Chapter 857 - Fierce Woman

MGA: Chapter 857 - Fierce Woman

When Chu Feng looked more carefully, his eyes lit up. He noticed the person who came was rather tall, and had a pure-white long-sleeve dress even whiter than snow.

That dress was quite long as it tightly wrapped around her body. Even her palms and shoes were covered by that long dress. One could truly say not a single inch of her skin was revealed.

However, judging by her firm and round chest, Chu Feng still knew that the person who came was female.

However, she also wore a white-coloured conical hat, and on the hat there was even a white veil that drooped down, covering her appearance.

At that moment, Chu Feng didn’t dare to use the Heaven’s Eyes, nor did he dare to use Spirit power. So, he could not determine her strength, true age, or appearance.

However, the innate aura she possessed was not something clothes could cover. Chu Feng was nearly certain she was not a simple person at all.

It was because she too had concealed her aura, and like Chu Feng before, was staring at the mountain peak, at the Third Immortal who was fighting the ruthless branches. Judging by feeling, Chu Feng knew she was not a kind one. Most likely, she had come here for the plants on the peak.

*boom boom boom*

At that very moment, the battle on the peak had become more and more intense.

The ablaze branches were akin to flaming dragons arising from the ground. They were very ferocious.

“The unique flames of the Burning Heaven Church… As I thought, this is something left by the Burning Heaven Church. That’s fine. Let me see how strong you are!”

But in spite of all that, the Third Immortal was not afraid at all. With the flip of his palm, a long rod three meters in length appeared within his hand.

That rod was completely green, and there were interwoven runes engraved on it. It was an Incomplete Royal Armament.

When that rod appeared, the aura surrounding the Third Immortal became completely different. It had risen enormously.


Then, he abruptly waved the Incomplete Royal Armament in his hand, and stirred up an ear-piercing swish.

After waving the Incomplete Royal Armament, a jade-green wave of light shot out from his Incomplete Royal Armament in a half-moon shape, slashing towards one of the branches. An explosion thus followed.


The jade-green light wave was too powerful. With only a single strike, it cut one of the branches in half.

*bang bang bang*

Quickly afterwards, the Third Immortal kept on waving the Incomplete Royal Armament in his hand. In a situation like that, the branches with horrifying flames had lost their ability to attack. One after the other, they were severed.

“So powerful. It’s said that Royal Armaments are prepared for Martial Kings. It seems that it is true.”

Chu Feng nodded when he saw such a scene. He was greatly convinced by the Third Immortal’s powerful fighting strength. He too had an Incomplete Royal Armament, but in his hands, he could not create power as strong as the Third Immortal’s.

Even though the body of a Martial King was superior to him by a few times, he had to admit that in the Third Immortal’s hand, the Incomplete Royal Armament had become several times stronger. He had truly displayed the power of an Incomplete Royal Armament.

However, after such a scene, Chu Feng couldn’t help but think if an Incomplete Royal Armament in the hands of a Martial King was so powerful already, what would happen if a Royal Armament were in the hands of a Martial King?

*bang bang bang…*

Just at that moment, there were several more explosions. After those explosions disappeared, the world beneath the sky had become extremely tranquil.

If one looked around, they would see that the horrifying flames which engulfed everything beneath the peak had disappeared. What remained were only pitch-black mountain rocks and dust.

Looking back at the mountain peak, the terrifying branches sent by the Guardian Formation had all been cut in two. They lost their former power and their frightening offensive strength.

At that moment, from its physical form, the branches became golden rays of light. Moreover, those rays of light were spreading apart, and becoming countless golden dots. They were like fireflies as they shrank back into the ground

Those branches were only an attack from the Guardian Formation. Even though they were destroyed, the Guardian Formation was still undamaged.

Of course, the Guardian Formation which lacked an attack was akin to a tiger without teeth. It no longer presented any threat.

At that moment, as long as the Third Immortal used a bit of power, he could easily break through the Guardian Formation. Then, the Sacred Entity hidden here would also appear, and Chu Feng could then snatch it away after all his hard work.

“Hahaha, the killing formation of the Burning Heaven Church has disappointed me!

“It looks like even if the Burning Heaven Church were still in the Eastern Sea Region, they would be no match for the Immortal Execution Archipelago!”

At that moment, the Third Immortal laughed madly. His laughter was very happy, and even a bit excited.

It could be seen that he assumed the Guardian Formation was the Burning Heaven Church’s killing formation—not a Guardian Formation. So, after breaking through such a formation, he was so happy.

After all, the Burning Heaven Church was named as one of the strongest powers in the Eastern Sea Region. The Immortal Execution Archipelago back then did not even stand a chance against them.

And even though the Immortal Execution Archipelago had risen in power now, the Burning Heaven Church existed no more. They were unable to compare themselves with the Burning Heaven Church. However, this killing formation had satisfied the Third Immortal’s heart of pride.

“Little thing, without the protection of this killing formation, where are you going to escape now?” After laughing, the Third Immortal abruptly extended his hand and grabbed downwards. He wanted to completely break open the Guardian Formation deep underground and pull out the Medicine King hiding inside.

When he saw that, Chu Feng’s pupils shrank. He felt a lump rise in his throat as he felt extreme nervousness.

The situation before his eyes was really too crucial. As long as the Third Immortal completely opened the Guardian Formation, the Sacred Entity that had been growing for several thousands of years would appear. Regardless of its appearance, it was a cultivation treasure to Chu Feng that he could not miss out on. He had to get his hands on it.

*whoosh* In such a crucial moment, the white-dress female hiding within the clouds leapt forth and emanated an extremely powerful might. Like light, she rushed towards the mountain peak.

“This aura!” Seeing the white-skirt woman making her move, Chu Feng’s complexion changed greatly because at that instant, he could feel what cultivation she possessed.

A rank nine Martial Lord. She was a rank nine Martial Lord, but her aura was different from others. That feeling was extremely similar to Chu Feng’s aura—it was an alteration in aura due to extremely powerful fighting strength.

From that, it could be seen that despite being only a rank nine Martial Lord, she was still very strong, possibly even relatively stronger than Chu Feng.

“Who are you?” The Third Immortal also noticed her at that moment. He stopped breaking open the formation, and cast his fierce gaze as well as his boundless pressure of a rank two Martial King towards the sky, planning to shock her completely.

However, the woman ignored the Third Immortal’s question. She didn’t reply to the Third Immortal’s question, and not only that, the pressure from the Third Immortal—a rank two Martial King’s—was of no effect to her.

*boom* She even, when less than three thousand meters from the Third Immortal, waved her sleeve and made her move first. She attacked the Third Immortal.

Upon seeing such a scene, not to mention Chu Feng, even the Third Immortal, as a rank two Martial King, changed his expression greatly.

It was because the attack she sent had completely destroyed the Third Immortal’s pressure. It was very powerful, causing even the Third Immortal to feel very astonished.