Chapter 887 - Comparison of Techniques

MGA: Chapter 887 - Comparison of Techniques

“I see. That boy called Chu Feng didn’t just combine two rank nine martial skills, he even combined a third martial skill—some sort of sound wave. That’s why it made the technique seemed so oddly loud. It made it seem like it was unstable, but it was actually all created by the martial skill.” Just at that moment, one of the Protectors of the Inferno Divine Bird clan spoke. It too seemed to see what had happened.

“What a skillful technique. In stealth, he merged a third martial skill into the two rank nine martial skills, and even we didn’t know about it. It seems that this boy called Chu Feng is truly not simple at all. Since he’s an enemy, no matter what, he must not leave today.” At the same time, the other Protector of the Inferno Divine Bird clan nodded. Moreover, strong killing intent emerged into its eyes.

After hearing their words, everyone understood why Murong Xun was in such a pathetic state even though they both used the same attack. It was all because of Chu Feng, who built on the existing technique and added in a sound wave martial skill amidst the two rank nine martial skills.

Although the sound waves didn’t deal much damage to Murong Xun, they made his clothes chaotic. They had to admit that Chu Feng’s techniques were truly quite skillful. At least, this counterattack towards Murong Xun was really too beautiful.

“Chu Feng, you despicable bastard! You dare to use such lowly methods! Today, I will cripple you!” Murong Xun was completely enraged. With the flip of his palm, the Incomplete Royal Armament he put away earlier reappeared within his hand. After it appeared, Murong Xun’s aura instantly soared.

“Don’t make it seem like you will let me go even if I did nothing to you. Regarding what kind of person you are, Murong Xun, do you not know yourself?” Chu Feng coldly smiled, then flipped his palm as well. He did not bring out the Royal Armament, and instead, took out his own Incomplete Royal Armament, the Dragon Marking Sword. Afterwards, without saying anything more, he fought Murong Xun.

*dang dang dang dang dang dang…*

*bang bang bang bang bang bang…*

The two, with Incomplete Royal Armaments in their hands, didn’t use any martial skills. Relying only on their own reactions and the most direct attacks, they started meeting force with force.

A large golden blade, and a long golden sword. When those two armaments clashed together, not only did they make ear-piercing sounds, they also brought out dazzling sparks. Every collision made a horrifying energy ripple which then spread in the air.

However, in the battle between two tigers, there would always be one wounded. No matter how close their strengths were, there would always be one stronger and one weaker.

At first, everyone even felt that in close combat with the Incomplete Royal Armament, Murong Xun would be the one with an advantage.

After all, what they were putting forth not only included cultivation aptitude, but it included more so fighting experience. In such a distance, for every single strike and move, there was no space for error. Otherwise, it would be disastrous.

Murong Xun had been cultivating for so long, and he had been in innumerable battles. Not to mention the younger generation, even many in the older generation were defeated by his hands. So, that was why they felt his fighting experience was bountiful, and he would gain an absolute advantage in close combat.

However, they quickly realized they were wrong. The Dragon Marking Sword in Chu Feng’s grasp was handled very skillfully, and it was extremely fierce. The profound sword strikes, the unexpected attacks, and the unpredictable patterns. In many areas, he was superior to Murong Xun.

In the close combat battle between two geniuses whose cultivations were three ranks apart, the strong and the weak was quickly decided. And, the strong was actually Chu Feng, who was three ranks weaker.

“I truly wouldn’t have dared to imagine this! If I hadn’t personally seen it, I truly wouldn’t have believed such a genius appeared in the Eastern Sea Region!” The eyes of the Water King lit up. He was deeply attracted by Chu Feng’s performance. He was convinced by his strength.

“Before, the Earth King and the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers praised this Chu Feng incessantly. I still had my doubts, when after seeing him today, he truly surpasses my expectations. His aptitude is indeed outstanding. He really is a rare genius.

“Moreover, he even dared to appear and save us when we fell into such a state of despair. He ignored the safety of his own life and jumped into this perilous hellhole. I can tell that he’s a very loyal child. It is truly our fortune to be able to recruit a young person such as him.” The Fire King also nodded in praise.

“This child must be protected. Even if we use everything, we cannot let him die for us and destroy his great future,” the Water King hiddenly sent.

The Fire King also nodded again, and returned, “My thoughts exactly. Such an excellent younger generation is the hope for our Crippling Night Demon Sect’s glory. Later on, if the Sixth Immortal or those two birds from the Inferno Divine Bird clan dare to interfere, I will use the Forbidden Flame Mysterious Technique, and put forth everything for an opportunity to let Chu Feng, Xuan Xiaochao, and the others escape.”

*boom boom boom*

Chu Feng did not know anything about their praises, and at that moment, he was using the skillful combination of the Dragon Marking Sword Technique and the Dragon Marking Sword to heavily oppress Murong Xun. As he did so, he did not forget to also mock him. “Murong Xun, aren’t you a bit too weak? Why do you only know how to retreat? You don’t know how to attack? This is too boring. Can’t you give me a bit of pressure?

“The grand number one genius is only a trash like this? Other than bullying those with weaker cultivation, what else can you do?”

“You…” Murong Xun already felt greatly annoyed and displeased when the observers’ discussions and mocking words entered his ears. Yet now, Chu Feng, without holding anything back, started provoking him. That truly made him so angry even his heart and lungs were about to explode. He was itching to kill Chu Feng immediately and tear his corpse into a million pieces.

However, Murong Xun was no simple person. He was backing away right now, but that was because his attacks were indeed inferior to Chu Feng in head-to-head combat. On the other hand, however, he was doing the exact same thing Chu Feng’s did. A sinister technique was stealthily being channeled.

So, he did not refute Chu Feng, nor did he conceal his own fury. Instead, he emphasized his emotions and made his fury appear on his face, letting everyone see it.

Murong Xun was furious on the surface, but sneering inside. He thought sinisterly, “Keep feeling smug. I’ll immediately show you how deception is everywhere in a fight. A true fight is not only a contest of strength, but also intellect.”

As time dripped away, Chu Feng’s attacks because fiercer and fiercer. Bursts of golden swords of light were like a serpent as they were not only continuous and elegant, they were extraordinarily overbearing.

Some people even felt that watching Chu Feng fight was a type of enjoyment because his attacks were not only powerful, they were oddly beautiful as well.

“Mortal Taboo—Illusory Sword Technique!”

But out of nowhere, just as they were wholeheartedly watching that fight, Murong Xun suddenly shouted.

At the same time, the golden blade in his hand glittered with radiance. Its might multiplied, and an extremely horrifying aura exploded. It shot towards Chu Feng, who was close by.