Chapter 863 - Divine Lightning Shooting into the Sky

MGA: Chapter 863 - Divine Lightning Shooting into the Sky

*BOOM—* Finally, a horrifying explosion burst within Chu Feng’s dantian.

It was a very strange sound. More deafening than thunder, more moving than a tiger’s roar, mightier than a dragon’s howl… However, others could not hear that sound. Only Chu Feng alone could.

At the same time of the explosion, Chu Feng’s aura rapidly rose. It was extremely quick, and it was simply shocking.

Simultaneously, with Chu Feng as the center, Martial power within several thousand miles, as if they were summoned, started quickly surging towards Chu Feng’s body and gathering around it.

At that instant, his aura was clearly different from before. There was a change in essence—this was true power.

He had made a breakthrough. Before the Sacred Entity had even been completely refined, Chu Feng’s cultivation had rose. He had successfully surpassed the Heaven realm, and became a Martial Lord. He had truly become a Martial Lord.

Martial Lord—how many people worked for their entire life yet could not even touch this level and could only admire those who were able to? It was a realm seen as godlike in many people’s eyes.

But Chu Feng, before the age of twenty, had entered such a realm. That was definitely quite an achievement.

At least, within the Eastern Sea Region, and to those in the eastern continents, only very few geniuses could accomplish such a feat.

Even though he was only a rank one Martial Lord, that was before Chu Feng used the power of the Divine Lightning. Now, this cultivation was one that belonged to Chu Feng himself—it was his real cultivation.

“Haha, success! I’ve finally succeeded! I’ve finally become an actual Martial Lord!” Chu Feng was elated and excited. His expression could not be represented by words.

Although Chu Feng hadn’t really used too much time to become a Martial Lord from the Heaven realm, the price he paid was very hefty. It was something a normal person could not afford.

Although there was a portion of luck in today’s success, it could not be denied that Chu Feng had exchanged his hard work for that success.

“Crap, this feeling!” However, just as Chu Feng felt elated, his complexion suddenly changed greatly. An unprecedented fear emerged in his eyes.

Chu Feng discovered with astonishment that when he became a Martial Lord, a strand of red lightning had surged out of his dantian, rapidly moving about in his body.

Typically, that was something normal and Chu Feng should be happy. After all, as long as Chu Feng passed a huge realm, he was able to obtain the power of a single lightning and freely use it for himself.

However, right now, it was a bit different. The red lightning, as it surged within his body, didn’t meld into his blood at all and give a feeling of union. Instead, it wanted to rush out of his body. The lightning wanted to break out, and leave the shackles of Chu Feng’s physical body.

Most important though, it was not only the red lightning that wanted to rush out. The gold, blue, and purple ones that had already merged with Chu Feng’s blood also wanted to rush out. They restless surged with the red lightning; they were all attempting to leave Chu Feng’s body.

How could Chu Feng remain calm?!

Due to the restriction of the Divine Lightning, to make a single level of breakthrough required Chu Feng to pay a price several times of others. That made Chu Feng’s outstanding comprehension strength useless. As such, he had to gather sufficient cultivation resources in order to raise his cultivation.

But, unquestionably, for all disadvantages there were advantages. Although the Divine Lightning increased Chu Feng’s difficult in making breakthroughs, it gave him fighting strength that surpassed others. Moreover, the Divine Lightnings were truly very strong—unimaginably strong.

Right now, there were four lightnings that wanted to break out of his body and leave Chu Feng. No one knew if that was fortune or disaster, something of joy or of sorrow.

However, what was fated to happen would happen eventually. There were some things that Chu Feng could not stop, nor change. And for the Divine Lightning in Chu Feng’s body, he could not control them either.


Finally, from Chu Feng’s body, a burst of lightning surged out. They—gold, blue, purple, and red—shot out from Chu Feng’s body, pierced through the layers of chilling ice, straight into the sky.

In an instant, the initially pitch-black sky was taken over by the four colours of lightning. The rays of light illuminated everything, nearly enveloping the entire Winter Plains.


Most importantly, after the four lightnings appeared in the sky, they became four huge beasts of varying shapes. They went through the clouds, above the Nine Heavens, and started darting. They let out deafening roared, shocking the world, stunning everyone.

“Heavens! What is that?”

“It’s so scary! It looks like lightning, but why has so much lightning appeared? There are even four colours!”

“Don’t be foolish. How can lightning make such a horrifying noise? They are clearly four huge beasts. Four huge beasts of lightning, so unimaginably powerful.”

Even though it was already deep in the night, the lightning that suddenly engulfed the entire Winter Plains, and the deafening roars, woke everyone up.

When they walked out of their houses, and looked at the sky, every single one of them was shocked. They were dumbfounded by the scene in the sky.

After feeling shock, the first emotion they felt afterwards was endless fear.

The four lightning beasts in the sky were truly too terrifying. No matter their shape, or their roars, both did not belong this world. Moreover, their power, inestimably powerful, told them a fact.

It was that no matter what occupied the sky, it was not something kind. If they decided to attack, then everyone living in the Winter Plains would die—no doubt. Likely, the vast Winter Plains itself would be completely destroyed.

At that instant, not to mention young children who were wailing from fear, even adult cultivators cried out in alarm.

In a split moment, the Winter Plains was flooded by panic. Most people could not continue looking at the scene in the sky, and even more people chose places to hide themselves in order to avoid such a calamity.

There were even some people who ignored their children, ignored their family, and flew up towards the Teleportation Array. They wanted to quickly leave this soon-to-be disaster zone.

At the same time, another person within the chilly icy mountain range was attracted by the scene in the sky.

She wore a conical hat, and had a snow-white long dress. It matched quite well with the surrounding ice and snow, as if she were an elf that walked amongst the snow and ice. As she stood in the night sky, she appeared rather beautiful. She was Tantai Xue.

“What a frightening phenomenon. However, this does not look like a premonition of a certain special body’s descent. It seems more like one that has appeared because of a breakthrough in cultivation.” However, in contrast with the fear of others, Tantai Xue was very calm. So calm it was even a bit terrifying.