Tantai Xue with a horrifying bearing.

“Who dares to touch my master?!” However, the rank three Martial King World Spirit rushed back.

She was like light as she dashed into the army of skeletons. The bident in her hand was akin to an unstoppable blade; she looked like a mighty and valiant general.

As the bident swept across the air, the skeletons that came into contact with it shattered. This rank three Martial King World Spirit alone instantly destroyed all of the skeletal monsters.

“Spirit Destruction Talisman!” Kuang Bainian frowned, seeing his technique destroyed. Lightly waving his arm, another talisman shot out. It was very strange, and extremely quick. However, it suddenly disappeared as it flew through the air.

*whoosh* The World Spirit’s eyes lit up upon seeing that and quickly dodged. Indeed, immediately after she dodged, the disappeared talisman exploded in her previous position.

*hmm* The explosion of the talisman brought forth another strange shock wave. It truly was an odd shock wave. It seemed to be of no threat to humans, but had an unexpected harm to World Spirits.

But the World Spirit preemptively evaded the shock wave this time and was uninjured.

“Such vile and crooked techniques! I shall bring forth retribution!”

The World Spirit already harboured resentment after being struck by the attack before. She didn’t expect Kuang Bainian would dare to use it again! That made her even more furious and irritated. She attacked Kuang Bainian as she wielded her bident.

“Hmph. You’ve got a bit of skill, but I’ve seen through it already. The reason you dare act so arrogant is just because you have a World Spirit like this! It is merely a rank three Martial King from the Fairy Spirit World. Do you truly think you can face me with this?”

Kuang Bainian roared with laughter when he saw the World Spirit’s attack. Then, he willed ten World Spirit Gates to appear in front of him.

When those ten gates appeared, ten figures stepped out—ten World Spirits from the Monster Spirit World. Moreover, all of them also had the aura of a rank three Martial King.

However, there was a difference in strength amongst World Spirits. Although the World Spirits from the Monster Spirit World were powerful, it was evident they were less fierce than those from the Fairy Spirit World. Even though there were ten rank three Martial King World Spirits, it was still a level inferior to the single World Spirit from the Fairy Spirit World.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…*

But Kuang Bainian seemed to have expected something like that. He flipped his palm, and ten talismans appeared, all of them shooting towards the ten World Spirits’ bodies.


When those talismans were stuck onto their bodies, radiance shone and a strange power merged with them. At that instant, the initially weak ten World Spirits, now with a peculiar light swirling around them, soared greatly in aura. Every single one of them was not weaker than the Fairy World Spirit.


At that instant, the ten World Spirits’ confidence was boosted greatly. After a roar, they fought the Fairy World Spirit. They had close coordination, and flawless offense and defense. When they struck, they were the ones who had the initiative as they suppressed the Fairy World Spirit.

“Hmph. You are simply committing suicide by comparing World Spirit techniques with me.” At that moment, Kuang Bainian first coldly snorted, then laughed in madness. His laughter was very loud, and very arrogant.

“Powerful. Truly powerful. My friend Kuang Bainian, you’ve truly widened my horizons.” Zhan Jiuxiao couldn’t help praising when he saw a scene like that. He truly admired Kuang Bainian’s techniques from the bottom of his heart.

Although he was only a rank one Martial King, and typically speaking, Zhan Jiuxiao would look down on him, any one of the ten World Spirits Kuang Bainian summoned could easily kill him. Zhan Jiuxiao had now truly seen Kuang Bainian’s strength.

“Hmph. That’s of course. When it’s about control with World Spirits, who stands a chance against my Cursed Soil Sect?” Kuang Bainian’s smile was even smugger after Zhan Jiuxiao’s praise.

Tantai Xue was silent at that moment. With a thought, the space around Kuang Bainian and Zhan Jiuxiao began to squirm.

Then, there were a hundred World Spirit Gates that emerged all around them, surrounding them.

When the hundred World Spirit Gates materialized, a hundred figures walked out of the gates.

These were a hundred World Spirit from the Fairy Spirit World. There were both females and males. They too wore golden armour, held golden bidents, and every single one of them was over three meters tall as they exuded a holy aura that didn’t belong to this world.

Most importantly, the cultivation of these hundred World Spirits were the exact same as the one before—they were all rank three Martial Kings.

“Kuang Bainian, what did you say just now? I couldn’t hear it,” Tantai Xue indifferently said.