Chapter 862 - Rushing to Become a Martial Lord

MGA: Chapter 862 - Rushing to Become a Martial Lord

As Tantai Xue stood atop the peak, she didn’t move. As she looked at the medicinal plants that were originally swirling with light, yet now wilted and died, she contemplated for a good while.

Suddenly, it seemed that she thought of something. She flipped her palm, and a special World Spirit Compass appeared within her hand. She willed her boundless Spirit power outward, then she flew into the air.

She carefully examined every single inch of that peak as she circled around it. She aimed to get to the bottom of this.

Finally, when she arrived at the wall entrance, she stopped.

After seriously looking at it, her body couldn’t help but tremble. She cried out with an extremely joyful tone, “I didn’t expect this to be a place of growth for a Sacred Entity! No wonder that killing formation was so strange.”

After discovering the secret in this place, she was elated. She took a big step forward and passed through the wall, entering the narrow cave. However, when she arrived at the deepest part of the cave, as if petrified, she was frozen instantly on the spot.

She did not see the thing she expected. However, that thing had, truly, appeared here. It was just that all the evidence pointed her towards one answer: she had come late.

Looking at the empty end of the cave, at the already severed link, and feeling the remnants of the special aura, an immense bloodlust exploded from her body. She coldly shouted, “Who? Who did this?!”

After she shouted, the entire world shook. The mountain peak which extended into the clouds fragmented with a boom.

Moreover, the aura full of bloodlust had spread out. Everything it passed was shattered. It was very frightening.

However, Chu Feng simply couldn’t hear such a furious roar and such horrifying bloodlust, nor could he feel it.

At that moment, Chu Feng was still at the Winter Plains. He came to a rather remote area, and hid within thick layers of ice. He truly couldn’t help himself from refining the Sacred Entity.

“No wonder the Burning Heaven Church didn’t bring this Sacred Entity away even though they could have.

“This Sacred Entity does have a tiny bit of spiritual nature. If it continued its growth, after some number of years, perhaps even it could develop intelligence and become a Spiritual Being. At that time, its power would even be above typical Spiritual Beings.

“In addition, the energy in this Sacred Entity is too violent. Normal people simply cannot refine it. Other than using it to grow medicinal plants, it truly isn’t useful for anything else.

“The Burning Heaven Church must have felt it’d be useless to bring it with them. So, it was just better to leave it in the peak and leave it up to grow on its own.” Chu Feng discovered its specialness after examining the Sacred Entity.

“The Burning Heaven Church teaches kindness to others. That’s why they left this Sacred Entity here.

“However, if it were the Immortal Execution Archipelago, they wouldn’t have been as kind as that. From how they do things, what they cannot obtain, others shouldn’t even think of obtaining either. They would rather destroy this Sacred Entity than keep it there and let it grow,” Eggy said.

“Of course. If I couldn’t refine this and if it weren’t so useful to me, I wouldn’t have cut off its future. After all, it does have a bit of a spiritual nature. After some number of years, perhaps it too will be a life.” Chu Feng nodded, expressing his agreement with Eggy thoughts.

“Chu Feng, although this Sacred Entity has been in growth for quite a while, and the energy contained within is extremely violent, since it had bred so many medicinal plants for so many years, the natural energy inside has been exhausted quite a bit. It’s not too powerful right now. Do you think it can help you make a breakthrough, and let you become a Martial Lord?” Eggy asked.

“I don’t know either because the lightning beasts in my body are having bigger and bigger appetites. I don’t even know how many cultivation resources they need to help me make a breakthrough.

“But no matter what, this Sacred Entity will help me greatly. We will know the result when I refine it.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, and without waiting for any more words, he overlaid his hands and cast a special spell. A golden Refining Formation enveloped the Sacred Entity.

*hmm* After the activation of the formation, the outside layer of the Sacred Entity started becoming illusory. Strands of faint entities of light kept on drilling out from the Sacred Entity. Like little snakes, they swirled around the Sacred Entity.

However, the seemingly very soft light bodies were very horrifying. After they appeared, the areas they passed made black cracks appear—they were tearing the fabrics of space.

The energy contained within the Sacred Entity was extremely violent. However, right now, they were being shaved off bit by bit by Chu Feng with the Spirit Formation.

Once a small amount of energy was released, Chu Feng opened his mouth and a boundless suction power surged forth. He started absorbing the energy into his stomach and started the refining.

If it were a normal person, that was something simply unimaginable because the energy within the Sacred Entity was really too terrifying. If a normal person had absorbed it like Chu Feng, likely only a single strand would completely destroy their body.

However, Chu Feng was able to. Not only absorb it, but truly refine it. He didn’t even waste a single speck as he converted the violent energy into energy that could increase his cultivation, after which he refined it.

In a situation like that, Chu Feng’s cultivation that had stood in place for a long time started growing rapidly. The several lightning beasts within his dantian, silent for quite some time, started moving as well. They greedily engulfed the energy procured from the Sacred Entity.

The Divine Lightning in Chu Feng’s dantian was very powerful. Even though there were already three that entered his bloodstream, it did not diminish the rate of consumption nor the speed of refining.

Even though the Sacred Entity had very berserk energy, to them, it was no more than a tasty dish.

Just like that, as Chu Feng expected, the Sacred Entity that could not be refined was being broken down by the Spirit Formation, then refined in his dantian.

Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation technique was still limited. Even though his Divine Lightning’s speed of refining was very quick, his speed of breaking down the Sacred Entity could not match it. So, Chu Feng only roughly finished refining the Sacred Entity after several days.

At that moment, not only half a fist’s size remained of that Sacred Entity. Its initial appearance of a willow tree, due to refining, left only several branches.

As for Chu Feng’s aura, it had increased several times in strength. That feeling was one of nearing a Martial Lord infinitely. With one more step, he could step past the Heaven realm and become a Martial Lord.

A true, genuine, Martial Lord.