Chapter 919 - Encountering Tantai Xue Again

MGA: Chapter 919 - Encountering Tantai Xue Again

Before Chu Feng’s gaze, a certain space in the south started squirming. Very soon, the figure of a beautiful person slowly came into view, appearing in their line of sight.

It was a woman. She wore a white dress, but one could not see her face because on her head, she wore a veil.

“It’s her?” Chu Feng couldn’t help being taken aback, because he recognized her. She was the mysterious person who defeated the Third Immortal in the Burning Heaven Church, Tantai Xue.

Chu Feng felt very surprised. He didn’t understand why Tantai Xue appeared in this place, and why she had saved him.

But at the same time, he secretly rejoiced. Although Tantai Xue’s origin was mysterious, she was powerful. If it were her, perhaps she could fight off Zhan Jiuxiao.

“Who are you?” Zhan Jiuxiao frowned as he examined Tantai Xue gravely.

He discovered that the woman nearby was really not simple at all. Clearly, she was only a rank nine Martial Lord, but she had stopped his attacks without even making a sound. That was not something an ordinary person could do. At least, her act alone meant her strength was outstanding.

“You can view me as a passerby, but in reality, I am the one who will kill you.” Tantai Xue spoke. Her words were indifferent, but their chilliness was oppressing.

“Kill me? A girl like you wants to kill me?” Zhan Jiuxiao was furious. Although he discovered this person was not simple at all, he did not believe she could defeat him. After all, no matter what one said, she was only a rank nine Martial Lord. He, on the other hand, was a rank three Martial King.

With fury striking his heart, Zhan Jiuxiao attacked immediately. Boundless Martial power concentrated in one area, and became a ferocious wild beast. That beast had a very peculiar appearance—it was the appearance of a mountainous fist. Though a fist, it still had four limbs and pointed teeth.

That was not a normal martial skill—it was a rank nine martial skill. Moreover, when cast by Zhan Jiuxiao, a rank three Martial King, he could truly be said to have utilized its power fully. The destructive strength it contained would easily destroy a region of land.

Not to mention Chu Feng, even Qiushui Fuyan couldn’t help deeply gasping at that attack. She knew very well if that martial skill were sent towards Chu Feng and her, both of them would die. They would have no chance to survive. Even Lady Piaomiao, right now, would be eradicated.

However, Tantai Xue remained calm and indifferent. She didn’t dodge, and instead, let out a disdainful sneer from her veil, “Actually, if I want to kill you, I don’t even have to do it myself.”


After speaking, a ripple came from the inside of Tantai Xue’s body. At the same time, a Spirit Formation gate appeared in front of her—it was a World Spirit Gate.

At the same time it emerged, a figure rushed out—a World Spirit. It was humanoid, but extremely enormous. Its appearance was akin to a flower—it was female. However, the demeanor she had made herself seem holy, like something that could not be desecrated.

From her beautiful appearance and sacred bearing—it was, without a doubt, a World Spirit from the Fairy Spirit World.

Although that Fairy World Spirit had a pretty countenance, she was very fiercely clad. On her body, she wore golden armour, and as she stood there, she held in her hands a golden bident. She looked like a majestic and undefeated female general.

When the destructive rank nine martial skill came over like a storm, she wave the golden bident in her hand. Not only did it pierce through the martial skill beast, it blew it up.

“What a powerful World Spirit!” Chu Feng and Qiushui Fuyan with both shocked at that. That World Spirit didn’t just come from the Fairy Spirit World, her aura was of a rank three Martial King.

Tantai Xue, as a rank nine Martial Lord, had a rank three Martial King World Spirit!

“How is this possible? You—How is this possible?!” Zhan Jiuxiao’s complexion changed greatly. He, also a World Spiritist, truly did not dare to believe Tantai Xue, a Martial Lord, could have a rank three Martial King World Spirit.

Most importantly, he felt an unfathomably powerful pressure from that World Spirit—her strength was actually above his own.

“Those who dare disrespect my master dies!” A chilly glint flashed in the World Spirit’s eyes. Bloodlust rose, and with the golden bident in hand, she attacked Zhan Jiuxiao.

He didn’t dare to hesitate. Flipping his wrist, a three-meter long blade appeared. It was red, and fiery runes were engraved all over it—it was a Royal Armament.

With Royal Armament in hand, Zhan Jiuxiao’s aura rose significantly. Then, with the wave of his blade, and a sound of flames whooshing in the air, a sea of fire emerged before him and surged towards the World Spirit.

*boom* However, the World Spirit was really too fierce. When she wielded the bident, she cut the raging flames apart. Moreover, in a blink, she arrived right in front of Zhan Jiuxiao.

“Dammit!” Zhan Jiuxiao could not remain collected when he saw the ineffectiveness of the Royal Armament’s attack. He turned around, and wanted to escape.

“Where do you think you’re going? Hand over your life.”

The flying World Spirit was unforgiving. When she made a step, the air around her squirmed and she disappeared.

When she reappeared, she was behind Zhan Jiuxiao. Moreover, the bident in her hands was merciless as it stabbed towards Zhan Jiuxiao. She was truly going to take his life.

“Spirit Destruction Talisman!”


But out of the blue, a talisman soundlessly appeared above the World Spirit and in the instant it appeared, it exploded.


The explosion of the talisman sent out an odd shock wave. When it passed through the World Spirit’s body, she let out a cry, as if heavily injured, and was forced back. She only stabilized herself after several miles through the air.

Coincident with the World Spirit being struck back was the emergence of a person in the air. He stood beside Zhan Jiuxiao.

It was a young man. He wore a robe of talismans, and a string of beads on his neck. It was a rank one Martial King.

Chu Feng recognized that person—it was someone from the same sect as Jiang Qisha. Back then, in the Gale Plains, he was one of the two mysterious young men who saved Murong Xun and the Sixth Immortal.

“Haha, I had planned, by the order of Senior, to guard the outside and take care of some fishes that escaped the net, but I didn’t expect to receive such an unexpected harvest and caught you!” That person was very excited at that moment; however, he did not even take a glimpse at Chu Feng and Qiushui Fuyan. Instead, with bright eyes, he stared at Tantai Xue, as if he had discovered a treasure.

“Kuang Bainian, that’s quite the words you have there! Caught me? When have you caught me?”

Tantai Xue mocking smiled. From their words, Chu Feng could tell that they knew each other already. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have known his name.

“Witch, less rubbish! Quickly hand that thing over to me, and I’ll leave you with an undamaged corpse and give you a quick death.” A chilly glint flashed past Kuang Bainian’s eyes as he pointed at Tantai Xue and furiously shouted.