Chapter 913 - The Powerful Jiang Qisha

MGA: Chapter 913 - The Powerful Jiang Qisha

“Hmph. Arrogant. You better watch out.” Lady Piaomiao coldly snorted, then waved her other sleeve. Amidst a burst of ear-piercing cries, countless birds shot out from her sleeve, then surrounded and attacked Jiang Qisha.

This was the Mortal Taboo martial skill she used to slaughter the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s army earlier. However, this time, the densely packed mass of birds focused on one point, and surrounded only one person.

The might they exuded was truly terrifying. With merely a glimpse, the observers felt their scalp itch and chills go down their spines.

After Lady Piaomiao used that powerful Mortal Taboo martial skill, she did not continue attacking with the opportunity that emerged. Instead, she turned around, and used an extremely quick bodily martial skill. She became a strand of light and flew into the distance. Her plan was to leave this land.

“Don’t worry, I will let you go and give you a chance to take revenge. However, since I’ve made my move, naturally I won’t allow all of you to leave. Leave a few things behind first.”

However, Jiang Qisha merely smiled coldly at the birds. He flipped his palm, and a talisman appeared in his hand. He flicked his arm, and threw it out.

After that talisman left his hand, it rapidly swirled and started to change. In the end, it became an enormous black hole that stood vertical in the air. That black hole looked odd, and felt even stranger. It was truly like a hole that stretched out to infinity, and from it was the birth of boundless suction power.

*wu ya ya ya ya*

Regardless of the number of birds, they could not fight against the horrifying suction power. In the end, amidst ear-piercing cries, they were all drawn into the black hole.

“This brat…”

Even Lady Piaomiao’s complexion changed greatly. With astonishment, she discovered even her speed had significantly slowed after the emergence of the black hole. If her martial skill wasn’t powerful, then in this moment, she definitely would have been sucked in already.

“Senior, don’t leave so quickly, let’s have a longer chat!” At the same time, Murong Mingtian flew over with an odd smile on his face. He wanted to take that chance to deal with her.

“You want to stop me? It’s won’t be that easy.” Lady Piaomiao’s eyes glittered, then she waved her sleeve. The Royal Armament left her sleeve, and became a white dragon.

That white dragon had horns and claws, and even had sparkling white scales. With its enormous body and powerful aura, it flew in the air, and it was just like a real dragon.

*aoo—* The white dragon formed by white silk was very fierce. When it opened its mouth, it could even swallow the clouds. Its claws could rip through space itself, and as if it had intelligence, it fought Murong Mingtian, and stopped him.

*aoo—* Lady Piaomiao waved her sleeve gain, and another stream of white silk flew out. It too became a white dragon that attacked Jiang Qisha.

“Heh, interesting. I didn’t think in a place like this there would be a person who could create a pair of Royal Armaments.

“But sadly, something of this degree cannot stop me.” Jiang Qisha’s expression remained unchanging as he faced the fierce white dragon. He turned his wrist, and several talismans appeared.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* He flicked his arm, and the talismans were akin to arrows as they shot out in all directions, howling as they swished through the air. At the same time, golden Spirit Formation power flowed out from his body, and connected with all the talismans.

“Formation!” After finishing, Jiang Qisha lightly shouted. A blinding light flashed past, and the connected talismans became a materialized big net that enveloped the white dragon.

Afterwards, the net rapidly shrank. It became the size of the original talismans, and like a bun of talisman, it landed into Jiang Qisha’s hand.

Although the bun was shaking left and right, intensely struggling, the white dragon made by a Royal Armament had clearly lost any opportunity to fight Jiang Qisha. It was captured.

For two exact same Royal Armaments, one had easily stopped Murong Mingtian, while Jiang Qisha effortlessly subdued the other one. The difference of those two was enormous, and also sufficient to prove Jiang Qisha’s strength.

“Dammit. How does this brat possess such revolting techniques.” Lady Piaomiao’s expression turned for the worse when her Royal Armament was suppressed. However, she did not turn around and instead continued quickly flying forward.

However, Jiang Qisha clearly did not prepare to let Lady Piaomiao go. He threw out two talismans and stuck them underneath his shoe. He travelled dozens of miles in a step, and as he dashed with large strides, he was beginning to catch up to Lady Piaomiao with unbelievable speed.

“Cursed Soil Sect… So this is someone from the Holy Land of Martialism?”

Seeing Jiang Qisha, who did not give up and kept on using techniques he had never seen before, Chu Feng’s eyes flickered unstably. It was the first time he saw the methods of someone from the Holy Land of Martialism. One could say Jiang Qisha’s performance did not disappoint him, and instead even made him a bit surprised.

Chu Feng could tell the techniques Jiang Qisha grasped was reliant on the special talismans. He used those to strengthen himself, and no matter offense, or defense, or even speed, they all greatly rose due to the talismans.

Chu Feng even felt if it were a relative comparison of fighting strength, Jiang Qisha might even be stronger than him. Moreover, Jiang Qisha came from the Holy Land of Martialism, but that was all. It did not mean he was the strongest genius within the Holy Land of Martialism.

And if that were the case—that he wasn’t the strongest genius in the Holy Land of Martialism—what would the strongest be like? And how powerful were the experts of that land?

Perhaps… Martial Emperors, that were like legends in this world, were alive and of no shortage there?

Chu Feng couldn’t help but recall the words Jiang Qisha said to Lady Piaomiao before. Perhaps he was right: Even if Lady Piaomiao were to cultivate for several tens of thousands of years, perhaps she might not even be able to barge into his sect. It was like how the strongest in the continent of the Nine Provinces could not do much in the Eastern Sea Region.

The strength of Jiang Qisha made Chu Feng uneasy, because right now, he could very possibly block their road of life.

But at the same time, Jiang Qisha’s strength made Chu Feng excited. He looked even more forward to entering the Holy Land of Martialism. As they say, you become stronger when you meet the strong. Only the land abundant in experts was the true holy land for great change.

“Old granny! Today, I’ll let you off. However, leave them behind.”

While Chu Feng was in a daze, a voice suddenly rang out. Raising his head, he discovered Jiang Qisha had already caught up. Moreover, a talisman had left his hand. Like lightning, it landed onto Lady Piaomiao’s Cosmos Sack.


When the talisman struck its target, the Cosmos Sack actually exploded. It did not just forcibly break open the Cosmos Sack, even the formation containing Chu Feng and the others instantly broke.

In an instant, Chu Feng and the others all appeared in the air. They left Lady Piaomiao’s protection, and stood before Jiang Qisha.