Chapter 904 - Madness

MGA: Chapter 904 - Madness

“Senior, you are truly smart. However, it seems to be a bit too late discovering that now.” Murong Mingtian’s face was one of smugness.

“Hoh, actually, when the Immortal Execution Archipelago first appeared, I had my doubts. However, I was certain you had already died, so I didn’t make an investigation. I didn’t expect that you were alive, and have even lived this long,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“Haha, the reason I’m able to live this long is all because of my own ability. Really, so what if you had doubts? From what I know of you, without any evidence, you wouldn’t have attacked a force that was just created.

“My plans were also meticulously thought through as well. No one would have been able to discover any relation between me and the Immortal Execution Archipelago. Besides, so what if you discovered there was? At most, you would have just destroyed the Immortal Execution Archipelago and killed my heirs.

“However, as long as you didn’t find me, I could just change my appearance and rise again like the sun from the eastern mountains. If I want to create a power, who can stop me?” Murong Mingtian appeared extremely proud, and his tone was very overbearing.

“Haha, heir? Master had already cut off that place with a seal. Where would the heir come from?” After hearing the word “heir”, Lady Piaomiao suddenly started laughing—it was a very mocking laugh.

As she laughed, she even looked at Murong Niekong and sneered, “Murong Niekong, oh Murong Niekong, you wouldn’t truly think this Murong Mingtian is your Murong family’s ancestor, right?

“I don’t mind telling you that he’s just a useless person who can’t even copulate! How could he possibly bring you up?”

“Shut up! Do not insult my ancestor!” After hearing Lady Piaomiao’s words, Murong Niekong, Murong Xun, and the other people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago were furious.

“She’s correct. It has indeed been cut off by a seal by my master back in the day, so I prevents me from ever recreating it. Right now, I do indeed lack the ability to reproduce. That’s not something I won’t admit. It happened, so it happened. I don’t feel that it’s any sort of shame.”

However, unexpectedly, Murong Mingtian did not feel any indignity at Lady Piaomiao’s words. Instead, he quite frankly admitted them.

“Ancestor, you…” At that moment, Murong Niekong and the others all felt shock. Clearly, they could not accept this fact.

“Even though you are not my own offspring, you are the successors I’ve raised. In my heart, you are my sons. Everyone in the Immortal Execution Archipelago is my successor. You are all my sons and daughters!” Murong Mingtian said sanguinely.

“Ancestor! Ancestor! Ancestor! Ancestor! Ancestor!!” At that instant, everyone from the Immortal Execution Archipelago cheered loudly together. Some even shed tears in passion.

“Senior, do you feel no shame by humiliating me with this? Have you forgotten this happened all because of you?” Suddenly, Murong Mingtian looked at Lady Piaomiao furiously.

Murong Mingtian’s words spread his rage towards the members of the Immortal Execution Archipelago. They loudly yelled:

“Kill Lady Piaomiao, flatten the Misty Peak, avenge our ancestor!”

“Kill Lady Piaomiao, flatten the Misty Peak, avenge our ancestor!”

The word “avenge” resounded endlessly. The true goal of the Immortal Execution Archipelago was now shown.

Even though Lady Piaomiao and Murong Mingtian hadn’t talked about much, everyone drew some information from their conversation.

It seemed that this person called Murong Mingtian was truly Lady Piaomiao’s junior. He was the same as her—a disciple of the previous guardian of the Misty Peak. And, for some reason, his “root of life” was severed by the previous guardian, and he thus lost the ability to reproduce.

That person retained a heart of hatred, and after leaving the Misty Peak, he established the Immortal Execution Archipelago. Although everyone knew the creator of the Immortal Execution Archipelago was Murong Longcheng, it was clear this Murong Mingtian was its true creator.

The previous masters of the Immortal Execution Archipelago were no more than puppets. They had always listened to this person’s orders, and it was likely Murong Niekong, whose name spread throughout the Eastern Sea Region, was also a puppet.

Murong Mingtian had controlled the Immortal Execution Archipelago so many years in the dark, and expanded it from a nameless little force into the overlord of the Eastern Sea Region. Moreover, for several hundred years, no one discovered his existence. From that, one could see how impressive he was.

That was especially evident from his words before: he didn’t deny the fact he lost his thing, and instead admitted it truthfully.

On the surface, that appeared like a very idiotic action, but he had successfully inflamed the anger of the Immortal Execution Archipelago as they faced the Misty Peak. That was truly something quite impressive.

Even though there were a few things the crowd could not confirm, and there were still some inside stories unknown, they still understood a truth.

The Immortal Execution Archipelago had gathered so many experts at this place not just for a simple action as killing Chu Feng. Their true goal was, in reality, to take revenge on the Misty Peak.

“As I thought, it’s him. He’s the person who harmed my master. I didn’t think this old thing was still alive.” At that instant, Chun Wu came to a realization. She gritted her teeth with a face of fury.

“Senior Chun Wu, who is that person? Can you tell me?” Chu Feng asked with mental messaging after pulling her to the side.

“Junior Chu Feng, this person is definitely the most inhuman bastard in the world. Back in the day, he and Master entered the Misty Peak together. He has always drooled over the position of the Misty Peak’s guardian, and even thought he was the only person who could continue this position.

“However, when my ancestor’s life neared the end, she suddenly announced to the Misty Peak that only a female could inherit the position of guardian. That made Murong Mingtian furious, and he revealed his animalistic side.

“He actually put poison into my ancestor’s and other elders’ belongings. My ancestor had powerful cultivation, so after being poisoned, she only passed out temporarily. However, since the others didn’t have as great as a cultivation, they died.

“Luckily, my master was testing a cure that day, and since she hadn’t used it, not much harm was dealt to my master.

“At that time, Murong Mingtian thought he had succeeded. So, he took my ancestor’s Spirit Formation key, entered the Misty Peak’s forbidden land, and took away a Forbidden Mysterious Technique my ancestor believed was a taboo to cultivate.

“Afterwards, Murong Mingtian, who had gone mad, even prepared to release the sealed demon. Luckily, my master stopped him and only then was a crisis averted.

“However, since there was still poison in my master’s body, her cultivation was restricted and she wasn’t able to defeat Murong Mingtian. Because of that, he actually…” After saying all that, Chun Wu started to sob. Tears rolled down her cheek—she actually started to cry.

“Senior Chun Wu, what did he do?” Chu Feng asked after wiping away Chun Wu’s tears. He knew Murong Mingtian must have done something heartless to Lady Piaomiao.