Chapter 860 - Tantai Xue

MGA: Chapter 860 - Tantai Xue

At that moment, she was standing in the air. Her snow-white dress was undamaged, and it fluttered with the wind.

However, the hat she wore on her head had disappeared. Thus, without the concealment of the veil, her appearance appeared within Chu Feng’s vision.

Even though, in his angle, he could only see half of her face, he was still frightened by her complexion.

Her appearance could be described with two words: incomparably ugly.

She was truly incomparably ugly. There was acne all over her face, and of varying sizes. Because there were really too many, one could not even see her facial features all that clear. With a glance, it gave a single feeling to others: revolting.

Her skin was as white as snow, yet on such a fair countenance, there were some red and some purple acne. They densely filled up her entire face. Was it not revolting?

Moreover, putting aside the acne, the outline of her face was very odd as well. Likely, even without the ache, she would have still been an ugly person.

“Ugly! Why are there so many disgusting things on her face? As a World Spiritist, she’s allowing such nasty things on her face and isn’t doing anything about them?” When she saw that, even Eggy was frightened quite a bit because her complexion was definitely the most ugly she had seen.

“There are only two possibilities in consideration of what I know. The first is that she’s intentionally using these things to cover her face, thus hiding her identity.

“The other is that it is innate, and it cannot be changed through external power. Even with Spirit Formation techniques it cannot.

“I feel that it’s likely the latter for her. There are many ways to hide one’s appearance, so there was no need for her to choose this one. Besides, her fighting strength is quite overwhelming. It’s possible to say her body is special. Those with special bodies are indeed unable to change certain things. One’s complexion is one of those things.

“However, rather than her face, I’m more interested in her true strength. I really want to know how powerful she is. She remains unharmed even after forcibly taking a Mortal Taboo martial skill. Only the hat on her head was hit away.” Chu Feng frowned slightly. The astonishment in his eyes was fully shown. He felt quite a bit of admiration towards her powerful strength.

However, in contrast to Chu Feng, the Third Immortal’s expression changed greatly. On his old face, there was shock everywhere because the Illusory Sword Technique was one of the strongest trump cards he had.

Yet, such a powerful killing blow, when forcibly taken by her, did no damage. How could he not panic? Such a scene meant one thing—her strength was far above his own, so far that he could not truly harm her in any way.

A rank nine Martial Lord had fighting strength above a rank two Martial King. If that was said to others, no one would believe it because that was not something that made any sense.

Yet, right now, it had indeed happened, and it had happened on a famous person like the Third Immortal.


Seeing as things were progressing poorly, the Third Immortal turned around, and with a gale spawned beneath his feet, he shot into the distance as if he were light. It was a powerful bodily martial skill, and it was very quick. He wanted to escape.

“You truly deserve death.”

But just at that moment, an extremely horrifying aura burst out of the woman’s body, instantly enveloping several miles of land.

It was not only might. There was also icy, bone-chilling bloodlust. She was enraged. She was several times more furious than before. It was not only because the Third Immortal didn’t stay true to his words and returned to surprise-attack her, it was more so because the Third Immortal made her hat fly away, causing her appearance to be shown.

“I will kill you!”

Suddenly, she shouted. When her voice came out of her mouth, everything violently quivered. The clouds in the sky were blown away, and the mountains underneath her were destroyed. Everything within a thousand miles collapsed or cracked.


Before such might, the Third Immortal, who was swiftly fleeing, trembled before a mouthful of blood was coughed out. Not only that, even his entire body instantly cracked. Large amounts of blood started gushing out of various places, and the sharp-red blood had instantly dyed his clothes red.

Soon after, like a kite with its string snapped, he fell from the air.

“She’s this powerful?” When he saw that, Chu Feng was shocked once again. It was one thing if she only had the strength to defeat a rank two Martial King, but a single furious howl half-killed the Third Immortal! And that was even with his strong body! If it were a normal person, then before such might, they would have exploded and become a pool of blood! Nothing would even remain.

It was too horrifying. The fighting strength she displayed was too powerful. It was simply so powerful that it was unfathomable. By rough estimations, even if it were a rank three Martial King she could put up a fight. She was a true monster.


However, just as the Third Immortal was about to land on the ground, an extremely powerful aura burst from his body. He then flew up again, and fled to the distance. He instantly disappeared in the horizon.

“Hasn’t he just run again? But, the price for that is still quite heavy.” Chu Feng heaved a long sigh. Since she didn’t chase after him, Chu Feng knew the Third Immortal was successful in his escape.

But, Chu Feng could also tell the reason he had such an abrupt burst of power was because he consumed a Forbidden Medicine, and a very fierce one at that.

So, Chu Feng knew the Third Immortal wouldn’t stay here anymore. He would definitely leave quickly; otherwise, when the backlash of the Forbidden Medicine attacked him, he would lose all his ability to escape. If he were caught by her, then he was as good as dead.

“What is your name? Do you dare speak it?” But just as Chu Feng felt the Third Immortal had been successful in keeping his life, his voice rang out again. He still dared to speak so loftily at her.

But upon another thought, it was still understandable. A grand rank two Martial King, a famous person whose named shocked the Eastern Sea Region, was forced into consuming a Forbidden Medicine due to a rank nine Martial Lord, and forced to escape whilst bruised as well. That was quite laughable. His bitter feelings were within reason.

“I am Tantai Xue. However, there’s no need to search for revenge. I will go visit your Immortal Execution Archipelago.” The woman did not back down and loudly replied.

“Tantai Xue. Damn Tantai Xue. I’ve remembered it. The next time we meet, I will definitely make you pay the price for today’s actions.” The Third Immortal’s voice rang out again, and one could even hear his gnashing teeth. However, his voice was fading away more and more, and it was quieter and quieter. As such, one knew he had truly escaped.

“Hmph. A little Immortal Execution Archipelago. You think I’m afraid?” However, the woman did not see the Third Immortal’s threat as anything. She grabbed out in the air, and the hat that flew away reappeared within her hand.

After putting the hat back on, the woman floated down and continued harvesting the plants.

“Tantai Xue, huh?” However, even when Chu Feng saw her drive the Third Immortal away then continued harvesting the medicinal plants, he did not feel too happy. Instead, he thought, “Tantai Xue, oh Tantai Xue, I don’t care where you came from, nor who your master is. I just want to know why you aren’t harvesting the precious plants, and instead, harvesting these ordinary ones?

“Please, I’m begging you, take that Medicine King and help me deactivate this Guardian Formation!”