Chapter 884 - Who's a Genius

MGA: Chapter 884 - Who's a Genius

“Chu Feng, you truly have quite the nerves!” After confirming Chu Feng had come alone, the Sixth Immortal first sneered, then said with an extremely furious tone, “You killed members of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, took away my Immortal Execution Archipelago’s Royal Armament, and yet, you still dare to appear in front of us! Are you not afraid of dying?”

However, Chu Feng completely ignored the Sixth Immortal’s words. After coming over, he flew down, and amidst the shocked gazes of the crowd, he came up to Xuan Xiaochao and the others.

Chu Feng first took out six pellets—for pain killing and healing—and fed them to Xuan Xiaochao, Fu Fengming, and You Tonghan.


However, when he fed the pellets to You Tonghan, one of his hands tightly grasped Chu Feng’s wrist. He, who could not speak, was making odd sounds. At the same time, he stared at Chu Feng with a pleading gaze.

Chu Feng understood what he was trying to say. He nodded, then patted You Tonghan’s shoulder. Afterwards, he looked at Xuan Xiaochao and Fu Fengming, then said, “Brothers, I understand. I will avenge all of you.”

After speaking, Chu Feng suddenly rose up. After he was in the air, he first looked around with his fierce gaze, then stopped turning around at Murong Xun. He said with a calm voice, “Murong Xun, you said you’re the number one genius in the Eastern Sea Region. Today, I, Chu Feng, will challenge you, a rank eight Martial Lord, as a rank five Martial Lord. If you win, I’ll return your Immortal Execution Archipelago’s Royal Armament.

“However, if you lose, release everyone from the Crippling Night Demon Sect. How about it?”

“You are truly arrogant. You, a mere rank five Martial Lord? You think I would be afraid of you?” How could Murong Xun, who was itching to kill Chu Feng, be afraid of him? Without even thinking, he agreed. But then, he quickly shouted, “Since you overestimate yourself and dare to challenge me, I’ll add another condition. I just don’t know if you dare or not.”

“Add what? Tell me,” Chu Feng said with a calm tone.

“Whoever loses must kneel and beg for forgiveness. They must also, in front of everyone, call the winner ‘grandfather’ ten times, and say he’s a ‘grandson’. Do you dare?” Murong Xun loudly shouted. His tone was filled with fury, because he truly hated every fibre of Chu Feng.

“I’m willing to do that, but I’m just afraid you won’t stick to your word.” As Chu Feng spoke, he cast his gaze towards the Sixth Immortal because he did not believe the Immortal Execution Archipelago would truly let them go after his victory.

“Don’t worry. The Immortal Execution Archipelago stays true to their word. As long as you win, I will allow all of you to safely leave,” the Sixth Immortal said with a smile.

He had absolute confidence in Murong Xun, so he felt it was impossible for Chu Feng to win. He felt the people from the Crippling Night Demon Sect were undoubtedly going to die today. Since victory was grasped within his hand, he didn’t mind letting everyone here watch a longer spectacle. He would let everyone know that Chu Feng wasn’t any genius, and that he was simply no match for Murong Xun.

“Murong Xun, go ahead. However, some advice: don’t be too careless because I will give you a fierce lesson.” Chu Feng cast his gaze towards Murong Xun after the Sixth Immortal’s agreement.

You want to give me a lesson? You must have forgotten how pitiful you were back then in the Depraved Valley,” Murong Xun said with a cold smile, because back then, he had indeed beaten Chu Feng quite painfully.

However, Chu Feng was not angered in the slightest. Instead, he said with a smile, “What cultivation did I have back then, and what cultivation did you have back then? Right now, my cultivation has increased, but what about you?

“I, Chu Feng, before twenty years of age, am already a rank five Martial Lord. You, on the other hand, are already over thirty years old, yet you’re still a rank eight Martial Lord. Back then, when you defeated me, that was merely the elder bullying the young, the strong bullying the weak. What is there to be proud of? What is worthy to be proud of?”

“You…” When Chu Feng refuted him in such a way, Murong Xun was instantly speechless. He didn’t know what to do amidst the anger.

“Yeah! Chu Feng’s right! We've only saw the difference in cultivation, but forgot the difference in age. We’ve forgotten about their time in cultivation! They are over ten years apart, so their time in cultivation is also over ten years apart. Yet, right now, Chu Feng already dares to challenge Murong Xun. I must say that he’s truly quite courageous, and he does possess this strength.”

“That’s right. When Chu Feng went famous, he had just shortly become a Martial Lord. Yet, at that time, Murong Xun was already a rank eight Martial Lord. Right now, with the passing of time, Chu Feng is a rank five Martial Lord. His speed of improvement in cultivation can even be called divine! Yet, Murong Xun is still only a rank eight Martial Lord. He could be said to be walking on the spot.”

“Both of you are right. No matter the time in cultivation, or speed of improvement, Chu Feng is indeed superior to Murong Xun.

“I’ve even heard two months ago, Chu Feng had appeared in the Winter Plains and killed the head of the Stone Sword Sect as well as a rank eight Martial Lord from the Immortal Execution Archipelago. If that’s true, it means Chu Feng truly has the strength to defeat a rank eight Martial Lord.”

“That means even though Murong Xun, a rank eight Martial Lord, can defeat Xuan Xiaochao and the others, also rank eight Martial Lords, when compared to Chu Feng’s insane fighting strength, the difference is truly enormous!

“Not only that, it’s said Chu Feng also grasps three Secret Skills and the World Spirit he made a contract with is from the Asura Spirit World! Even the Royal Armament he got from Murong Xun had completely approved of Chu Feng with Absolute Submission! These are things Murong Xun hadn’t done before!”

“Yeah! This means the distance between the two is really too big. Putting aside strength, just in terms of aptitude, Chu Feng and Murong Xun are on two completely different levels! Chu Feng is indeed far above Murong Xun, and Chu Feng is the deservedly supreme genius, the number one person in the Eastern Sea Region’s young generation!”

At that instant, the crowd burst with discussion. Even though they had lowered their voices, and some even sent mental messages, it couldn’t escape the ears of the Immortal Execution Archipelago. When they heard all that, everyone from the Immortal Execution Archipelago had twisted faces as they were all furious.

They were not only furious at their discussion. In the end, they were furious towards Chu Feng. It was Chu Feng who did so many shocking actions that made Murong Xun completely ordinary.

As for Murong Xun himself, he was enraged. He didn’t expect just a few simple words from Chu Feng pushed himself onto the very front of criticisms, making everyone feel he was inferior to Chu Feng.

However, Murong Xun was no ordinary person. His fury was not revealed, and he instead sneered. He continued clawing at Chu Feng’s weak point, not letting go. He loudly said, “Chu Feng, you only talk about today, but not of the past. However, it was a fact that you were stepped beneath my feet. In my perspective, you think it’s shameful so that’s why you don’t dare to mention what happened back then, right?”

“Hoh.” However, Chu Feng still gave a light smile at Murong Xun’s humiliation techniques, then said, “Murong Xun, since you enjoy mentioning the past, how about I tell everyone how I took your Royal Armament deep within the Depraved Valley, and how I greatly made love to Ya Fei and Murong Wan?”