Chapter 911 - Tearing down the Bridge after Crossing the River

MGA: Chapter 911 - Tearing down the Bridge after Crossing the River

*boom boom boom boom*

In the sky, Murong Mingtian was in a battle with Lady Piaomiao.

Two rank six Martial Kings, both wielding Royal Armaments, were exchanging attacks back and forth. There was no end to their usage of powerful martial skills and fierce attacks. Their might was too ferocious; even the alliance of armies couldn’t help backing away, afraid of being swept into the violent shock waves and losing their lives.

Even though the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s army avoided Lady Piaomiao’s slaughter because of Murong Mingtian, at that very moment, they were tightly furrowing their brows.

The battle between two rank six Martial Kings was frightening and devastating. No matter speed, or power, a typical person was no match for either. Many people watching couldn’t even see their attacks clearly. They could only see the violent shock waves exploding, and spreading throughout the sky.

However, they were no fools. After a brief exchange of blows, they discovered, as Jiang Qisha said, Murong Mingtian really was no match for Lady Piaomiao.

Even in the instant they started fighting, Lady Piaomiao was the one who took the advantage and continued suppressing Murong Mingtian. Moreover, the level of suppression became clearer and clearer. He now looked as if he would be defeated soon.

Everyone felt trepidation when they saw this. Murong Mingtian, in their eyes, was the only existence who could fight off Lady Piaomiao. If something were to happen to him, one could imagine what situation they would be faced with—they could recall Lady Piaomiao’s horrifying strange birds.

Such a powerful person like Lady Piaomiao could not be defeated by numbers alone. It wouldn’t matter how many people they had. In front of Lady Piaomiao, they were no more than ants. If she wanted to kill them, she would, and it would require no effort.

Fear permeated everyone’s hearts. Uneasiness splattered across their faces. Lady Piaomiao’s power had surpassed their imagination.

Before, when the Crippling Night Demon Sect still ruled the Eastern Sea Region, when the might of the sect head stunned the world, there was nearly no one who could defeat the head of the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

However, back then, someone had said Lady Piaomiao was the sole person who was roughly equal to the sect head. Many people didn’t believe that, but now, today, they do.




Just at that moment, the endless explosions rang out again. At the same time, layers upon layers of uncontrollable shock waves burst out. Although, because of distance, the shock waves were harmless, the hurricanes that arose because of the shock waves were fiercely striking.

With a surging might, the huge wave of gale dashing through the air pounced at the army.

“This isn’t good.” Murong Niekong and the chiefs of the Three Great Monstrous Clans had a great change in expression. They were aware of how bad things were. They quickly laid Spirit Formations and defensive martial skill to stop the gales.

“Ahhhh—” However, the gales were simply too quick. Before they even finished constructing their defenses, they had arrived.

No one, with the exception of Martial Kings, could stop the fierceness of the hurricanes. The army of tens of millions were like little fishes struck by a huge wave. Amidst bursts of shouts, they were rolling and staggering due to the wind, and they thus scattered about.

In just an instant, all the experts gathered by the Immortal Execution Archipelago and the Three Great Monstrous Clans were in absolute chaos.

“Heavens, this…”

However, when Murong Niekong and the others cast their gazes back at the battlefield between Murong Mingtian and Lady Piaomiao, panic emerged on their already uneasy complexions.

At that moment, the berserk shock waves had dispersed, and in the distant sky, they could see two people fighting it out.

The white silk within Lady Piaomiao’s sleeve covered the immense sky. It looked as if it were formed by the vast sea of clouds, yet also looked like a white dragon that flew within the sky. Not only was it ferocious, its might was terrifying.

On the other hand, although Murong Mingtian, with the three-foot azure sword in hand, had undiminished might, there were traces of red on his golden robe. There were even frightening wounds on his aged face and his hand which held the Royal Armament. He had actually been injured.

“Lord Jiang Qisha, please lend my ancestor a hand!” Murong Niekong cast his pleading gaze towards Jiang Qisha upon seeing the disheartening circumstances.

The chiefs from the Three Great Monstrous Clans felt confused at Murong Niekong’s words, but from his sincere attitude, they were able to see a bit of his plan.

In the Eastern Sea Region, Chu Feng’s fighting strength had already thrown away common sense. He was titled as a genius, and could even fight those above his level and defeat those three ranks above himself.

Since there was such a monster within the Eastern Sea Region, then in such a mystical land as the Holy Land of Martialism, perhaps there were many similar people to Chu Feng. Perhaps this Jiang Qisha was a genius like him as well.

Their suspicions were further confirmed when they recalled the formation he laid earlier. He didn’t even need them, Martial Kings, to do anything. Using only the power of Martial Lords, he broke through the indestructible defensive formation. Recalling all that, they were more certain that this young man called Jiang Qisha was extraordinary as well.

So, perhaps, he could truly become the crucial existence to save them.

“What benefit is there to save your ancestor?” Jiang Qisha did not do anything after hearing Murong Niekong’s words. Instead, he asked him a question with a smile. Within his smile, there was deep meaning—he truly wanted some sort of gain.

“What are you saying? We are in an alliance! It is completely reasonable for you to help out, and you want some benefit? Could it be… after borrowing our power to destroy this defensive formation, you feel that there is no use to us anymore, and want to dispose of us?!” The Fifth Immortal of the Immortal Execution Archipelago could finally take it no more. He could not tolerate Jiang Qisha’s arrogant attitude.

“Shut up.” Murong Niekong quickly yelled at the Fifth Immortal, afraid he would offend Jiang Qisha.

“It’s nothing. He’s very correct. Right now, I do feel that none of you retain any value. If I want to dispose of you, what can you do to me?” However, what no one expected was Jiang Qisha to admit the Fifth Immortal’s words.

Moreover, as he spoke, he swept his squinted gaze over the crowd. A hint of chilliness glinted in his eyes.

At that instant, no one could remain calm anymore. They couldn’t help but back away and kept a certain distance from Jiang Qisha. They even hiddenly used Martial power to put themselves in the optimal fighting condition.

At that moment, not only did Murong Niekong have a distorted expression, the chiefs from the Three Great Monstrous Clans were the same. Their eyes glittered unceasingly. There was fury, yet also fear.

At that moment, he had already stated his words so clearly. No matter who it was, they would not be able to remain collected, especially when Jiang Qisha origin was so special, and his background and strength were powerful. If he had finished using them, and truly killed them all to take all the benefit for himself, then a disaster was truly heading their way.