Chapter 865 - Lightning Armour

MGA: Chapter 865 - Lightning Armour

“Heh, my queen, watch carefully because this is the first time ever that I’m truly able to employ the power from the Divine Lightning.”

Chu Feng lightly smiled, then his eyes became fierce. With a crackling noise, the sound of interweaving lightning, the four colours reappeared within Chu Feng’s eyes.

But that was merely the beginning. The four lightning not only appeared within Chu Feng’s eyes, they burst out from Chu Feng’s body. In an instant, countless lightning snakes gushed out of his body, through his robe, and covered his entire body.

At that very instant, Chu Feng was tightly wrapped by the four-coloured and different-natured lightning, becoming a lightning person with shining radiance.

The overbearing helmet, armour, and boots were all constructed by lightning.

They not only shone with brilliance, patterns resembling lightning were on his body. It was quite a domineering appearance.

Most importantly, when Chu Feng wore the lightning armour on his body, his cultivation rose again. He became a rank six Martial Lord.

His strength was not the only thing raised. The atmosphere he had surrounding him became completely different. At that very instant, he exuded a slightly frightful aura—fright only produced by the Divine Lightning in his body.

It was that powerful aura which did not belong to this world.

“Waa, you can even raise your cultivation by using the Divine Lightning’s power! Not only your cultivation, but also your strength! Chu Feng, you’ve truly become strong!”

Eggy was very surprised because she found out Chu Feng hadn’t just become a rank six Martial Lord, his fighting strength had also been raised. Right now, he was just as powerful as when he held a Royal Armament before!

Which also meant Chu Feng, with the cultivation of a rank six Martial Lord, had no problem defeating typical rank nine Martial Lords. If he had the Royal Armament, then his fighting strength would be even greater. Even if he couldn’t defeat a Martial King, he could at least escape from one.

Chu Feng’s breakthrough this time had truly gave him a leap in his essential strength. If he were to encounter Murong Xun again, Chu Feng would not fear him at all.

One could even say within the Eastern Sea Region, other than the horrifying woman Tantai Xue, there were no Martial Lords who could defeat Chu Feng.

“Eggy, you’re right. This Divine Lighting truly has exceeded my imagination. I’ve only understood just a tiny portion of it, yet I feel completely different from before. It’s as if I’m an entirely new person! In the future, if I can completely grasp this power…

“Heh, I look forward to that!” The Chu Feng’s lips curled to form a hint of a yearning smile.

“You and this Divine Lightning are already one. It means it has approved of you. As long as you continue your development, the remaining five Divine Lightning will sooner or later be yours.

“However, right now, you should return to the Misty Peak quickly.

“First of all, you fiancée is still waiting for this main component. Second of all, due to your cultivation right now, it’s time to cultivate the Earthen Taboo martial skill, the Firmament Slash,” Eggy reminded.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded, but he made an odd smile as he said, “However, before leaving, there’s a place I still have to visit.”

“Heh, if I’m not mistaken, you want to head over to the Stone Sword Sect, right?” she said with a slight giggle.

“Mm. Although reasonably speaking, the head of the Stone Sword Sect is most definitely dead, since his Stone Sword Sect dared to attack the Crippling Night Demon Sect, I cannot let them continue living peacefully. I must kill one to warn a hundred, and let the world know the result of making an enemy out of the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

“Otherwise, there will be more and more powers that ally with the Immortal Execution Archipelago in order to fight the Crippling Night Demon Sect. That wouldn’t be good at all,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s fine. Then let’s head there and use this little sect to test your current abilities.” Eggy’s face was one of expectation. She really wanted to see how powerful Chu Feng had become.

*whoosh* After deciding, Chu Feng leapt up, through the ice, and flew towards the Stone Sword Sect.

The Stone Sword Sect existed within the Winter Plains. Although it wasn’t the strongest sect, it could be counted as one of the peak existences.

Right now, it was already deep into the night, but the Stone Sword Sect was very brightly lit up. There were singing and dancing, and in the plaza, several tens of thousands of people had gathered and drank together. That was quite a grand sight to behold.

Moreover, there were not only people from the Stone Sword Sect. The peak forces and characters of the Winter Plains were all there.

The reason so many people were celebrating with toasts and still hadn’t left despite the night was all due to the head of the Stone Sword Sect, Shi Jingtian.

He was saved by the Third Immortal back then. Not only did he keep his life, he even brought with him the chance to lead the Stone Sword Sect into the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

However, due to the battle with Chu Feng, the Stone Sword Sect had heavy losses. Not only were their most powerful elders and disciples sacrificed, even the six supreme elders were killed by Chu Feng. At present, the Stone Sword Sect truly lost a great deal of its spirit. It was far inferior to before, and even other than the head of the Stone Sword Sect, there wasn’t really a single true expert.

In order to hold a certain position after entering the Immortal Execution Archipelago, the head of the Stone Sword Sect, with the name of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, invited all peak forces and characters in the Winter Plains to ally with his Stone Sword Sect, and join the Immortal Execution Archipelago together.

Although this alliance sounded good on the surface, it was, in reality, engulfing other powers. No matter which sect or school, there was none that was willing. However, due to the Immortal Execution Archipelago, it didn’t matter how unwilling they were. They did not dare to refuse. They could only accept the terms and choose to ally with the Stone Sword Sect.

In order to express his sincerity, the head of the Stone Sword Sect even hosted an alliance assembly.

Today was the third day of this assembly, and also the last day. After tonight, the head of the Stone Sword Sect would lead the many experts forth to the Immortal Execution Archipelago. They would, from then on, set up at the Immortal Execution Archipelago and leave the Winter Plains.

“Everyone, what do you think about the four lightning beasts in the sky just now? Was that a sight due to the arrival of a Divine body?”

In the middle of the plaza at the Stone Sword Sect, there was a huge palace. At the peak of this palace, there was a very bountiful banquet.

Those who were at that banquet were the most famous people in the Winter Plains. The head of the Stone Sword Sect was also there, and now, they were discussing the phenomenon Chu Feng stirred up just now.

Although the Stone Sword Sect had returned to its joyous scene of singing and dancing, the frightening sight before still remained within their minds. Even though the sight had disappeared, their hearts could not remain calm.