Chapter 915 - Fighting to the Death

MGA: Chapter 915 - Fighting to the Death

Lady Piaomiao’s body was like the sun. The dazzling brilliance had nearly engulfed everything.

Those who were enveloped by the radiance could feel the power of the strongest person in the entire Eastern Sea Region.

Looking at the land shone upon by the brimming white light, the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago were uneasy. They didn’t dare to approach her, and they even backed away because they were all very afraid.

If Lady Piaomiao fought Jiang Qisha and won, that did not mean Jiang Qisha’s sole defeat. It also meant all of their defeat.


However, just at that moment, a speck of black appeared on the side of the white light. Moreover, the black speck was rapidly enlarging, and in the end, it stood up against the white light.

“Jiang Qisha?”

Those from the Immortal Execution Archipelago rejoiced because they could tell that the black speck was from the black hole. At that moment, there was an essential change in the black hole’s volume. The suction power it released simply reached the extremities of horror.

In front of the suction power, even the faraway clouds could not resist and were sucked in continuously. Even the white light itself was being sucked in.

Within a short moment, over half of the radiance emitted by Lady Piaomiao faded away, and other than some light still surrounding her body, there was only some that surrounded Chu Feng and the others via the Spirit Formation chain.

The white light was protecting them. Otherwise, they would have been torn apart by the horrifying suction power. However, at that very instant, the white light was very weak, and it was becoming weaker and weaker. It seemed it would disappear along with the rest.

“You…” Lady Piaomiao’s complexion was very unsightly. Right now, she was using a Forbidden Mysterious Technique to burn her life! Yet, even so, it still seemed insufficient against Jiang Qisha. This was the first time in her life that she tasted this feeling—powerlessness.

“Like I said, you can leave, but you should not even think of taking a single one of them.

“Don’t think I don’t mean my words. I, Jiang Qisha, am not a person who likes to speak lies.” He stood in the air, and looked at Lady Piaomiao with a light smile. His gaze seemed as if he were looking at an ignorant person.

Moreover, he even swept his gaze over Chu Feng, as though telling him what a real genius was.

Lady Piaomiao, however, put away her furious expression when Jiang Qisha gazed with such disdain. She wore a hint of a smile, and said, “You said I can’t even take a single person, but let me show you how I will bring them away.”

After speaking, Lady Piaomiao let out an even brighter radiance. Her aura once again soared.


She leapt forward. As her clothes fluttered, she rushed in Jiang Qisha’s direction with a boundless might.

“Heh, you want to put your life on the line and initiate counterattack? Let me see what strength you have.”

The smile on Jiang Qisha’s face did not diminish and instead increased, despite seeing the fiercely approaching Lady Piaomiao. He didn’t dodge, and instead, just stood on the spot, awaiting the arrival of her attack.



But when Lady Piaomiao passed by Chu Feng, her expression suddenly changed. Who would have expected her to hold out her hand, then grab Chu Feng? Then, as she rushed back, she held out another hand and grabbed Qiushui Fuyan.

After doing that, she didn’t even turn her head around and released all of the Spirit Formation chains, allowing Zi Ling and the others to be sucked into the black hole. Ignoring them completely, she fled into the distance.

“Hmph. You’re playing a trick like this? You underestimate me too much.”

A chilly glint appeared in Jiang Qisha’s eyes for a flash. He waved his big sleeve, and the black hole rapidly shrank. It became a talisman that landed into his hand. Then, he leapt forward and advanced with large strides, chasing after Lady Piaomiao.

*whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…* Jiang Qisha was extremely quick, and that horrifying speed was not even his limit. It was still rapidly accelerating.

However, Lady Piaomiao did not show any inferiority. The change within her body became stronger and stronger, and her face became thinner and thinner—however, her power also became fiercer and fiercer. At that moment, she had infinitely neared rank seven Martial King, and was even about to enter that realm.

“Chu Feng, is the distance still not enough?” Qiushui Fuyan loudly asked seeing Jiang Qisha persisting on his chase, and was even cutting the distance between them.

“It’s not enough. There’s still a bit more.” Chu Feng held the rune in his hand, his face also filled with graveness. He knew what this meant.

“It matters not. Today, I will bring you both safely away.” The resolution in Lady Piaomiao’s eyes became even stronger. She once again let out her boundless aura, and with a flash, she disappeared instantly. She was truly quick—so quick she flashed past the sky, and observers would simply not even see her shadow.

“Even if you burn yourself into ashes, you will not bring them away!”

Jiang Qisha’s gaze turned icy. His movement changed as he used a special bodily martial skill. Every step he took left an afterimage of a talisman. He was not even the slightest bit slower than Lady Piaomiao, who had burst forth.

“Dammit!” At that moment, Qiushui Fuyan was in desperation. Not only were her eyes red, tears had streamed down her face because she could feel Lady Piaomiao’s life rapidly flowing away. If this continued, it would likely lead to Lady Piaomiao’s death.

“Senior Qiushui.” However, just at that moment, Chu Feng’s voice suddenly rang out. She turned her head, and Qiushui Fuyan couldn’t help being taken back. She asked in confusion, “Chu Feng, what are you doing?”

At that instant, Chu Feng was holding out the rune to Qiushui Fuyan.

“I cannot just leave Zi Ling and the others behind,” Chu Feng said with a bit of shame.

“Have you become an idiot? Even if they are captured, it does not mean necessarily mean death to them. However, if you are captured, there is no doubt you will die.

“In fact, only if you successfully escape will Zi Ling and the others be safe. You are the person most feared by the Immortal Execution Archipelago. They are afraid you will take revenge on them after you develop in strength. Killing Zi Ling and the others mean they are cutting off their own lives.

“However, if they leave Zi Ling alive, they can threaten you,” Qiushui Fuyan said with a bit of irritation.


“There is no ‘but’! Right now, in order to save us two, Lady Piaomiao is burning her life! Even if we can safely escape this time, she will not have long to live. Do you have the heart to betray her kind intentions?” Qiushui Fuyan continued berating.

At that moment, Chu Feng tightly clenched one fist. There were unspeakable emotions in his heart. Afterwards, he raised his head, and looked at Lady Piaomiao. He discovered, at that moment, not only was she glowing in light, her complexion had aged quite significantly. She looked like a patient who was on the border of life and death—one that had already reached the end of their life.