Chapter 858 - Frightening Strength

MGA: Chapter 858 - Frightening Strength

*boom rumble rumble*

A boundless attack was sent out upon a sweep of the woman’s sleeve. It was a burst of chilliness—chilliness that pierced the bones. In front of such chilliness, one could even see frost appearing in the air.

Even the pressure sent by the Third Immortal collapsed immediately. The chilliness, with a horrifying bearing, descended from the sky and went straight for the Third Immortal.

“What an audacious brat! You dare to attack me?”

Even though he felt she was not a simple person at all, she was still a rank nine Martial Lord. Why would the Third Immortal, a rank two Martial King, be afraid?

*whoosh* He waved the Incomplete Royal Armament in his hand and several green light waves, which had severed the horrifying tree branches, burst out, flying towards the white-dress woman in the air.

“Break.” Just at that moment, an extremely pleasant voice came from the woman’s mouth. That voice was very mellifluous—it was akin to a clear bell, yet also to a soft cry of a bird.

The power that came with that voice was extremely strong. When the woman lightly shouted, a snow-white hand appeared from the end of her sleeve, one as exquisite as jade.

A boundless pressure came along with the appearance of that hand. With a boom, just by a single attack from her palm, it destroyed the attack from the Third Immortal’s Incomplete Royal Armament.

*boom boom boom boom*

However, that wasn’t even much. After destroying the Third Immortal’s attack with a single strike, she sent more palm attacks forth.

With the attacks continuously raining down, it invisibly made a formation of attack akin to a storm. However, the power the formation contained was not something a storm could even match.

After those palm attacks appeared, even the Third Immortal tightly furrowed his brows. He clenched the Incomplete Royal Armament in his hand and quickly flung it about. He continued sending green light waves to block her attacks.

*whoosh* However, she was just too powerful. Just as the Third Immortal finished destroying the palm attacks she sent, she had already appeared behind the Third Immortal like a ghost, and slammed her palm down at his head. The power it contained was as if it could break through everything.

*swish* In a situation like that, the Third Immortal was quite frightened. His aged face instantly turned pale because he never expected a mere rank nine Martial Lord to be so powerful.

At that moment, even though he wasn’t willing to admit she was strong, he didn’t dare to be careless. He leapt forward and fled to the distance. He had found out she was too quick, and her attacks were too strong. The chilliness she exuded from her body pierced the bones at short distances. It was unendurable, so he had to keep his distance.

However, the woman who had already neared him simply didn’t give him a chance to escape. As the Third Immortal flew through the air, the woman also followed as her dress fluttered.

She waved her arm, and flipped her palm. Layers upon layers of destructive power endlessly surged towards the Third Immortal.

She was really too powerful. Her attacks were blunt and fierce and without weakness. Even though the Third Immortal held an Incomplete Royal Armament and put forth his full strength, he could only dodge her attacks but do nothing else.

Since her attacks were so fierce, the Third Immortal was actually wounded by the remnants of the attacks. His clothes were quite ragged, and his long hair was in chaos. Even his face swelled, and layers of frost started appearing and spreading in all parts of his body.

“If I may ask, what past animosity do you have towards me to prompt such relentless attacks?” the Third Immortal asked as he felt he was at a disadvantage.

He knew she wasn’t a normal rank nine Martial Lord. The strength she had made even him fearful.

As such, he felt that she was likely some peak expert from the Eastern Sea Region who concealed her identity and cultivation. That was why she was so powerful.

However, she did not respond to the Third Immortal’s question. Not only that, her attacks became even fiercer, to the point it was nearly putting the Third Immortal to death.

“Haha, this is truly interesting! I didn’t think there would be such a powerful person in this Eastern Sea Region!

“Chu Feng, this person likely hasn’t concealed her cultivation. A rank nine Martial Lord—that’s probably her actual cultivation.

“And to possess such strength with merely this cultivation… that is almost comparable to you! Finally, someone decently presentable has appeared in this region of mediocrity.

“It seems that you’ve finally met a good opponent!” The battle which disgraced the Third Immortal made Eggy elated.

“Yeah! From what I see, I don’t think she’s all that old. She likely in the same generation as me, yet she has such ferocious strength. It is truly quite unbelievable.

“As a rank nine Martial Lord, she forced a rank two Martial King to a state like this, and the Third Immortal even has an Incomplete Royal Armament, which increased his fighting strength greatly.

“Yet, that woman is not only bare-handed, she feels it beneath herself to even use a martial skill! With might alone, and the most direct physical attacks, she forced the Third Immortal to a state like this.

“Impressive. Truly too impressive. But, who is she? Such a powerful person shouldn’t be so unknown.

“Why have I never heard of her before?”

Chu Feng was also dumbfounded by that woman’s powerful strength. This was the first time, ever since meeting Zi Ling, that Chu Feng met a person who had superior fighting strength to him yet also in the same generation. Moreover, her strength was clearly superior to even Zi Ling. It was truly unimaginably powerful.

“I am the Third Immortal of the Immortal Execution Archipelago. Senior, I dare say I have never met you before, and it’s likely that the Immortal Execution Archipelago isn’t your enemy either. Yet, Senior, you don’t even say anything before your attempts to kill me. I am very puzzled.

“Senior, please speak of the reason and let me die with meaning. Even if I am beaten, I would like to know why.” Seeing as he was about to be defeated, the Third Immortal did not loudly curse. Instead, he had a respectful attitude as he asked the origin of his opponent.

*whoosh* And after he spoke, the woman suddenly stopped attacking and stood in air.

Seeing that, the Third Immortal quickly took that chance to pull apart the distance. Only after he felt safe did he stop.

At that moment, the Third Immortal not only had disorderly hair, he was even gasping for breath as sweat drenched him. His body was trembling slightly as well.

Chu Feng could see a layer of frost on his clothes. It was clearly due to the woman’s unique and peculiar aura of chilliness. One must admit that the appearance of the Third Immortal right now was an unbearable sight to behold.

But, after seeing her horrifying strength, the Third Immortal did not rashly make a move. Instead, he clasped his hands at her, bowed, and politely said, “Senior, may I ask for your name? What action has this junior done to displease you? Could it be that this is your territory?”

“I am not the owner of this place, but since I have come here, everything belongs to me. I don’t care where you came from, but you cannot take even a single blade of grass from this place.

“You are old, even older than my grandfather. Yet, you call yourself junior, and call me senior. This is truly pitiful.

“Due to that, I’ll spare your life today. Scram. If I see you again, I will not let you off so easily,” said the woman mockingly as she moved her long sleeve.