Chapter 883 - Chu Feng Has Come

MGA: Chapter 883 - Chu Feng Has Come

“Murong Xun, that’s quite a proud smile you have there. Have you forgotten when my Brother Chu Feng pushed down your fiancée Ya Fei and your sister Murong Wan?” You Tonghan did not back down as Murong Xun mocked him, and instead, counterattacked by reminding him of Ya Fei.

“You’re looking to die!” Murong Xun was enraged when he heard that, because that was a pain that would eternally remain in his heart. It was humiliation he could never erase in his entire life.

At that instant, he was like a dog that went insane as he continuously brandished the golden blade in his hand. Golden half-moon blades of light appeared endlessly as they slashed towards You Tonghan.

*bang bang bang* Before such attacks of madness, You Tonghan was thrown into a passive state. Even though Xuan Xiaochao and Fu Fengming did their best to help him, they could not stop Murong Xun’s attacks.



Finally, a golden blade of light passed through their defences, and You Tonghan instantly cried out.

When they looked at him, Xuan Xiaochao’s and Fu Fengming’s expression changed greatly. They were able to see You Tonghan’s face splattered with blood—his lower jaw was forcibly cut away, and even his tongue was chopped. He, at that moment, was in quite a pitiful state.

“Hahaha, you wanted to insult me, huh? These are the consequences of insulting me!” After cutting off You Tonghan’s tongue and lower jaw, Murong Xun roared with laughter and started to ridicule them again.

“Murong Xun, I will kill you!” Xuan Xiaochao and Fu Fengming, good brothers of You Tonghan, could not tolerate that. Both of their eyes were blood-red and their fury soared. Putting forth their full strength, they attacked Murong Xun.

“AHH—” As for You Tonghan, he was incomparably furious. He, who could not even speak, let out a horrifying roar. As he waved the Incomplete Royal Armament in his hand, he too wanted to attack Murong Xun.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* The attacks from the furious three were not to be underestimated. When powerful martial skills were added onto the three Incomplete Royal Armaments, their weapons truly became three bloodthirsty fierce beasts. With bursts of gales, howls, and their horrifying might, they surrounded and attacked Murong Xun.

Even a typical rank nine Martial Lord would be defeated by such attacks, and from that, it could be seen that their strength was quite powerful.

“Hmph.” Yet, Murong Xun snorted disdainfully at such ferocious attacks. The golden blade in his hand waved and when a boundless pressure erupted, a golden blade of light also swept over.

With a boom, their attacks blended with one another. As the uncontrollable ripples were wreaking havoc, Xuan Xiaochao, You Tonghan, and Fu Fengming all cried out in pain. When their vision was clear once again, all three of them were heavily injured, blood everywhere on their bodies. They lost their ability to fly as they fell down from the air. Then, in the end, like three piles of mud, they crashed onto the ground, and also lost their ability to move.

“My gods, Murong Xun alone actually won against three!”

“He’s too strong! Those three are not ordinary rank eight Martial Lords, they are the direct disciples of the Three Protectors! They are the geniuses chosen from several tens of thousands of people! Yet, even when they had joined hands, they were still no match for Murong Xun!”

“Powerful. He’s too powerful. Murong Xun is deservedly the number one genius in the Eastern Sea Region!” The crowd cried out when they saw that as they were completely convinced by Murong Xun’s powerful strength.

As for the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, they were ecstatic. They even raised their fists and loudly shouted at the same time:

“Number one genius!”

“Number one genius!”

“Number one genius!”

“Number one genius!”


In an instant, the three words “number one genius” exploded. They were even more deafening than thunder as they spread through the air.

As he heard such cheers, Murong Xun laughed smugly, and he loudly shouted, “In the Eastern Sea Region, of the same generation, who even stands a chance against me, Murong Xun?”

Arrogance was transparent in his words. He had truly reached the extremity of arrogance. But even so, there was not a single person who refuted him. Instead, they all nodded their heads, expressing agreement because the strength he displayed was worthy of the title of the number one genius.

“Number one genius, huh? How about you give me some pointers?” However, just at that moment, a mocking voice rang out from the distance.

Such a sudden shout attracted everyone’s attention. Even the Protectors from the Inferno Divine Bird clan and the Water and Fire King fighting intensely in the sky temporarily stopped. They cast their gazes in the direction of the voice. They wanted to see who exactly was challenging Murong Xun at a moment like this.

When they looked over, they could clearly see a person appearing from the horizon. Many World Spiritists could feel it was a rank five Martial Lord. Yet, they didn’t understand why a mere rank five Martial Lord dared to provoke Murong Xun in such a way. Where did his courage come from?

That person was also very quick. His minuscule body endlessly grew larger within their line of sight, and after they saw his appearance, not a single person wasn’t stupefied.

“Chu Feng? It’s Chu Feng!” At that instant, they were all dumbfounded. All of them roundly widened their eyes and their mouths. Their tongues were truly tied in a knot was they felt immense shock.

Currently, in the Eastern Sea Region, who didn’t know Chu Feng?

Chu Feng had not only killed experts from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, he even took away Murong Xun’s Royal Armament. Not only that, he even took away Murong Xun’s fiancée. Not only that, it was said he even violated Ya Fei and Murong Wan! They were Murong Xun’s fiancée and sister!

Chu Feng’s very actions had laid an irreconcilable hostility between himself and the Immortal Execution Archipelago. He could even be said to be the person the Immortal Execution Archipelago dreamt of killing.

He was already a heavily wanted criminal in the Eastern Sea Region. The reward for his capture moved innumerable people’s hearts.

Yet, right now, Chu Feng so openly appeared in front of the Immortal Execution Archipelago. How could they not feel shocked?

“Chu Feng!”

In comparison to the mere shock others felt after seeing Chu Feng, Murong Xun on the other hand tightly clenched his fists. An indescribable fury and bloodlust surged forth. When he saw Chu Feng who was coming closer and closer, he truly wanted to pounce up to him and bite him to death.

But he could not, because if he did, everyone would feel that the rumour he violated his fiancée and sister was true. He had to endure, at least he had to endure right now. He had to act as if nothing happened. He had to have a bearing of a young master.

Other than Murong Xun’s overflowing hatred, the Sixth Immortal and the others from the Immortal Execution Archipelago felt indescribable fear and uneasiness. All of them carefully swept their gazes over their surroundings with nervousness.

They all felt the reason Chu Feng dared to so daringly challenge Murong Xun was likely because he was prepared. It was very possible that the Crippling Night Demon Sect had sent reinforcements.

But after careful examination, they discovered other than Chu Feng, there were not even any signs of anyone else. So, they couldn’t help but feel their worry decrease slowly.

Then, replacing it was unspeakable excitement because they felt Chu Feng had come here to die.