Chapter 864 - Rank Five Martial Lord

MGA: Chapter 864 - Rank Five Martial Lord

“Hoh, this is truly interesting. I didn’t think there would be a person with such strength in a desolate place like this. It seems that I’ve truly underestimated the people here.” After observing for quite a while, Tantai Xue suddenly laughed. However, her laughter was very strange.

One could tell she was not afraid of the four terrifying lightning beasts in the sky, but instead felt surprise and shock by its appearance. The person who evoked such a phenomenon to occur had made the horrifying woman overturn her prior disdainful perspective. She even wanted to see the person.

As for the one who made such a scene appear, he was still hiding deep beneath the layers of ice.

However, Chu Feng, at that moment, was no longer alarmed. Instead, there was even a bit of joy on his face.

He discovered even though the four lightning had left his body, the connection between them still remained. He didn’t need to leave this place yet could see everything in the sky. He could even see some things he otherwise wouldn’t have.

When Chu Feng closed his eyes, his vision was the exact same as the four lightning beasts’ in the sky.

He could see that they were very high up. It was a distance incalculable from the ground surface, and they were simply about to enter the stars. It wasn’t a height reachable by a Martial King.

Right now, the four lightning beasts were running around the stars. They loudly roared. They were boasting of their strength. They wanted to let everyone know their power.

They were displaying their might!


Suddenly, they made yet another roar, then flew down. From the sky, they rushed straight towards the Winter Plains.

When many of the people on the Winter Plains saw such a scene, their expressions changed greatly from fear. There were even some who just went limp and couldn’t move anymore.

And, there were even some who became incontinent. There were also quite a few who just fainted from terror.

They could feel a true destructive aura descending from the sky, and it was impossible for them to survive from such an aura.

*whoosh* The four lightning beasts went through the clouds, and when they all saw that, they felt a calamity had arrived.

However, the beasts suddenly disappeared. The night sky illuminated as bright as day instantly returned to darkness. It returned to its former tranquility, as if the four lightning beasts had never appeared.

“What happened? Where did the lightning go?” Due to such an abrupt situation, the crowd first looked at each other, then looked around. They didn’t know what happened.

As they all felt confusion, Chu Feng, sitting cross-legged underground, suddenly opened his eyes.


When he widened his eyes, radiance shone everywhere. In his eyes were the four lightning coiled—they had returned to his body.

Moreover, at that very instant, the four lightning were changing within Chu Feng’s body. They were merging with him; not only into his blood, but also into his bones, organs, meridians… They were truly, absolutely, merging with Chu Feng.

During the merge, Chu Feng’s cultivation rose once again. Rank one, rank two, rank three, rank four, rank five. Chu Feng’s cultivation had soared immensely, and he became rank five Martial Lord.

However, such a climb had also stopped at rank five Martial Lord. At the same time, the lightning that surged within Chu Feng’s eyes disappeared.

However, at that instant, Chu Feng felt elated because the four lightning had thoroughly fused with his body. The sudden rise in four ranks of cultivation was brought by the four lightning.

“Haha, has it finally approved of you, and have they completely become one with you?

“You’ve made a breakthrough straight to a rank five Martial Lord! That is quite unexpected.” Eggy was incomparable excited. She was skipping and jumping in the World Spirit Space, and she was simply even happier than Chu Feng himself, as though the one who received such a great benefit was her.

He had become a rank five Martial Lord straight away, and it was also different from before.

At first, Chu Feng was only able to raise his cultivation by using the power of the Divine Lightning. Now, however, it was different. The lightning had fused completely with Chu Feng, and his current cultivation—a rank five Martial Lord’s—was entirely his.

“That’s not all. These four lightning hadn’t only given their cultivation strength to me.” Chu Feng suddenly stood up. He had simply reached the extremes of joy.

“Chu Feng, what do you mean? Have you gained something else?” Eggy asked curiously.

“Heh, come out. I’ll show you.” Chu Feng chuckled, then opened the World Spirit Gate. Eggy also leapt out.

“Quick quick quick! Let me see what you’ve also gotten!” said Eggy impatiently. There was even a glint of expectation reflecting upon her beautiful eyes. From that, one could tell how much the queen wished for Chu Feng to become even stronger.

“The four lightning have completely merged with me, causing my cultivation to rise greatly. However, in reality, even if they didn’t, I could have still controlled them, which would have still raised my cultivation.

“The only difference between the two is that back then, although the lightning were in my blood, it was still external power in the end. Even though I could raise my cultivation with them, strictly speaking, it was not my actual cultivation.

“But right now, they have completely merged with me. The power they bring me is always surging within my body. Right now, rank five Martial Lord is my true cultivation.

“Despite a seeming lack of difference on the surface, the essence is completely different. That being said, however, the beneficial effect I gain is the same nonetheless.

“It didn’t matter if the four lightning became one with me or not. As long as they remain within myself, I can still acquire the power of a rank five Martial Lord.

“So, the reason I’m so happy is because in the instant they returned to my body and merged completely with me, I have received an entirely new power from the four lightning. Furthermore, I can control this power myself.

“The nine Divine Lightning have been in my body for so long, but this is the first time feeling I’ve truly grasped some of their power,” Chu Feng said with a smile. The excited expression on his face became stronger and stronger.

“Ahh, you! You think I wouldn’t know this?

“What I want to know right now is what you’ve received. What did you get from that Divine Lightning? Quickly show me!” Eggy stamped her feet. If Chu Feng still remained silent, then she really would jump over and bite him.