Chapter 903 - Lady Piaomiao's Junior

MGA: Chapter 903 - Lady Piaomiao's Junior

“I truly didn’t expect Lady Piaomiao’s strength to have reached such a level! This is truly worthy of celebration!”

Seeing the horrifying aura surging in the air, the people within the Misty Peak all felt ecstatic, especially so for Dong Xue, Xia Yu, and the others whose faces had been brimming with fear. At that moment, they were the ones who smiled the most happily, because they themselves did not expect their master to be this powerful.

A rank six Martial King—that was definitely the peak power in the Eastern Sea Region. Numbers could not bring them an advantage when facing a rank six Martial King.

So, they felt that not only was the Misty Peak guarded, the army of tens of millions who were invading had a disaster heading their way.

A rank six Martial King definitely had the strength to massacre them.

*boom* However, just as they felt the outcome to be determined, an explosion erupted in the sky. Following that explosion, another boundless aura emerged, surging over.

That aura was very strong—it was actually able to fight Lady Piaomiao’s without any signs of inferiority. In the end, it repelled Lady Piaomiao’s aura.

The aura of a rank six Martial King being repelled by another person. There was only one explanation for that—the person the aura belonged to was also a rank six Martial King.

“This… How is this possible? There’s another rank six Martial King?” Xia Yu and Dong Xue who were full of smiles before now turned ashen.

They were not the only ones who had such a reaction. Almost everyone felt greatly surprised. If Lady Piaomiao’s cultivation reaching rank six Martial King was something they could accept, then they had absolutely no clue who else could reach that realm within the Eastern Sea Region.

“As I thought, you’ve hidden an expert. Since you’ve here, don’t hide yourself anymore. Come out. Let me know who is concealed within this army.”

Although Lady Piaomiao also felt surprised, there weren’t many changes in her expression. She remained collected, and had spoken with a powerful voice.

“I didn’t expect you to still be this oppressing, even though we haven’t seen each for so many years!” Just at that moment, a raspy, aged, and “smiling” voice rang out in the sky. Looking over to the its origin, they saw the air in front of Murong Xun ripple, and an old man then appeared out of nowhere.

That old man wore a golden robe, and there was even radiance that shone from it. He was quite gorgeously dressed up, and it was even nobler than the clothes of the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s master, Murong Niekong.

However, that old man was really too old. His head was bare—there were merely a few strands of white hair. They swayed with the wind, and it was quite an ugly appearance, but he allowed the white hair to remain on his head, unwilling to remove them.

Then, when one’s gaze lowered onto his face, they would see he was truly all skin and bones. No, to be more precise, his skin had left the bones. There were wrinkles all over his face, his skin lacking the slightest bit of elasticity. His skin was loose, and simply looked as if it would fall off his face at any second.

At that moment, the old man was smiling—grinning, actually. Those with sharp eyes could see there wasn’t even a single tooth in his mouth. From that, they could really tell he was a person about to die.

At that moment, as he stood in the air, the first feeling he gave others was represented by five words: on the verge of collapse.

He was truly on the verge of collapse, because his body, from the surface, looked too weak. It was even a miracle he was able to stand in the air, and some even felt his entire being would crumble by a huge gale.

However, when that old man appeared at this time, no one dared to be careless because clearly, he was the rank six Martial King who drove off Lady Piaomiao’s aura.

After that old man appeared, no matter the Three Great Monstrous Clans, or the people from the Misty Peak, they were all taken aback because in their eyes, there was a word that appeared: foreign.

They had no clue who that old man was. Not a single person recognized him. Yet, how could a person with such strength be not known?

“We greet Ancestor!” Just as guesses were thrown around as to who that old man was, the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s army, with Murong Niekong’s lead, orderly half-knelt on the ground, and greeted the old man.

“Ancestor? When did an ancestor appear in the Immortal Execution Archipelago? Who is this person?”

At that instant, other than the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, nearly everyone else had faces full of shock—even the ones from the Three Great Monstrous Clans. They couldn’t recall when there had ever been an ancestor-level person in the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

Before today, they had never heard about a person like him in the Immortal Execution Archipelago. They had never seen this ancestor!

“Murong Mingtian, it’s you?” Lady Piaomiao, however, slightly furrowed her brows, in contrast to the crowd’s bewilderedness. Her eyes lit up; she clearly knew who he was.

“Senior, I didn’t think you would still recognize me even though I look like this now. My heart truly feels warm.

“But sadly, time flows too quickly. In a blink, several hundred years have passed. Senior, your elegance has gone, and as for me, I am also a person about to die. How sorrowful. How pitiful,” Murong Mingtian said with a faint smile.

“What? Senior? She’s calling Lady Piaomiao senior? What exactly is happening?”

“Where did this Murong Mingtian come from? Why have I never heard of him?”

“Yeah! I know all the generations of experts from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, but I have never heard of this person called Murong Mingtian, nor have I never seen him. How did he become the ancestor of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, and how does he have such terrifying strength?

“Not only that, I have also never heard she has a junior! Several hundred years ago, she had inherited the position of the Misty Peak’s guardian. If she truly has a junior, doesn’t it mean he too has lived for nearly a thousand years?” After hearing how Murong Mingtian called Lady Piaomiao, everyone felt even more puzzled.

“Hoh, I see. In the end, it was you who made this Immortal Execution Archipelago.

“No wonder it rose so quickly in power after the Burning Heaven Church relocated. It must have been you who’s always been controlling in the dark, right?

“But that does make sense. If it were you who covertly removed those inimical forces, it would have proved no difficulty. However, I didn’t expect you to hide yourself so deeply.” Lady Piaomiao smiled. She seemed to have understood everything.

However, Chu Feng discovered despite the serenity on the surface, Lady Piaomiao’s eyes were glittering with strong killing intent. Although she had concealed it quite well, Chu Feng still caught sight of it. One could thus tell she had a great hatred for that person.