Chapter 918 - Who Is It?

MGA: Chapter 918 - Who Is It?

A boundless aura swept over from one side, and it formed a surrounding dome. Even Qiushui Fuyan could not withstand such an aura and her path was instantly sealed off.

“It’s a rank three Martial King?” Qiushui Fuyan tightly furrowed her brows, panic emerging into her eyes. She could feel the strength of their opponent from his aura—rank three Martial King. That was not an existence she could deal with.

When Qiushui Fuyan looked at Lady Piaomiao, she discovered Lady Piaomiao was now unconscious, and her aura was becoming weaker and weaker. Her survival itself was uncertain, so Qiushui Fuyan simply could not hope for her to help.

“I’ve been too careless! I didn’t think Murong Mingtian wouldexpect us to escape this way. He definitely also knows there’s a Teleportation Array in this direction.

“Ahh… Does this mean even the heavens wishes for our demise?”

Qiushui Fuyan no longer attempted to escape, because she had no strength to escape. She knew she simply could not escape. Helplessness and despair filled her beautiful face.

As for Chu Feng, at that moment, he could only stand by Qiushui Fuyan’s side. Even she felt enormous pressure, so naturally, the pressure he felt was even greater.

“Chu Feng, do you know who I am?”

Finally, within the surging might, an old man’s body appeared. He had black hair, and his visage was brimming with fury. A pair of livid eyes were fiercely glaring at Chu Feng. That gaze made him seem as if he wanted to drink his blood and eat his flesh.

After seeing that person, Chu Feng frowned slightly because no matter his cultivation or his face, they pointed him towards one person. So, Chu Feng said very calmly, “You are Zhan Feng’s father, the Second Immortal of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, Zhan Jiuxiao.”

“Since you know who I am, swiftly kneel!” Zhan Jiuxiao furiously roared.

“Kneel? If I kneel, will you let us go?” Chu Feng returned with a question and a sneer.

“Let you go? Even if you kowtow a million times, it will not bring my son back to life! I will never forgive you! I will skin you alive, tear out your tendons, otherwise the hatred in my heart cannot be pacified!” Zhan Jiuxiao said as he gritted his teeth.

“What? Zhan Feng died?” Chu Feng felt rather surprised.

Back then, in the Depraved Valley, Chu Feng had indeed crippled Zhan Feng, but he didn’t kill him. Moreover, from what he knew, he was brought back as quick as possible to the Immortal Execution Archipelago by their experts. He should have left the Depraved Valley already, and he shouldn’t have experienced the battle that subsequently came, and thus, he shouldn’t have died.

“You crippled my son. He felt there was no honour in living, so he ended his own life and died within the family. This is all because of you. You killed him! Kneel!” Zhan Jiuxiao became even angrier as he spoke of Zhan Feng’s death.

“Hoh. Zhan Feng was crippled because his skills were inadequate. He could not continue living, and so committed suicide. What the hell does that have to do with me?

“Besides, since you plan to torture me regardless if I kneel or not, why should I kneel?” Chu Feng coldly smiled. He looked at Zhan Jiuxiao as if he were looking at a fool.

“Kneel! You must kneel! You kneel not for me, but for my son!” Zhan Jiuxiao waved his sleeve. A one-foot wide three-foot long wooden tablet appeared in his hand.

It was a spirit tablet. On it there was a name—Zhan Feng, who Chu Feng crippled on the day at the Depraved Valley.

“He… is unqualified for my kneeling. You… are also unqualified,” Chu Feng said indifferently.

“There is no room for discussion.” But just at that moment, Zhan Jiuxiao coldly snorted. A boundless pressure then descended from the sky.

“Mm—” A painful expression emerged on Qiushui Fuyan’s face. She was bearing an enormous pressure.

“If you kneel, I’ll give them a quick death. If you don’t kneel, I’ll torture them until they die. Will you kneel or not?!” Zhan Jiuxiao furiously shouted.

Chu Feng hesitated, but after an instant of hesitation, his knees started bending slightly. He was going to kneel on his own accord.

Although he himself could endure torment, he could not allow Qiushui Fuyan and Lady Piaomiao to be tortured due to him. Thus, he had no choice but to kneel.

“Chu Feng, don’t kneel. Since we will die regardless, why receive such humiliation?

“Torment? Hoh. I, Qiushui Fuyan, have gone through all sorts of pain. Will I fear his measly torture?” However, Qiushui Fuyan stopped him.

“You’re looking to die!” Zhan Jiuxiao was incensed at Qiushui Fuyan’s prevention. He willed his Martial power to become several half-moon shaped blades as gorgeous lights shone. The blades were no bigger than a finger, but had an unstoppable destructive power.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

At that moment, those blades had already been sent out. With swishing sounds through the air, they flew straight towards Qiushui Fuyan. Although the positions they were aimed at would not lead to fatal injuries, if struck, a large chunk of flesh would most definitely be cut away. Zhan Jiuxiao was truly sinister—he wanted to cut off the flesh of a beauty like Qiushui Fuyan.

“Dammit.” Qiushui Fuyan wanted to counterattack, but she could do nothing about Zhan Jiuxiao’s pressure. It was like a formless rope as it tied around her, preventing any movement. She didn’t even have the strength to use her Martial power.

She, as a rank two Martial King, simply stood no chance against Zhan Jiuxiao, a rank three Martial King.


A hint of chilliness flashed past Chu Feng’s eyes. He flipped his palm, and the Royal Armament Silver Dragon Spear appeared within his hand. At the same time, his body lit up with lightning. His aura rose to rank six Martial Lord from rank five Martial Lord.

Simultaneously, he used the Black Tortoise Armour Technique, and the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique appeared beneath his feet as well. With spear in hand, Chu Feng stood before Qiushui Fuyan. He wanted to block that attack for Qiushui Fuyan with everything he had.

“Chu Feng, dodge!” Qiushui Fuyan howled. She clearly understood the power within an attack from a rank three Martial King. Even if Chu Feng used every single technique he possessed, he would be unable to stop it.

“A mantis trying to stop a chariot. However, even if you want to die, it won’t be that easy.” Zhan Jiuxiao coldly snorted. His fingers moved slightly, and the several blades changed directions, avoiding Chu Feng’s fatal areas and instead towards his flesh.

If struck, there would be nothing resembling Chu Feng, but he would absolutely not die.

Chu Feng had closed his eyes. Actually, he knew very well he stood no chance against Zhan Jiuxiao’s attack. However, Zhan Jiuxiao wouldn’t kill him so easily, because he wouldn’t let him die so easily. He would only torture him—fiercely torture him. So, as long as he stood in front of Qiushui Fuyan, he could temporarily prevent her from harm.

*bang bang bang bang bang bang*

But just at that moment, the several blades exploded. The shock waves from the explosions vanished as well, and didn’t harm Chu Feng in any way.

“Who?” Zhan Jiuxiao’s expression changed greatly at such a change. He swept his furious gaze at his surroundings.

Chu Feng also opened his eyes, and looked together with Qiushui Fuyan. Chu Feng found this person, and he focused his gaze closely in the south.