Chapter 917 - No Escape

MGA: Chapter 917 - No Escape

“Are you certain he isn’t from the Holy Land of Martialism? It’s such a big place, yet you are absolutely certain he isn’t from the Holy Land of Martialism?” Murong Mingtian asked in a probing manner.

“I can guarantee to you that he is not from the Holy Land of Martialism. However, you better not ask me why, because you should not inquire about things I don’t wish to speak of.” A chilly glint emerged into Jiang Qisha’s eyes—he was warning Murong Mingtian.

“Very well, I won’t ask. But this time, it is truly all thanks to you that I could regain this Misty Peak. I will engrave this favour into my heart.” Murong Mingtian laughed as he felt the poor atmosphere and very obsequiously changed the topic.

“Don’t worry. This Misty Peak is yours… but the things inside are not.” Jiang Qisha smiled smugly.

Murong Mingtian’s expression changed slightly and a hint of displeasure emerged. However, the displeasure faded in a flash and he continued obsequiously nodding his head.

The smile on Jiang Qisha face became even wider. He said, “Also, you don’t need to worry about that Chu Feng, because he will not escape.”

“Could it be that you…?” Murong Mingtian seemed to have thought of something.

“I still have three juniors who aren’t here. That’s because they are staying outside. Although their strength is inferior to mine, since Lady Piaomiao has lost her strength, the rank two Martial King woman alone is no match for my juniors. Any one of them can kill her.

“Besides, didn’t you send that old man called Zhan Jiuxiao in their direction as well? You should have anticipated if they were to escape, they would flee in the very same direction, right?” Jiang Qisha said as he pointed in Chu Feng’s direction.

Murong Mingtian’s complexion was truly a bit distorted now. He hadn’t told anyone he left a backup like that, but Jiang Qisha knew. This was beyond his anticipation.

However, he could not refuse to answer Jiang Qisha’s question. So, he could only explain with a smile, “Jiuxiao wasn’t a part of this mission, but he wanted to come no matter what. Considering that Chu Feng killed his son, I brought him as well.

“But exactly because Chu Feng killed his son, I was afraid he would bear too great of a resentment and lose control of himself and thus attack him rashly. Since he is no match for Lady Piaomiao, he would only be sending his life away if he were to attack out of turn. I might not be able to save him either.

“So, I ordered him to wait outside. I originally planned to have him deal with Chu Feng after capturing him, but I didn’t expect what I attempted to avoid occurred nonetheless. Chu Feng and the others truly broke through the surrounding forces and ran in Jiuxiao’s direction. Perhaps this is unavoidable destiny. Perhaps the heavens want Jiuxiao to personally avenge his own son.”

“Haha, you yourself know exactly what happened.

“However, I’m not concerned with that right now. I’m concerned with the Misty Peak’s treasure.

“You said if I help you break through the Misty Peak’s defensive formation, you would bring me to the entrance towards the treasure. Right now, it’s time to keep your word.” As Jiang Qisha spoke, he went towards the Misty Peak.

Murong Mingtian didn’t stay behind. However, before he moved, a hint of an imperceivable sinister expression flashed past his eyes.

At the very same moment, Qiushui Fuyan was supporting Lady Piaomiao and Chu Feng, fleeing in the distance. Although the barrier could stop Jiang Qisha and the others, she knew very well that its time was limited. She had to leave the area within that time period.

However, Qiushui Fuyan did not blindly flee in a random direction. She clearly knew where to go, as she had always went straight and did not make any turns.

Chu Feng’s emotions were very complicated at that instant. He felt as if there were a large boulder pressing on his chest. It was extremely heavy, and could nearly crush his chest flat.

His lovers and his brothers were in the hands of his enemy. Who knew what sort of torture they were about to face. Who knew if they were still alive now.

Yet, at present, he was escaping, and he was even escaping with the help of another person. Not to mention protecting his lovers and brothers, he didn’t even have the ability to escape on his own.

He felt hatred. Extreme hatred. Not towards others, but towards himself. He hated how weak he was.

“Chu Feng, it’s not the time to blame yourself. There are some things in life that must be faced. Without experiencing sufficient setbacks, how can one truly grow? None of the single peak expert in this world have been swimmingly going through life. Which one hasn’t experienced unendurable sufferings that ordinary people could not bear, all in order to become a supreme individual?” Eggy consoled, knowing what Chu Feng felt.

Chu Feng did not reply. He understood that, but at a time like this, his emotions were not something that could be calmed with some reasoning.

“Chu Feng, if you want to throw away your life, I can accompany you. Who cares if they come from the Holy Land of Martialism or wherever. Go there, and release the other World Spirit sealed in the gate and destroy everything. If they don’t want you to live well, then none of them should even think of living either,” Eggy said again.

“No. Someone left that World Spirit inside me because they want me to tame it. They want me to borrow its power, not to destroy myself with it. If I truly use it and destroy everything, then I will have disappointed that person’s intentions.” Chu Feng shook his head.

“If you know that, then great. Get yourself together. No matter if it’s Zi Ling, Su Rou, Su Mei, Zhang Tianyi, or Jiang Wushang, they wouldn’t want to see you in this state. They feel honoured for you. They feel pride for you. They are waiting for you to save them. You cannot lose your spirit and lose your intent to fight,” Eggy said.

“Eggy, thank you. You don’t need to worry about me. I won’t destroy my future. The reason I chose to escape with Lady Piaomiao and Qiushui Fuyan is so I can one day slaughter my way back,” Chu Feng replied.

“This is the Chu Feng I know. No matter which world it is, those who wish to accomplish great things should not bother with the minor things. Not only must you be cruel to enemies, you must be cruel to yourself—that includes the ones close to you.” Eggy heaved a sigh of relief. She was truly worried Chu Feng would be unable to jump over this hurdle of Zi Ling and the others being captured, which would have affected his future.

As for Chu Feng, he could naturally feel Eggy’s good intentions. That girl truly thought for him in every area. He had to admit that Eggy’s concern made Chu Feng feel a trace of warmth amidst extreme chaos and depression.

“Crap.” But suddenly, Chu Feng’s pupils shrank. He quickly sent a mental message to Qiushui Fuyan, saying, “Senior Qiushui, quickly turn around! There’s a rank three Martial King in front blocking our way!”

“What?” Qiushui Fuyan felt rather surprised. In order to avoid any unexpected situations, she too had cast her Spirit power to maximum distance in order to observe her surroundings. However, she did not discover any anomalies.

But even so, she listened to Chu Feng’s instructions. She quickly turned around and flew in another direction.

*BOOM—* However, just as Qiushui Fuyan turned around, a boundless might erupted from afar. The aura of a rank three Martial King came suppressing forth.

At the same time, a voice filled with resentment and rage exploded like thunder.