Chapter 888 - Rage

MGA: Chapter 888 - Rage

“Crap! This Murong Xun intentionally retreated so he could secretly channel a Mortal Taboo martial skill!”

Nearly everyone from the Crippling Night Demon Sect had a great change in expression. They were drenched in sweat from terror, because from such a distance, the power of a Mortal Taboo martial skill was very horrifying. Chu Feng had nearly no chance to escape.

“Beautiful!” In contrast to their expressions, however, the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, and the two Protectors of the Inferno Divine Bird clan, brightened up and felt Murong Xun’s counterattack was magnificent.

“White Tiger Slaughtering Technique!”

But out of nowhere, just as they thought a disaster had fallen upon Chu Feng, he suddenly shouted and at the same time, pushed his palm forth. A tiger’s roar then rang out.

A white claw shot out of Chu Feng’s hand, and with terrifying might, collided into Murong Xun’s Illusory Sword Technique.

*boom rumble rumble rumble—*

When those two horrifying attacks clashed, they instantly transformed into a ferocious energy wave. The wave brought about chaos and swept through everything, immediately engulfing Chu Feng and Murong Xun.

At that instant, no matter if they were from the Immortal Execution Archipelago or the Crippling Night Demon Sect, all of them tightly furrowed their brows. Their nervousness reached the apex.

The wave of energy was really too horrifying. Chu Feng and Murong Xun were at the very center, so one could imagine the power they were up against.

Even though both of their attacks became an energy wave, and as such, the power from both the Illusory Sword Technique and the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique had been diminished greatly, an ordinary person could absolutely not survive from such a wave.

*swish* Just at that moment, a person suddenly shot out from the wave and landed onto a warship from the Immortal Execution Archipelago. It was Murong Xun.

However, at that moment, not only were his clothes in disorder, blood was everywhere on his body—he had been heavily injured. The hand grasping the Incomplete Royal Armament was injured especially horrendously: not only were his eerie white bones revealed, there weren’t even any signs of his flesh and blood. It was truly an unbearable sight to behold.


After Murong Xun escaped from the wave, it started to disappear. At that instant, everyone was able to get a clear view of Chu Feng’s position before he disappeared within the wave. A jade-green barrier had appeared, and Chu Feng was standing within it. His clothes were not only undamaged, he didn’t even have the slightest of wounds.

“Heavens! Both of them were clearly struck by that wave, yet Murong Xun is the one wounded bloodily right now while Chu Feng is uninjured at all! What exactly happened?”

After seeing Murong Xun’s pitiful state, then back to Chu Feng, whose clothes were unruffled, everyone was astonished. They couldn’t think of a reason for such a scene.

“Murong Xun, you think yourself to be skillful, but you don’t know I had already captured it all within my eyes when you were channeling your Mortal Taboo martial skill. Before you even made your move, I had already thought of a counter.

“Although my White Tiger Slaughtering Technique is a Secret Skill, I have not mastered it yet. There is still a gap between it and your Illusory Sword Technique. The reason I used it wasn’t to break through your Illusory Sword Technique by overwhelming power, but instead to destroy it, causing your Taboo martial skill and my Secret Skill to become an energy wave.

“In the instant the wave spawned, I had already used the Black Tortoise Armour Technique. As such, no matter the power of the wave, it would not harm me in any way.

“You, on the other hand, were different. You simply did not anticipate I too would send an attack in the instant you sent an attack, nor did you expect I would turn your Illusory Sword Technique into an energy wave.

“That’s why you simply could not react when the wave was created, nor did you have time to arrange any defensive measures. You could only face the wave, created by your Illusory Sword Technique and my White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, head-on.

“You want to play tricks with me? I’ve let you know what a true trick is.

“How is it, Murong Xun? Does it feel good to be injured by the martial skill you yourself sent?” Chu Feng wore a smile on his face. He explained to Murong Xun and everyone else in detail the process of what had occurred.

Chu Feng’s very action was undoubtedly slapping his face in front of everyone. He was telling all of them that Murong Xun thought he was being clever with his trick, but in reality, Chu Feng had already seen through all of his preparations.


After everything that had happened, other than the Immortal Execution Archipelago, everyone else couldn’t help deeply inhaling. They were thoroughly convinced by Chu Feng’s tactic.

The gap of three ranks between Chu Feng and Murong Xun was one thing, but after several confrontations, Chu Feng had always been superior to Murong Xun. He could not gain any sort of advantage from Chu Feng’s hands, as if his mind were read completely. He simply had no chance to speak of, and could only suffer again and again.

When the fight had progressed to its present state, there was not much meaning in continuing because everyone could tell that no matter aptitude, or strength, or strategy, Chu Feng was above Murong Xun.

Right now, the person with the title of the Eastern Sea Region’s number one genius was fated to change, because so long as Chu Feng existed, Murong Xun could not be worthy of such a title.

Right now, the person who truly deserved to be called the Eastern Sea Region’s number one genius was Chu Feng.

At least, in many people’s eyes, that title could not belong to anyone else other than Chu Feng.

“Sixth Immortal, didn’t you say the Immortal Execution Archipelago always stays true to its word?

“You’re preparing to release them? Or, are you only willing to release them when I beat your young master into a cripple?” Finally, Chu Feng cast his gaze towards the Sixth Immortal.

“This…” The Sixth Immortal’s expression changed when facing Chu Feng’s question. He had no clue how to respond.

He never would have expected Murong Xun to lose. He simply didn’t expect Chu Feng to suppress Murong Xun to such a pitiful state.

Looking at the current circumstances, Murong Xun was indeed no match for Chu Feng. Even if the contest continued, they would gain only more humiliation. There was simply no need to persist.

Yet, the Immortal Execution Archipelago had made so many painstaking preparations for today! How could they so easily release Chu Feng and the others?

However, there were so many people watching this. If he truly did not release them, that would mean he went back on his word. It was not good for such a thing to circulate amongst the populations.

Yet… they could not kill everyone who wasn’t a part of the Immortal Execution Archipelago just to conceal that secret.

After bringing them here, the Immortal Execution Archipelago did not continue restricting the observers’ freedom. That led to many people who didn’t wish to watch such a “good show” to leave.

So, it was impossible to hide what happened today. Sooner or later, it was going to spread throughout the Eastern Sea Region. He could not release them, yet he could not not release them. It was truly an extremely difficult conundrum.

“I have not been defeated yet!” Murong Xun suddenly shouted. At that moment, blood was all over his body, his complexion was ashen, but in his eyes, there was strong rage and bloodlust. The power of his bloodlust even twisted space itself nearby.

One had to admit that when they looked at Murong Xun, he did seem a bit scary. Everyone could feel the rage and bloodlust he felt—it was truly the last straw for the young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

However, Chu Feng was not afraid of Murong Xun, regardless of the anger he felt. Not only that, he even strode forth in the air, and as he walked towards Murong Xun, who was in a warship floating in the air, he said with a smile, “Murong Xun, oh Murong Xun. It seems that you are truly unwilling to give up until you are completely defeated. Since it’s like this, then I won’t hold myself back. This time, I will beat you until you beg for forgiveness.”