Chapter 902 - King of All Kings

MGA: Chapter 902 - King of All Kings

The shout from several tens of millions was far more deafening than thunder. Even the air could not withstand the penetrating strength of such a noise as it endlessly trembled.

The army was in high spirits, as if their flames of desire for battle were completely ignited. They looked as if they were utterly prepared to initiate a battle—one that could stomp over anything.

When facing their unstoppable might, the people within the Misty Peak tightly frowned. They felt very uneasy. There were even many who couldn’t help backing away, their eyes filled with fear.

Within their shouts, they could feel their unhesitating resolution to fight. This time, they had truly came prepared. So, those from the Misty Peak were terrified.

They even started to suspect whether their Misty Peak’s defensive formation would truly hold up if this army of tens of millions were to start advancing.

What if all of them attacked at the same time? With Lady Piaomiao’s power, could she truly withstand that?

If the formation couldn’t hold up, and if Lady Piaomiao were defeated, then wouldn’t all of them die as well?

“Flatten the Misty Peak? You?!”

However, just at that moment, a voice filled with weight rang out. After that voice resounded, the trembling air started to violently rock. There were even cracks in the fabrics of space, as if it were about to collapse.

At the same time, the sea beneath surged. An enormous wave arose, and it could simply touch the sky.

A shock wave that could even flip the universe upside down broke out from that shout, bursting outwards from the Misty Peak.

In an instant, the army standing upright in the air could not stop such violent shaking. All of them rolled and fell, and there were even many who lost the ability to fly. They were akin to rain as they rained down from the sky, falling into the huge surging waves.

At that very moment, of the army of tens of millions, only Martial Kings could stand stably. Even the powerful Murong Xun tumbled in the air. They were all in quite a bruised state, and they did not look like an orderly army at all.

Everyone from the Misty Peak rejoiced because they all knew Lady Piaomiao had come.

As expected, when they turned their heads around, two people, from the depths of the Misty Peak, were walking slowly towards the entrance.

Of course, those two were Qiushui Fuyan and Lady Piaomiao.

*whoosh* After Lady Piaomiao appeared, Murong Niekong waved his big sleeve and released a burst of powerful aura.

That aura of a Martial King was very strong, and it had the power to calm everything. In the areas it passed, all the shaking subsided, and in the end, they were all suppressed.

But even so, no one dared to underestimate Lady Piaomiao. Instead, all of their faces were grave. With just a furious shout, she brought disorder throughout their entire army. Thus, they knew that Lady Piaomiao’s strength was no mere rumour. She was indeed the strongest person in the Eastern Sea Region.

“Lady Piaomiao, that was quite magnificent. This junior’s borders have been widened today.” After calming the disturbance, Murong Niekong slightly smiled, then put away his prior arrogance and quite humbly greeted Lady Piaomiao.

“Murong Niekong, you can discard this facade. Were you the one who said you were going to flatten my Misty Peak?” Lady Piaomiao coldly asked, her gaze fierce.

“I was indeed the one who said that, but there was a reason.

“That Chu Feng has killed countless members of my Immortal Execution Archipelago. He’s also taken away my son’s Royal Armament, taken away my son’s fiancée, and even killed the granddaughter of my archipelago’s First Immortal, Ya Fei.

“The animosity my Immortal Execution Archipelago has with this child is irreconcilable. Lady, you truly shouldn’t protect him,” Murong Niekong said.

“Hoh… I protect whoever I want to. No one can tell me otherwise. However, all of you, listen up. I will remember those who have come to invade my Misty Peak.

“Inferno Divine Bird clan, Boulder Mutation Beast clan, Blood-Scale Monstrous Fish clan. You three clans are truly quite impressive! It’s one thing to ally with the Immortal Execution Archipelago to oppress others, but now you dare to oppress me! I will clean this debt with all of you in the future.”

Lady Piaomiao’s complexion was calm, but it was as if there were two sharp blades of icy air in her eyes. With a mere glance it made those who saw them feel bone-piercing iciness.


Lady Piaomiao was truly powerful. After she spoke, the people from the Three Great Monstrous Clans panicked. Even their chiefs tightly furrowed their brows and some uneasiness started glittering in their eyes. From such a reaction, even though they were a peak force that ruled over a part of this world, they still feared a superpower character such as Lady Piaomiao.

However, despite the fear, they did not retreat. As such, it could be seen that they did not come here for any righteous deed. They had truly made their decision.

“Haha, as expected of the one I respect. This is truly quite a terrifying might.

“However, Lady Piaomiao, although you are strong, do not underestimate us young ones. I spoke politely to you in respect that you’re a senior. But do not take advantage of your seniority and reject the face I offer. Don’t think we don’t have the ability to flatten your Misty Peak.

“I’ll say a few slightly unpleasant-sounding words: if we did not have this ability, we would not have come here today!” At that instant, Murong Niekong put away his smiles and revealed the demeanor of a king.

“Don’t think of just having a battle of words. If you think you have this ability, then go ahead. Try.” Lady Piaomiao’s gaze suddenly flickered and her indifferent expression instantly turned icy cold.


At the same time, her clothes started rapidly fluttering. An extremely boundless aura burst from her body.

When that aura emerged, space itself outside the Misty Peak collapsed. The areas touched upon by such aura turned pitch-black.

“This aura… She’s a rank six Martial King!”

After feeling that incomparably fierce aura, everyone’s expression changed greatly.

They could clearly feel Lady Piaomiao’s current realm of cultivation. The famous and powerful person who had lived for nearly a thousand years was a rank six Martial King. Her cultivation was even above the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s master.

At that instant, a commotion arose within the army of the Immortal Execution Archipelago and the Three Great Monstrous Clans. Fear visible by the naked eye appeared on many people’s faces.

In contrast to them though, the people from the Misty Peak had elated expressions. Even though they knew Lady Piaomiao was strong, they didn’t expect her to be this strong.

If a rank five Martial King was already the peak of the Eastern Sea Region’s experts, then a rank six Martial King was above all experts—a king of all kings.