Chapter 886 - A Humiliating Counterattack

MGA: Chapter 886 - A Humiliating Counterattack

“Heh, you do have a slight bit of skill, and that suits my intentions perfectly. Otherwise, it would be a bit too boring.”

In reality, not to mention others, even Chu Feng himself felt that Murong Xun’s attack was not to be underestimated. The combination of the two martial skills into a rank nine martial skill had ascended. It was very powerful—something a normal rank nine martial skill was no match for.

Regardless of Chu Feng’s level of arrogance, he had to admit that Murong Xun’s strength had far surpassed typical rank eight Martial Lords.

However, in spite of that, Chu Feng was still not afraid at all. He overlaid his palms, and with a thought, he suddenly shouted, “Immortal Shield—Triple-layered Door!”

*dong, dong, dong*

After Chu Feng spoke, three deep bell sounds rang out. Along with the emergence of such a sound, three enormous and firm huge doors appeared above Chu Feng.

Each one was a hundred meters tall. Not only were they large, their shape was very overbearing as well. When they appeared, there were also some white clouds and mist that accompanied them, as if they came from paradise.

In the end, with extremely quick speed, the three doors fell and landed in front of Chu Feng. The three became a line that stopped the path of the combined technique.

“A rank nine martial skill instantly created! Chu Feng is this practiced with martial skills?!”

When they saw the three doors descending from the sky, the people who were initially dumbfounded by Murong Xun’s combination martial skill couldn’t help deeply gasping. They could feel that Chu Feng too had cast a rank nine martial skill.

Yet, Chu Feng had cast such a powerful martial skill with just a thought. That had truly surpassed everyone’s imagination, because that was even greater proof of Chu Feng’s control over martial skills.

*boom boom boom*

Amidst the shock they felt, Murong Xun’s combined technique had arrived. After three frightening explosions rang out, the rank nine martial skill Chu Feng made, the Immortal Shield—Triple-layered Door, was destroyed and shattered.

Most importantly, even though Murong Xun’s technique had been weakened quite a bit after Chu Feng’s defense broke into pieces, it did not dissipate. Instead, with a still horrifying might and blinding purple light and golden lines, it continued in Chu Feng’s direction. Moreover, it was extremely quick—it had already arrived before him.

“Scatter.” Chu Feng did not use any martial skills in a situation like that. Instead, he waved his sleeve as a boundless might was cast out, expelling the remnants of the combined technique.

However, the remnants were too powerful. Even though he had dispelled them, he was still struck by the remaining shock waves. Although he was not injured, he was still blown back by them, and only stabilized himself after a few steps.

“You, a ‘supreme genius’, don’t seem like much! You can’t block my attacks when I use just a bit of a technique.” Murong Xun couldn’t help but make a smug grin as he saw his attacks were effective.

“Heh, a combination technique, huh? Interesting. As they say, do unto others as they do unto you. How about you too receive my combination technique?”

Suddenly, a strange smile was worn on Chu Feng’s face. Then, his left hand formed a fist, his right hand spread to form a palm, and two extremely powerful bursts of might started gathering within that fist and palm.

When they saw the golden lines and purple light appearing from Chu Feng’s hands, everyone who watched was astounded, especially the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago. Their face greened immediately.

At that moment, the martial skill Chu Feng prepared to use was the exact same as Murong Xun’s before—the Fist of Soaring Purple Aura and Palm of Golden Wisdom.

Those two rank nine martial skills were the core techniques of the Immortal Execution Archipelago. Not only were they not publicly spread, only the high echelons of the Immortal Execution Archipelago could cultivate them.

However, at that very instant, Chu Feng not only grasped those private martial skills, he was even casting them in tranquility. He was simply slapping the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s face in front of the crowd.

“Take this well!


Chu Feng abruptly shouted, and cast the two martial skills at the same time. It was the exact same as Murong Xun’s before—the two martial skills quickly combined into one, and their power multiplied as well.

The only difference was the combined technique Chu Feng sent was a bit louder. Although those two martial skills were combined, there were some odd waves.

Some people analyzed that it was possibly because Chu Feng’s combination technique wasn’t perfect, so that was why it was too loud, and also why waves had appeared.

However, if they knew it was the first time Chu Feng combined two techniques, they would definitely not think he was weak. Instead, they would definitely be stunned because due to its difficulty, no one had truly ever successfully combined two techniques on their first try.

Moreover, they didn’t know there was something special hidden within the combined technique Chu Feng cast.

“Bastard, you kill the members from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, and you even dare to cultivate martial skills from my Immortal Execution Archipelago! Do you truly know no shame?”

When Murong Xun saw his own martial skills being used against himself, he gnashed his teeth in anger. However, he didn’t dare to be careless. He quickly called forth Martial power and used a powerful defensive martial skill to defend.

After all, Chu Feng was the first who did that, so now, he had to do the same. As long as he could use a rank nine martial skill to stop Chu Feng’s combined technique, he could prove to the world that his strength was above Chu Feng’s.

*hmm* Murong Xun’s Martial power surged and very quickly, he made a shining protective barrier. It was different from the Three-layered Door Chu Feng used before—it didn’t protect a single direction, but instead, enveloped him completely. It could block attacks from all directions.

However, there are disadvantages for all advantages. Although it was also a rank nine martial skill, its defensive strength was clearly inferior to Chu Feng’s Three-layered Door. So, in order to avoid being defeated by Chu Feng, he even used a small technique: as he cast that martial skill, he imbued Spirit Formation power into it, and laid a simple but powerful defensive Spirit Formation.

When those two combined into one, its defensive strength was greatly increased. It was even much firmer than the martial skill Chu Feng used before.

Chu Feng’s technique was very quick. Almost at the same time Murong Xun finished creating his barrier, it had arrived. After a huge explosion, violent energy ripples became ferocious beasts that swept in all directions, engulfing everything.

“Heavens! This is?!”

However, when the ripples faded away, the observers all had a great change in expression. All of them widened their mouths in shock, and as they looked at Murong Xun, their eyes were full of shock and confusion.

In their perspective, Murong Xun’s defensive martial skill was very powerful—even more powerful than the one Chu Feng used before. Even if he couldn’t completely block Chu Feng’s combined technique, he would, at most, be forced a few steps back like Chu Feng.

However, at that moment, it was completely different from their expectation. Murong Xun was not only blown a thousand meters away, his hair and clothes were in a mess. He simply looked exhausted, as if he had passed several years inside a gale. Otherwise, he wouldn’t look so pitiful from such a blow.

“How has this happened?” That was everyone’s question. The same attack, the same defense. Even if Murong Xun were inferior, he shouldn’t be in such a bad state, right?

“I’ve got it! I know what happened!” Just at that moment, the Water King from the Crippling Night Demon Sect cried out. At the same time, his eyes as he looked at Chu Feng were filled with respect.