Chapter 885 - Murong Xun Displaying His Might

MGA: Chapter 885 - Murong Xun Displaying His Might

“You’re looking to die!” Murong Xun was enraged when he heard this. He truly could tolerate it no longer. He threw out a palm, and started attacking Chu Feng.

When that palm attack was sent, gales crossed with one another, and howls rang out everywhere. Countless bursts of Martial power gathered from all directions, and condensed to create golden images of a palm.

That palm not only contained horrifying power, there were also many. As they densely filled up the sky, they were like an army of locusts as they surged towards Chu Feng.

This was not an ordinary attack—it was a rank six martial skill. Although it wasn’t too high of a level, in Murong Xun’s hands, it became extremely fierce. The power it contained was enough to destroy a part of this world, and there would be no problem killing tens of thousands of commoners with that strike.

However, Chu Feng merely smiled at his attack because Murong Xun was not calm enough. His agitation announced the world one fact: Chu Feng not only took away the Royal Armament from his hands, Chu Feng had also truly violated his fiancée and sister.

Thinking that if this were to be publicly announced, it would not only make Murong Xun lose face, it would even regain face for the Crippling Night Demon Sect, Chu Feng felt endless excitement. He was extremely happy, and even loudly said, “Immortal Execution Archipelago! You laid this trap and invited a crowd just to disgrace the Crippling Night Demon Sect. You’ve truly done quite some work this time!

“And today, I, Chu Feng, won’t put your efforts to waste. I will let the world know that your Immortal Execution Archipelago’s young master, the so-called number one genius of the Eastern Sea Region, is useless.”

As he spoke, an extremely powerful aura erupted from Chu Feng’s body. Then, he spread open his arms—left hand pulling an illusory bow, right hand pulling an illusory arrow—and as his arms pulled and released, countless swishes rang out. A myriad of golden arrows were shot out—that was the rank five martial skill, the Bow of Hundred Transformations.

*boom boom boom boom*

Although the Bow of Hundred Transformations was merely a rank five martial skill, in Chu Feng’s hand, its power was extremely frightening. When they collided into Murong Xun’s countless golden palms, they were not in any inferior standings.

“Heavens! Chu Feng’s actually able to fight against Murong Xun as a rank five Martial Lord!”

When they saw the dazzling golden radiance endlessly exploding in the sky, the observers were all astonished. Although their attacks were fairly equal, they could tell that their ranks were different. Murong Xun was using a rank six martial skill, while Chu Feng was using a rank five martial skill.

Chu Feng, a rank five Martial Lord, used a rank five martial skill that was able to fight off the rank six martial skill used by Murong Xun, a rank eight Martial Lord. How could the observers even remain calm?

That was sufficient to prove one point: Chu Feng’s fighting strength was indeed as insane as rumoured. It was simply unimaginable, and worthy of admiration.

“You do have a bit of skill.” Murong Xun’s complexion changed slightly when he saw that. He frowned a bit, and in his eyes filled with fury, a hint of seriousness emerged.

Recalling back then, when he met Chu Feng, since his cultivation was far superior to him, he had no need to use any techniques and just by pressure alone, he was able to suppress Chu Feng. So, he couldn’t feel Chu Feng’s fighting strength at all, which led him to constantly look down on him.

Yet, after the exchange today, he felt something was off. Although he didn’t use his full strength in the martial skill just now, he did not hold himself back. Yet, Chu Feng was able use a martial skill a whole rank lower than his own to fight against him. That was evidence of Chu Feng’s strength—it was not a mere rumour.

Murong Xun was no fool; instead, he was extremely smart. He could be counted as the peak amongst the younger generation.

So, even though he hated Chu Feng completely, he was not blinded by hatred. Right now, he didn’t dare to be careless in any way. He knew he had to put forth his full strength, because he could not afford to lose. If he lost, he would not only shame himself, he would shame his entire Immortal Execution Archipelago.

“Chu Feng, I would quite like to see how you’ll take this next one!”

After being aware of Chu Feng’s power, Murong Xun suddenly shouted. Then, he leapt, explosively back. His left hand in a fist, layers of purple ripples were emerging and layers upon layers of powerful strength condensed within his fist.

His right hand opened up, and again there were outlines of a golden palm appearing. Their might was not only frightening, the energy contained within them was even inestimable powerful.

“This aura… It’s the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s rank nine martial skills, Fist of Soaring Purple Aura and Palm of Golden Wisdom!” When they saw that, the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago all had changes in their expressions. They couldn’t help shouting in surprise.

“What? He’s using two rank nine martial skills at the same time? Murong Xun’s aptitude is this high?” After hearing those words, the observers felt greatly shocked.

Rank nine martial skills were already difficult to cultivate, and they were not something ordinary Martial Lords could control. However, to a genius like Murong Xun, it wasn’t a big deal. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he could pick one up casually.

But using two rank nine martial skills at the same time was extremely difficult. As the saying went, A single heart cannot be used for two things, let alone two rank nine martial skills!

So, when Murong Xun displayed that technique, it was sufficient proof to his outstanding aptitude in cultivation.

“Today, I’ll let you experience what a combined technique is.”

After channeling the two rank nine martial skills, Murong Xun, who had shot backwards, suddenly pounced towards Chu Feng. When he was near, he attacked.

*boom* With the simultaneous attack of a fist and a palm, an explosion burst out. Two powerful techniques respectively became a purple stream of light and a golden image of a palm.

Both of them were incomparably powerful, but when they were cast, they gradually combined and in the end, they became a huge palm bursting with purple light, yet filled of golden lines as well.

That huge palm was too horrifying. As it streaked through the air, rumbles rang out in the sky and it even tore into space itself, becoming afterimages of darkness.

“My gods, we’ve really underestimated Murong Xun too much! He didn’t just use two martial skills at the same time, he even combined them together to increase their power!” When they saw the combined martial skill, everyone was shocked once again.

Even to the two Protectors from the Inferno Divine Bird clan, and the Water and Fire King from the Crippling Night Demon Sect, a hint of surprise flashed into their eyes. For a technique like that, not only were there extremely high requirements for cultivation, the most important part was its extremely high requirements for aptitude.

Speaking honestly from the soul, even they, four Martial Kings, found it difficult to combine two rank nine martial skill into one. However, Murong Xun had done it. They had to admit that Murong Xun indeed deserved the title of genius, because he truly was powerful.

“Murong Xun is this powerful? It seems that he really is far above us.” At that instant, even Xuan Xiaochao and the others, who did not accept the fact Murong Xun was strong, now frowned and were made aware of the distance between themselves and him.