Chapter 861 - Completion

MGA: Chapter 861 - Completion

Chu Feng was very anxious. He didn’t understand why the powerful Tantai Xue ignored the most precious Medicine King and, instead, harvested the most commonly found medicinal plants.

Chu Feng was very worried—worried that Tantai Xue was an odd person. He was worried she didn’t need precious medicinal plants and instead, only needed the typical plants. If that were true, then it’d mean Tantai Xue would ignore the Medicine King, which in turn meant she wouldn’t help Chu Feng deactivate the Guardian Formation.

The formation was very strong, and even though the most horrifying attacks were gone—it was now like a toothless tiger—a tiger was still a tiger. Even if it didn’t have teeth, Chu Feng wasn’t certain if he could control it or not with the strength he currently had.

However, Chu Feng’s worries were superfluous because after a while of observation, Chu Feng discovered a few thing regarding Tantai Xue’s increasingly pleasant expression.

Actually, it wasn’t that she liked only normal medicinal plants, she just had a habit of collecting things from low to high, from the worst to the best.

She had started harvesting the most worthless medicinal plants, and bit by bit, she started harvesting the more precious ones. To her, that was a very enjoyable progress, and now, she was feeling quite joyful.

However, that made Chu Feng very anxious because if she continued that, even if she harvested them quickly, there was an entire mountain peak of plants! It would take at least several days for her to harvest them all. Chu Feng did not want to hide in the sky for several days and do nothing at all.


*ji ji ji* However, it seemed that the heavens were helping Chu Feng. Just as he panicked, not knowing his next step, the Medicine King that was hiding within the Guardian Formation suddenly came out of the ground.

The Medicine King’s movements naturally attracted Tantai Xue’s attention. So, she too couldn’t help casting her gaze at the medicinal plant.

However, when it saw Tantai Xue’s gaze, it even dared to wave its leaves, doing a provocative action towards her. Then, it burrowed back into the ground, and returned to the Guardian Formation.

“It is truly looking to die!” The medicinal plant’s action successfully attracted Tantai Xue’s fury. With a slight tremble of her body, she disappeared.

*boom* Coincident with her disappearance, an explosion came from underground. It was caused by Tantai Xue. She had invisibly entered the ground and was deactivating the Guardian Formation.

Shortly after the explosion, Tantai Xue once again appeared above the mountain peak. Moreover, there was an extra plant in her hand—it was the Medicine King.

Tantai Xue’s Wall Passing Technique was too powerful; it was even stronger than the Third Immortal’s. She was able to pass through soil without even making any sound.

But, at that very instant, Chu Feng didn’t have the mind to notice such a thing because his gaze was already completely attracted by the intangible change on the peak.

He was staring at a place—a wall near the bottom of the mountain peak. It appeared very normal, but in reality, it was an entrance. Moreover, that entrance had already been opened.

“Success, finally! I’ve waited for long, so many unexpected things happened, but at last, the Guardian Formation has been deactivated!”

Chu Feng was elated at that moment. Not only was the Guardian Formation deactivated by Tantai Xue, the entrance Chu Feng predicted had completely opened as well. So long as Chu Feng entered, he would find the Sacred Entity hidden within.

Chu Feng didn’t stand in the sky anymore. He carefully shifted forward towards the entrance.

Even though the concealment techniques Chu Feng used right now required a great deal of time for careful setup, when facing such an incomprehensible expert like Tantai Xue, he didn’t dare to be careless in any way. Instead, he moved slowly to the bottom of the peak from high in the air.

That required half a day…

When Chu Feng reached the bottom part of the peak, it was already midnight.

At the apex of the peak, golden radiance still endlessly appeared. Tantai Xue did not rest yet. Instead, she was continuing her harvest, enjoying this fun task.

As for Chu Feng, he was extremely excited. He had already passed through that wall and entered a cave.

In the instant he entered, Chu Feng’s heart was rapidly beating. He could feel an unspeakable aura that filled the entire cave. The emitter of such aura was pushing him forward, deeper into the cave.

Finally, Chu Feng reached the place with the strongest aura. This was a very narrow end of the cave, and there was a strange rock here. The aura that made Chu Feng’s body feel extremely comfortable came from that rock.

It was too beautiful. Although it was a rock, its shape resembled more a tree. It was very similar to a willow tree; no wonder its Guardian Formation—its strongest attack—was several branches.

Quite obviously though, the rock was not a tree because the power it contained had told Chu Feng of its identity—it was the Sacred Entity.

“I’ve finally found you.” There was no need to even mention the joy Chu Feng felt. His merry smile was uncontrollably revealed on his face. He could truly not wipe away his grin.

Despite very happy, Chu Feng knew the current circumstances very well. So, he didn’t examine it and instead, quickly used a Spirit Formation to sever its connection with the peak.

The Sacred Entity was grown within the peak. The peak was akin to its mother—there was a connection between the two. Only by cutting that connection could it be taken away, and after doing so, the peak would also lose its special power.

After severing the link between the oddity and the peak, just in case, Chu Feng laid a simple formation which wrapped around this Sacred Entity. Only then did he put it into his Cosmos Sack and slipped away.

At that moment, Tantai Xue, who was still at the apex of the mountain peak, was completely focused on harvesting medicinal plants. Naturally, she didn’t notice Chu Feng’s actions.

And when Chu Feng felt he had escaped Tantai Xue’s range of detection, he hurriedly used the Secret Skill, the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, and went onto the path he used to enter, and quickly escaped.

As for whether there were other treasures in the Burning Heaven Church, Chu Feng didn’t even bother checking. With Tantai Xue, such a horrifying existence, Chu Feng was also afraid there would be any unexpected situations. So, he knew when to stop—right now.

As for the Third Immortal, Chu Feng was not too worried about him. He felt that the Third Immortal was already like a bird frightened by the sound of a released bow. After escaping, he was definitely heading towards a safe place to heal himself. He would not dare to stay here for long.

And since the Third Immortal himself had left, he naturally wouldn’t send other experts from the Immortal Execution Archipelago to commit suicide here. As such, Chu Feng felt now was the best time to leave this place. Otherwise, if the Immortal Execution Archipelago had come later on, that wouldn’t be good at all.

Chu Feng’s expectations were the same as reality. After Chu Feng went through the Arctic Killing Formation and returned to the Winter Plains, he hadn’t seen any person from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, and thus he safely left this disastrous area.

However, shortly after Chu Feng left, the multitudinous medicinal plants on the mountain peak started to wilt. Nearly all of the ones not harvested yet died in a blink.

“Why has this happened?”

Such a sudden changed made Tantai Xue’s expression change greatly. She felt she was in a daze, and didn’t know what to do.