Chapter 909 - Lady Piaomiao Showing Her Might

MGA: Chapter 909 - Lady Piaomiao Showing Her Might

Chu Feng and the others didn’t dare to hesitate as they quickly stepped into that circle.

After they all entered, Lady Piaomiao rapidly made hand gestures, then with the wave of her big sleeve, a Spirit Formation with countless runes appeared, enveloping them all.

*hmm* However, when the Spirit Formation was finished, the runes within the formation quickly swirled like light. As they did, the Spirit Formation materialized and became a sack filled with runes.

*whoosh* After it became a sack, Lady Piaomiao then made an astonishing action: she took out her Cosmos Sack, and as the runes glowed and swirled, the Spirit Formation that held Chu Feng and the others was put into her Cosmos Sack.

When they witnessed that scene, not to mention bystanders, even Chu Feng and the others were shocked. Living beings could not be put into a Cosmos Sack, yet Chu Feng and the others were clearly all living organisms. That shouldn’t be possible.

The reason it could was obviously because of Lady Piaomiao’s Spirit Formation.

Most importantly, after they entered the Cosmos Sack, they could even clearly see everything through it. One had to admit that Lady Piaomiao’s technique really was powerful. Even Chu Feng admired it quite a bit.

“Lady Piaomiao, save us! Lady Piaomiao, save us!”

After seeing Chu Feng and the others taken into the Cosmos Sack, the elders who were responsible for guarding the Misty Peak panicked. Many of them quickly ran up to Lady Piaomiao, then knelt and kowtowed.

They could tell that she didn’t prepare to bring them away. However, without Lady Piaomiao protecting them, as her subordinates, they were dead once the army broke through the defensive formation.

“At first, when you came to the Misty Peak, you had sworn to live and die with the Misty Peak’s existence. Today, the Misty Peak will perish. Are you now planning to abandon your oaths?” Lady Piaomiao coldly questioned.

“Lady Piaomiao, spare us! Lady Piaomiao, spare us! We don’t want to die just like this! We still want to follow you! Please bring us with you!”

After hearing Lady Piaomiao’s words, a small portion of them stopped begging and stood up, returning to their original positions. However, there was still a large portion of people who were still kowtowing and begging, hoping they would have a chance of survival.

From that, it could be seen when faced with death, these elders who had lived for many years could throw away dignity for life.

*whoosh* When she saw that, Lady Piaomiao swung her finger and drew a circle on the ground.

“Thank you, Lady Piaomiao! Thank you, Lady Piaomiao!” The ones begging quickly climbed up and ran into that circle.

*boom* But who would have thought before they were able to, Lady Piaomiao waved her big sleeve and blew back all of them. They coughed up blood, and they were pale. Lady Piaomiao had heavily injured them.

“Only in the crucial moment of peril will true loyalty show itself. You cowardly ones are unworthy to continue following me. Remain here and perish.”

Lady Piaomiao waved her sleeve again, and actually brought those who did not or stopped begging into the circle, then cast another formation, taking those people into the Cosmos Sack as well.

After doing all that, Lady Piaomiao abruptly turned around, cast her fierce gaze at the army of millions outside the Misty Peak, and shouted, “No matter who it is, those who dare to invade my Misty Peak will die by my hands!”

*boom rumble rumble rumble*

After she spoke, the Immortal Sword Formation and defensive formation were instantly deactivated, and at that instant, Lady Piaomiao shot out like light.

However, she did not only escape. Instead, she waved her sleeve and released a boundless Martial power.

*wu ya ya ya ya—*

When the Martial power was sent out, it became countless peculiar birds. They were very beautiful, but had very odd appearances. Moreover, they were extremely ferocious. They were like millions of arrows—as they let out ear-piercing cries, they flew everywhere and even cut into space itself, causing black curves in air to appear.

Even the powerful talismanic monsters were unable to stop the flying birds’ attack as they were all pierced through. The birds were even more powerful than the golden swords from the Immortal Sword Formation.

“This might… It’s a Mortal Taboo martial skill. Lady Piaomiao can actually cast it so casually despite its difficulty?” At that moment, Chu Feng, who was in the Cosmos Sack, had a face of amazement. He was stunned by Lady Piaomiao’s technique.

*boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…*

However, the talismanic monsters were clearly no pushovers. After the Immortal Sword Formation and defensive formation were deactivated, all of them flew towards Lady Piaomiao and surrounded her. However, before they went up close, they suddenly exploded. They wanted to blur Lady Piaomiao’s vision by the violent energy shock waves, thus creating an opening which could be exploited to bring her a fatal strike.

“That brat’s this powerful? So this is the power of the Holy Land of Martialism?”

Seeing the horrifying shock waves brought by the monsters’ continual explosions, the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago and the Three Great Monstrous Clans had shocked faces. They could feel the horrifying shock waves generated by the countless explosions. Not to mention a Martial Lord, even a typical Martial King would die within.

*wu ya ya ya ya ya*

However, in spite of all that, amidst the shock waves that covered the entire sky, ear-piercing cries of birds rang out once again. At the same time, the countless strange birds, with a terrifying might, flew towards the army. They had passed through the surrounding attacks of the talismanic monsters, and had prepared to engage in a counterattack.

“Everyone, be careful! Lady Piaomiao is preparing to attack!”

The chiefs of the Three Great Monstrous Clans and Murong Niekong all tightly furrowed their brows. They gave a warning to the surrounding crowd nearly at the same time while their faces were filled with graveness. Not a single one of them dared to underestimate their enemy.

They knew very well who they were up against—Lady Piaomiao, one of the strongest persons in the entire Eastern Sea Region.

*wu ya ya ya ya**

However, they had still underestimated Lady Piaomiao’s technique. When the army had made all preparations, the bird cries once again rang out. Nearly everyone was stupefied when they looked.

They saw the dense body of birds stack atop one another like a cloud. The amount was simply inestimable.

Furthermore, at that very instant, they were rapidly spreading, surrounding them all. With an unbelievable speed, they flew towards the army.

“Lay a Spirit Formation, stop the attacks!” Under Murong Niekong’s command, the experts from the alliance of powers attacked at the same time to defend against Lady Piaomiao’s Mortal Taboo martial skill.

*wu ya ya ya ya*

However, the strange birds were really too fast. They were not only large in numbers, their flying direction was very cunning as well. Even though the many Martial Kings had sent out their own counterattacks, they were unable to stop them all.

*pu pu pu pu pu pu*

In the end, the birds were still able to break through their defenses and entered their ranks. Along with their entry was the endless appearance of blood, and the continuous shrieks of pain. A massacre had accompanied their arrival, and in just a blink, several tens of thousands of people had died within the army of tens of millions.

One after the other, spirited lives had become corpses lacking of awareness. They all fell from the sky.

And these—these were the consequences of invading the Misty Peak.