Chapter 889 - Vicious Demonic Technique

MGA: Chapter 889 - Vicious Demonic Technique

Chu Feng’s long hair fluttered to and fro as his robe followed suit. As he stood in the air, he was akin to a lord who had never been defeated. As he slowly stepped forward, the several thousand Martial Lords on the warship greatly changed their expressions. All of them couldn’t help backing away as they were deterred by Chu Feng’s might.

“Chu Feng, don’t think you’re already invincible! If I truly want to kill you, you stand no chance!”

But who would have thought as he faced Chu Feng, who arrived with a powerful bearing, Murong Xun wasn’t just fearless, he even let out an explosive shout.


After that shout rang out, Murong Xun’s eyes instantly became blood-red. Moreover, a boundless blood-red aura burst out from his body, and like a chain, passed through the several thousand Martial Lords standing behind him.


When those chains pierced through their bodies, all of them made painful screams. They were kneeling on the ground, rolling around, hugging their heads, and howling—they were feeling great agony.

As they shrieked in pain, layers and layers of power could be clearly seen surging out of their bodies and entering Murong Xun’s body through the blood-red chains.

When such power channeled into him, Murong Xun started recovering. The clearest sign of that was when his boney hand, which lacked any flesh or blood, started returning to its original state. There wasn’t even a hint of a scratch, as if he were never wounded in the first place.

Moreover, Murong Xun’s weak aura also started to recover. Not only recover, it even started to soar. In just a blink, his cultivation rose to a rank nine Martial Lord’s. That powerful aura could nearly be compared to a Martial King’s.


However, even though Murong Xun’s aura had risen unbelievably, the experts from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, bored by the blood-red chains, were quite appalling.

For all several thousand people, they not only had pales faces, in just that instant, they had aged dozens of years. Their skin shriveled, lacking any vigor. They, who were at a robust age, now became old elders. All of them turned feeble and weak.

“Heavens! What happened?”

“Evil practices! This is definitely an evil art! Forcibly absorbing the power of others to forcibly increase one’s own cultivation—this is a demonic technique!”

“This is truly infuriating! The young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago cultivates such a demonic technique like this! And even uses it on his own clan’s forces! This is an action of a demon! The heavens will not allow such an act to go without retribution!”

Everyone could tell what was happening. Clearly, Murong Xun had used a special demonic attack and stripped away the several thousand Martial Lords of their cultivation and life, thus strengthening himself.

On the journey of cultivation, although there was no absolute righteousness, it was unacceptable to increase one’s own cultivation by destroying another’s future. It was even something to be despised.

That was why, at that very instant, other than the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, nearly everyone else felt furious. They were furious at Murong Xun, who, in order to defeat Chu Feng, used such a despicable and cruel method. It was truly shameless and ruthless.

“YOUNG MASTER WILL WIN! YOUNG MASTER WILL WIN! YOUNG MASTER WILL WIN!” But out of the blue, the experts of the Immortal Execution Archipelago who had a portion of their cultivation and life sucked away dragged their weak bodies up, raised their arms, and cheered. They loudly cheered for Murong Xun, who took away their most important things!

Looking at how they acted, it was as if they simply did not blame Murong Xun for what he did to them, and instead felt it was an honour.

The observers were truly dumbfounded when they saw such a scene. What they did was no longer loyalty, but asininity.

“Don’t worry! In the future, I will compensate all of you for today’s sacrifice! After returning to the Immortal Execution Archipelago, I will reward you even more!” Murong Xun satisfiedly nodded his head at his subordinates’ actions, then cast his gaze bursting with bloodlust at Chu Feng, then said, “Chu Feng, bring out the Royal Armament. Today, I will personally take back my Royal Armament from your hands!” Suddenly, Murong Xun leapt. With a horrifying atmosphere, he rose from the warships and dashed towards Chu Feng.

“Heh, with just this little strength, you are still not worthy for me to use the Royal Armament.” However, even though Murong Xun forcibly raised his cultivation by one full rank, Chu Feng still did not see him as a worthy opponent.

“Lightning Armour.” With a thought, four colours of lightning surged within his eyes. At the same time, bursts of lightning surged out of his body and became an armour of lightning that enveloped Chu Feng’s body.

After it appeared, Chu Feng’s cultivation also rose. From a rank five Martial Lord, he became a rank six Martial Lord.


After increasing his cultivation, an azure dragon appeared beneath Chu Feng’s feet. The Black Tortoise Armour Technique around his body remained, and with a tight clench over the Dragon Marking Sword, and with his cultivation of a rank six Martial Lord, the power of two Secret Skills, and the might of an Incomplete Royal Armament, he fought Murong Xun.

*boom boom boom boom boom*

Two figures of extraordinary demeanor clashed together. In an instant, all sorts of rumbles rang out endlessly, and there was no end to the uncontrollable shock waves that were created.

Murong Xun was thoroughly enraged. Even though he was not weak at all with the Incomplete Royal Armament in his hand, he still kept on sending out fierce martial skills and put everything on the line to kill Chu Feng.

As for Chu Feng himself, with the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique and the Black Tortoise Armor Technique—the two Secret Skills’ powerful defensive strength and skillful movement—and also with the masterful attacks from the Dragon Marking Sword, he made a fool out of Murong Xun as he circled around him. He was completely in the advantage.

“Chu Feng, stop dodging and evading! Could it be you don’t dare to fight me straight on?” Murong Xun’s attacks all met air when Chu Feng toyed with him. That made him gnash his teeth in anger, and he was simply about to go insane.

“White Tiger Slaughtering Technique!” However, immediately after Murong Xun spoke, Chu Feng suddenly attacked. A White Tiger Slaughtering Technique struck out, and it gave Murong Xun nearly no space to react. Instantly, it destroyed all of Murong Xun’s attacks.

“Ahh—” Finally, unable to defend against such a strike, Murong Xun took on the attack with his entirety. Amidst a cry, he was shot several miles away, and landed into the crowd of the observers.

“Huaa—” At that moment, the observers quickly scattered. As they looked at the pale-faced and bloody Murong Xun, who was lying in the air and even lost half of his arm, they all gazed with cold eyes. Not a single person went up to help him.