Chapter 859 - Shameless and Despicable

MGA: Chapter 859 - Shameless and Despicable

When he heard such words, the Third Immortal’s mouth twitched as his complexion became quite distorted.

Her words were truly too ridiculing. She was clearly telling the Third Immortal that she wasn’t, in his eyes, a hidden expert, an old monster that had cultivated for many years.

She, instead, was a young person, much younger than the Third Immortal. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have said her grandfather wasn’t even as old as the Third Immortal.

Putting aside status and age, her words of “I am not the owner of this place, but since I have come here, everything belongs to me” meant she didn’t put the Third Immortal in her eyes at all, especially so when she said “scram”. That was too mocking.

To the Third Immortal—a person whose status and strength was very high, and one of the peak characters in the Eastern Sea Region—it was a bare insult to him.

“Thank you.” Though displeased, the Third Immortal didn’t say much. Instead, he clasped his hands at her, then leapt forward and drifted away.

After the Third Immortal left, the woman stood on the spot and carefully looked. She even cast her extremely fierce Spirit power to be certain he had truly left.

“What a powerful Spirit power.” After feeling the woman’s Spirit power, the admiration in Chu Feng’s eyes became a bit stronger. He could feel that it was very strong; it even surpassed his own. That meant she not only had frightening strength, she was even a World Spiritist. Her Spirit Formation techniques were likely very powerful as well.

*whoosh* Only after confirming the Third Immortal had left did the woman float down. As her snow-white dress fluttered, she came up to the Guardian Formation and examined it.

At that instant, Chu Feng’s heartbeat sped up. His entire body was tense, as if the lump he felt in his throat was as big as his heart.

She was too powerful, so he truly worried that she could tell there was a Sacred Entity concealed in this place. If that were the case, his work would have been for nothing, and instead, it would have helped someone else instead.

But it seemed Chu Feng’s worries were unneeded. After she gave it a glance, she didn’t have any shocked expression, nor was she in a hurry to capture the Medicine King hidden in the Guardian Formation.

Instead, she came up to a very ordinary medicinal plant, laid a formation, and prepared to harvest it.

Her Spirit Formation techniques were truly quite impressive. Due to the golden Spirit Formation, Chu Feng could tell she was not only a Gold-cloak World Spiritist, her Spirit Formation strength was not weaker than Chu Feng at all, possibly even stronger. She truly possessed a horrifying level of strength.

In front of such a powerful Spirit Formation, the medicinal plant could not resist. In merely a blink, it was harvested by her, and put into her sack.

After successfully harvesting a single medicinal plant, she still didn’t pay attention to the Medicine King. Instead, she went up to another very ordinary medicinal plant and continued harvesting.

“Why isn’t she rushing to harvest the Medicine King, and instead, is harvesting these relatively ordinary plants?”

Chu Feng felt confused at her actions. He didn’t really understand what her target was, but he couldn’t really do anything. He could only silently watch and await her to quickly pick the plants.

*rumble rumble rumble* However, just at that moment, the sky suddenly started violently trembling. Quickly after, the world started trembling. An aura belonging to someone extremely powerful was rapidly nearing, twisting even air itself.

“Brat, you are arrogant and disrespectful! Today, I’ll kill you!” At the same time, a fierce shout came forth. It was the Third Immortal. He did not truly leave, and instead, had returned to take revenge on the woman.

“You are looking to die.” After knowing the Third Immortal had returned, the woman coldly snorted. Then, she leapt forward and with icy killing intent, met the Third Immortal head-on.

“Brat, die!” Just at that moment, the Third Immortal had come close. His figure had appeared within Chu Feng’s and the woman’s vision.

However, at that moment, his demeanor was completely different. Not only did his power rise, there was dazzling radiance swirling around his Incomplete Royal Armament. It also emanated destructive and horrifying power.

*boom* Just as Chu Feng saw the Third Immortal, he had attacked. He abruptly waved the Incomplete Royal Armament in his hand, and a boundless pressure instantly enveloped the woman. Then, a white light soared into the sky, becoming a huge sword that could cut even the world itself. With light-like speed, he stabbed it towards the woman.

“This is a Mortal Taboo martial skill, the Illusory Sword Technique!”

When he saw this, Chu Feng couldn’t help inhaling deeply because Chu Feng could truly not be any more familiar with that strike.

It was a Mortal Taboo martial skill, called the Illusory Sword Technique. It was a core skill only cultivated by the higher echelons of the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

Moreover, Chu Feng had seen Ya Fei, Zhan Feng, and also Murong Wan use it before. He knew its power was very frightening.

However, the young Martial Lords who had used it clearly couldn’t be compared to the Third Immortal, a rank two Martial King, because the Illusory Sword Technique he used was much more horrifying. It was as if its might could simply destroy this world.


As shock flooded Chu Feng, the Illusory Sword Technique had arrived, engulfing the unprepared woman.

The Illusory Sword Technique streaked through the air, and the pressure it exuded alone shattered space itself, causing endless darkness to appear in mid-air.

Then, soon after, the Illusory Sword Technique exploded as well. Its blinding light engulfed everything as if the sun had descent upon the earth. Moreover, a destructive might swept through everywhere.

“This damned Third Immortal. He’s this despicable! So the reason he admitted his loss was to channel this Mortal Taboo martial skill. After it finished, he used special techniques to secretly approach, then surprise attack her. That is too shameless.”

Seeing the horrifying ripples wreaking havoc over on the woman’s side, Chu Feng tightly furrowed. Even though he and she were unrelated—both the woman and the Third Immortal could be called his enemy—when the Third Immortal, a senior, used such methods against a junior such as her, Chu Feng couldn’t continue watching.


But just at that time, a deafening howl suddenly rang out. At the same time, in the direction of the Illusory Sword Technique’s explosion, a violent hurricane appeared. The deafening howl had come from that hurricane.

The hurricane was extremely large, and after it appeared, what came from it was suction power. It was absorbing the energy ripples sent by the Illusory Sword Technique.

The power released by the hurricane was too horrifying. In merely a blink, it had completely absorbed the shock waves from the Illusory Sword Technique, and space itself, which had already collapsed due to the Illusory Sword Technique, gradually returned to its natural state like broken glass shards.

At the same time, the woman once again appeared before Chu Feng and the Third Immortal.

“Heavens, this girl…”

After seeing her, even though Chu Feng had experienced quite a few things in this world, his complexion couldn’t help changing as he felt dumbfounded.