Chapter 910 - White Silk Royal Armament

MGA: Chapter 910 - White Silk Royal Armament

At that moment, the bird cries rang out incessantly, and they were akin to the overture of death. Hearing that sound alone sent chills down everyone’s spines.

Those birds pierced through the army, and endlessly through the chests of the army. They brought away with them not only large amounts of blood, but also their lives.

“Dammit! This Taboo martial skill is too powerful. We cannot stop it. Ancestor, what should we do?” At that moment, Murong Niekong tightly furrowed his brows. Although he, as a rank five Martial King, was powerful, he stood no chance against Lady Piaomiao.

In reality, not to mention him, even if were Murong Mingtian he could only stop a large portion of the birds—but not all. So, that was why the entire army was submerged in chaos.

“When capturing bandits, capture the leader first. As the head of a sect, you don’t even understand such basic logic,” Jiang Qisha suddenly said.

At that moment, in his hands was the closed thick ancient book—the one before that opened the enormous doors. He had put away the formation already, and was looking at Murong Mingtian and the others with a smile.

“Jiang Qisha, you intentionally let her escape, right?” Murong Mingtian’s eyes glittered, a hint of suspicion emerging.

His Formation of Multitudinous Talismanic Soldiers could even dodge the Immortal Sword Formation’s swords and thus attack the defensive formation. Even if it could not stop Lady Piaomiao’s attacks, it shouldn’t have been broken through so quickly. As such, Murong Mingtian knew it was intentional—Jiang Qisha intentionally released Lady Piaomiao.

“I am only responsible for breaking open this formation. I never said I would help you deal with that old granny.” Jiang Qisha smiled and didn’t even deny his suspicions. Instead, he very calmly put away the ancient book.

“Hoh, don’t think we’re helpless without you.” Murong Mingtian coldly smiled, then leapt forth and rose into the air. He flew in Lady Piaomiao’s direction.

Murong Mingtian had made his move. He, as a rank six Martial King, had an aura no weaker than Lady Piaomiao. He flipped his palm, and a three-foot azure blade appeared within his hands.

The azure sword looked very normal, but when it appeared, the atmosphere started fluctuating. An overlord’s pressure descended from the sky, and even Murong Mingtian’s fighting strength increased by several times—that was a Royal Armament.

“Illusory Sword Technique!”


When the Royal Armament was brought out, Murong Mingtian immediately started attacking. As he pointed his sword at Lady Piaomiao, a white light shot out. It became an extremely enormous and powerful sword of light. It jabbed towards Lady Piaomiao—it too was also a Mortal Taboo martial skill.

Although they were both Mortal Taboo martial skills, Murong Mingtian’s was clearly even stronger than Lady Piaomiao’s.

First of all, the one he cast focused only on a single point, which meant the Mortal Taboo martial skill’s power was concentrated and strengthened. Furthermore, and the most important part, the power of his Royal Armament had merged with his Taboo martial skill.

Royal Armaments had always been made for Martial Kings. Only in their hands could their true destructive power be shown in their entirety. Typically speaking, when a Martial King had a Royal Armament, they could destroy everything within a region. The martial skill itself didn’t matter much when compared to the power acquired from the Royal Armament.

However, after Murong Mingtian took out his Royal Armament, he cast a Mortal Taboo martial skill on top of it. That power was naturally devastating, and it far surpassed Lady Piaomiao’s own Taboo martial skill.

“Murong Mingtian, you were disloyal to your master, killed your ancestors, betrayed the place that raised you, and today, you even dare to bring an army to attack the Misty Peak! You have done all possible sinful and unrighteous things. Today, I will avenge my seniors and juniors, and kill you, who has gone completely mad.”

Upon seeing Murong Mingtian’s attack, Lady Piaomiao was not afraid in the slightest. She waved her sleeve, and white silk shot out from her sleeve.

When it appeared, it rapidly enlarged. Like a python covering and coiling around the sky itself, it surrounded Murong Mingtian’s Mortal Taboo martial skill.

That made the crowd shocked, but the most shocking scene still hadn’t come yet. The white silk suddenly shrank, and after a boom, it shattered the materialized Illusory Sword Technique.

“How is this possible? The Mortal Illusory Sword Technique cast by Ancestor is a peak martial skill! This level of an attack can cut through everything! How could it be shattered so easily?” Murong Xun felt very confused.

“That is not just simple white silk—it’s a Royal Armament. However, Lady Piaomiao intentionally concealed its Royal Armament aura. In reality though, her power has already been increased,” Murong Niekong explained.

“But, even if it is a Royal Armament, it shouldn’t destroy his Illusory Sword Technique so easily! After all, it was created by him using the power from the Royal Armament!” Murong Xun still felt it to be inconceivable.

“This…” Murong Niekong was also taken aback. He didn’t know how to explain.

“An idiotic question.” Just at that moment, the young man Jiang Qisha from the Holy Land of Martialism lightly smiled. His smile was even brimming with ridicule.

“What are you saying?” Murong Xun asked a bit displeasedly.

“Both hold in their hands a Royal Armament, yet she’s able to destroy your ancestor’s attack with the Royal Armament’s power alone. Do you not know what that means?

“That means the old granny’s strength is superior to your ancestor’s! It seems that this time, he’s in danger because he’s simply inferior to that old granny,” Jiang Qisha said.

“Nonsense! My ancestor has cultivated for nearly a thousand years. His strength is powerful, and even a rank seven Martial King may not defeat him! How could he not defeat Lady Piaomiao?!” Murong Xun was enraged. He simply could not accept others talking about his ancestor in such a manner.

“Do not speak to me with that tone. Has your ancestor not told you that?” At that moment, although Jiang Qisha’s expression was unchanged, there was a hint of killing intent that flashed within his gaze.

*ta ta ta* After seeing that, Murong Xun’s complexion changed greatly. He took several steps back, and nearly tripped and fell from the sky

“Xun’er, do not be impolite.” Murong Niekong quickly helped Murong Xun up, then pretended to strictly berate, “Quickly apologize to Lord Jiang Qisha.”

The crowd was taken aback by his action. They were confused as to why the great master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, a rank five Martial King, feared Jiang Qisha in such a way.

Murong Xun, who was furious before, stopped moving. After standing himself stably, he quickly clasped his fists and bowed, saying very respectfully, “This little one has been disrespectful. I ask for your forgiveness, milord.”

He did not dare to refuse to apologize, because in the instant he met Jiang Qisha’s gaze, he saw a single word: death.

He was too terrifying. He was simply the most terrifying existence he had met up until now. Even Murong Xun, who was arrogant and wild, didn’t dare to put up any haughty airs. Even though Jiang Qisha was younger than him, Murong Xun had no choice but to admit the young man who came from the Holy Land of Martialism was really too horrifying.