Chapter 914 - Lady Piaomiao's Resolution

MGA: Chapter 914 - Lady Piaomiao's Resolution


Lady Piaomiao’s expression changed greatly when Jiang Qisha broke her formation, releasing Chu Feng and the others from her Cosmos Sack. She struck out with her palm, and sent a fierce attack at Jiang Qisha. She swirled the air with her other sleeve, aiming to regather and protect Chu Feng and the others.

“Hehe, you can leave today—I won’t force you behind. However, none of these should even think of leaving.”

Jiang Qisha coldly smiled. He lightly waved his arm, and King-level Martial power surged forth, easily breaking Lady Piaomiao’s attack. At the same time, he lightly opened the other hand, and several talismans shot out.

When they appeared, they started converging into a single area, becoming an enormous black hole. Its appearance immediately brought out a boundless suction power. Wind drawing them into that hole made Chu Feng and the others look like kites with their string severed as they were forced by the power to fly towards the black hole.

“Dammit!” Chu Feng knew the current situation was nothing good. With a thought, he released several golden Spirit Formation chains, binding Zi Ling, Su Rou, Zhang Tianyi, and the others, connecting them with himself.

However, it was useless as the suction power was too strong. Even Chu Feng himself could not escape, so it was a meaningless action to bind himself with Zi Ling and the others.

Right now, not to mention Chu Feng, even Qiushui Fuyan, a rank two Martial King, could not resist the boundless suction power and was also being drawn into the black hole.


All sorts of screams rang out; someone had already entered the black hole, and had disappeared. Not even a hint of aura remained, as if they completely vanished.

Horror. Uneasiness. Those emotions permeated everyone’s heart and face, because they knew very well what being sucked into the black hole meant—it meant death.

“Dammit!” At the instant, Chu Feng gritted his teeth, his heart full of both fury and hatred.

He was furious because Jiang Qisha, who came from the Holy Land of Martialism, forced them to this state. He felt hatred—hatred at his own inferiority. He could not even put up an iota of resistance, and could only watch as the ones closest to him, like himself, were being drawn into the black hole.

“Eggy, what should I do? Tell me what to do!” When all options were exhausted, Chu Feng asked Eggy for help.

“Chu Feng, don’t panic. From what I see, that black hole is only a Spirit Formation entrance. It seems more like a cage. He is only capturing, not killing,” Eggy reminded. But, in reality, this queen did not have much confidence either.

*bzz lalalala…* Just at that moment, the sound of chains rang out, and at the same time, golden radiance shone in all directions. Like a golden serpent, they wrapped around Chu Feng and the others, stopping them from being drawn into the black hole.

“Lady Piaomiao?” When they turned their heads around, the crowd rejoiced because they could see that the golden chain, engraved with complicated runes and markings, came from Lady Piaomiao. She had saved them.

However, at that moment, her complexion was very poor. One could see she was under great pressure due to the black hole.



Suddenly, the crowd cried out. They felt the suction power instantly increase, and even Lady Piaomiao couldn’t help taking a step forward. It didn’t seem that she would be able to hold on for long.

When they looked back, they saw Jiang Qisha standing on the spot, and gazing at them with a light smile. Although he did nothing to Lady Piaomiao directly, he was throwing one talisman after the other into the black hole.

Every time he threw one in, the black hole would enlarge by a bit. At the same time, the suction power would also double.

“Old granny, if you leave now you can still make it. If you don’t leave, however, beware my change of heart,” Jiang Qisha said indifferently. His tone contained strong confidence, as if keeping or release Lady Piaomiao was merely dependent on a whim.

*whoosh chachacha*


As expected, in front of the ever increasing black hole, the chains could not last. Many people started letting out painful cries.

“Lady Piaomiao, this won’t do. Even if you can prevent us from entering the black hole, the powerful suction power will not diminish because of that. If this continues, even if we don’t enter the black hole, our bodies will break by the suction power,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

She was correct. The suction power was too horrifying. If one resisted, they would face the powerful strength of the suction power. It was really too strong of a power, and likely many people here could not withstand the force. In the end, their bodies would be crushed and they would die.

“Lady Piaomiao, leave us! Go!” Chu Feng also spoke. His words came from the bottom of his heart.

After everything that had happened, he had a transparent understanding of the current situation. Jiang Qisha was too powerful, and his strength was definitely not as simple as what was shown. Lady Piaomiao was truly no match for him, and if the present circumstances continued, it would only bring Lady Piaomiao down with them. Rather than letting Jiang Qisha capture all them alive, why not just let Lady Piaomiao safely leave?

“No. I cannot leave any of you behind.” Lady Piaomiao gnashed her teeth, and at the same time, a hint of resolution flashed into her eyes.

Suddenly, an explosion rang out. A white light appeared within her body. In that instant, Lady Piaomiao’s aura increased significantly.

“Lady Piaomiao, you…” Qiushui Fuyan’s complexion changed greatly when she saw that.

“Master, don’t…” At the same time, Chun Wu and the others screamed.

“This feeling?” It was not only they who knew something was off. Even Chu Feng felt it. The power Lady Piaomiao released was too powerful. This was an abnormal situation.

Through sensitive detection power and the observation strength of the Heaven’s eyes, Chu Feng discovered the power Lady Piaomiao acquired demanded an even greater price than using Forbidden Medicine.

She was actually using a special Mysterious Technique to set ablaze her own life and cultivation. She was using her life and cultivation to save everyone.

“Master, leave us behind! Go!”

“Lady Piaomiao, you cannot do this for us!”

Chun Wu and the others cried. Even Qiushui Fuyan’s eyes went red. They clearly knew what it meant when Lady Piaomiao used this technique.

However, Lady Piaomiao completely ignored them. She muttered to herself, “Several hundreds of years of painstaking cultivation, all just to protect my dearest ones.

“The moment has come; I burn my body. If a man blocks, I kill that man. If a god blocks, I kill that god!”

After speaking, the white light burst. Like a sun, it lit up the world, instantly engulfing everything in its reach. Even the great army far away could see it in absolute clarity.

Not to mention the tens of millions of experts from the Immortal Execution Archipelago and the Three Great Monstrous Clans, even Murong Mingtian who was still fighting the white dragon tightly furrowed his brows. His complexion changed greatly, and he cried out, “She’s actually cultivated that Mysterious Technique?”